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About this Symposium
Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Electrode Technology for Aluminium Production
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Andre L. Proulx, Rio Tinto Alcan
Scope The Electrode Technology Symposium for Aluminium Production, along with Alumina and Bauxite, Aluminum Reduction Technology and Cast Shop for Aluminium Production collectively form the Light Metals Symposium, where experts from the Light Metals Industry and academia from all over the world meet each other and share information. You are invited to submit papers in the following subject
areas: Carbon Anode Raw Materials and Properties; Paste Plant Design and Operation; Baking Furnace Design and Operation; Rodding Room Design and Operation; Anode Quality and Performance; Solutions for Carbon Plant Environmental Issues and Safety; Cathode and Cathode Materials; Cell Preheating and Startup (as related to pot life); Spent Potlining; Inert Electrode Fabrication and Materials Science.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals Volume

An Approach to Help Control Air Permeability of Pre-baked Anodes
Anode Baking Furnace Firing System Lean Engineering
Anode Electrical Resistance Measurements: Learning and Industrial On-line Measurement Equipment Development.
Anode Rodding Basics
ARTS - Anode & Rod Tracking System – A New Tool for Optimization of Anode Performance
Automated Crack Detection Method Applied to CT Images of Baked Carbon Anode
Cartography and Chemical Composition of the Different Deposits in the Hall-Heroult Process
Characterization of Dry Aggregates in Carbon Anodes by Image Analysis
Characterization of Homogeneity of Green Anodes through X-ray Tomography and Image Analysis
Characterization of Packing Ability of Coke Particles
Characterization of the Material Behaviour of Cathode Steel Collector Bar at High Temperatures and Low Stress Levels
Determination of Contact Angle from Raw Material Properties Using Linear Multivariable Analysis
Development of a New Methodology to Measure Contact Pressure Ditribution along the Thermo-electro-mechanical Interfaces
Effect of Heating Rate on the Crack Formation during Baking in Carbon Anodes Used in Aluminum Industry
Effect of La on the Electrolysis Performance of 46Cu-25Ni-19Fe-10Al Metal Inert Anode
Evaluation of Different Strategies for Limiting Electrolyte Penetration in Cu-Ni-Fe-O Anodes for Al Electrolysis
Field Experience with the Buss Kneader Type KX: Highest Quality and throughput Targets Attained
High Performance of “Eolios” Pitch Fume Treatment System
High Temperature Compression Test to Determine the Anode Paste Mechanical Properties
Improving Energy Efficiency at Albras. A Case Study in the Rodding Shopping
Improving Fuel Gas Injection in Anode Baking Furnace
Impurity Level Distribution in GPC and CPC and Impact on Anode Properties
Inert Anodes: An Update
Interaction of Sodium Vapor and Graphite Studied by Thermogravimetric Analysis
Investigating the Corrosion Behaviors of Fe-Ni-Cr Anode Material for Aluminum Electrolysis
Maximizing Green Anode Slots Height through a Rigorous Methodology and Finite Elements Modeling
N-SiC Side Lining- Variations of Materials Structure
Optimizing Anode Performance in DUBAL Reduction Cells
Paste Production and Its Performance in Soederberg Smelters
Rodding In Hall Heroult Cells: An FEA Model that Predicts Room Temperature Mechanical Properties and Cracking Tendency of Thimbles
Room Temperature Creep Behaviour of Ramming Paste Baked at Different Temperatures
Structured Approach to Modernization of Fume Treatment Centers
Study of Manufacturing Technology for High Quality Anodes
Study on Cathode Structure Optimization of Aluminum Reduction Cell
Study on the Anode and Cathode Configuration of Aluminum Reduction Cell
Temperature Fitting Method for Predicting Equidistant Voltage Drop of Anode Rod in Aluminum Reduction Cell
Texture Analysis of Anode Paste Images
The Metal Phase Selection of 10NiO-NiFe2O4-based Cermet Anodes for Aluminum Electrolysis
Understanding Anode Overpotential
Upgrade of an Existing Fume Treatment Plant at Aluar to Cope Higher Production in the New Open Type Anode Baking Furnace
Use of Coal Tar Pitch Coke for Producing Prebaked Electrodes
Viscoplastic Modeling of the Green Anode Forming Process

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