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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Glass, Amorphous, and Optical Materials: Common Issues within Science & Technology
Organizer(s) Steve W. Martin, Iowa State University
Gang Chen, Ohio University
Scope This symposium provides a forum for the discussion of current issues in the science and technology of amorphous, glass, and optical materials. The symposium will cover recent theoretical and experimental advances in fundamental and applied glass sciences, novel glass/ceramic synthesis and characterization methods, structure, processing and properties of optical materials and devices, structure, processing, and properties of amorphous semi-conducting materials and devices, and emerging technological applications of amorphous, glass, ceramic, and optical materials. Structural analysis, glass transition and relaxation, atomistic scale modeling techniques, amorphous materials, glasses, and ceramics for energy applications, and new functional amorphous and glass materials are among the topics of interest. All contributions that address recent advances in understanding in the field as well as reports on new applications are welcome.


- Glass and amorphous materials structure analysis to understand structural origin of macroscopic properties
- Novel glasses and amorphous materials and synthetic routes for glass and amorphous materials formation
- Novel optical materials preparation, functionality or applications
- Novel amorphous semiconductors and devices preparation, characterization, and applications
- Topology of amorphous structures
- Property characterization and spectroscopy of glasses
- Bioglasses and bioceramics
- Glass thin films and functional photonic devices
- Nanoparticles, nanostructures, superstructural groups in glasses and optical materials
- New industrial applications and functionality involving optical materials.

This symposium Includes the Alfred R. Cooper Award session.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Definite: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

Amorphous Thin Film Integrated Photonics: A Crystal-clear Future
Analysis of the Electronic Conductivity of Vanadate Glasses for Use in Resistive Plate Calorimeter Particle Detectors
Basic Science of Memristors Based on Amorphous Chalcogenides
Chalcogenide Glass Structured Films for Nanoscale Memories and Devices
Compositional Dependence of Crystallization in Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses
Correlating Structure and Mechanical Properties for Submicron Amorphous Silica Spheres
Densification of Glasses at the Glass Transition: Universal Behavior and Trends
Density Fluctuations in Single-Component Glasses
Elastic Properties and Activation Energy for Modifier Cation Migration in Mixed-network Former Glasses
Fractal Topological Character of the Structural Network and Ionic Conduction Pathways in Oxide Glasses
Glass and Glass-ceramic Lithium Ion Solid State Electrolytes: Integrated Computational and Experimental Studies
Glass Forming Limits: A Simple Model Based on Short and Intermediate Range Structural Groups
Grand Challenges in Glass Science
Hot Compression of ZnO-P2O5 Glasses: Structure-property Relations
Interaction of Ge-Se Films with Ions: Structural Studies and Application for Memory Arrays Formation
Local Mechanical Properties of Compressive Stress Layer in Ion-exchanged Glass Measured Using Microcantilever Beam Specimens
Nanoparticle Formation and Optics in Glass Substrate Applications
NMR and Topological Constraints in Borophosphate and Borosilicate Glasses
Novel Approaches to Glass Optical Fibers
Novel Methods for Modeling Amorphous Materials
Optical Glass Ceramics for GRIN: Engineering Microstructure for Optical Function
Optimization of Glass Properties for Neutrino Detection: Experimental Validation of MD Simulation Results
Origin of Thermo-mechanical Anomalies in Oxide Glasses and How To Control Them
Predicting Fragmentation of Ion-exchanged Glass
Quantifying Optical Function Loss from Mechanical Abuse
Single Crystal Growth from Glass via Solid-solid Transformation
Some New Twists on the Road to Understanding the Glass Transition in Condensed Matter, with Some Emphasis on ∆Cp
Strengthened Glass vs. Sapphire for Personal Electronic Communication Devices
Structural Contributions to Fragility in Network Glasses
Structure and Crystallization in Silicate Melts and Minerals
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Compressed Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses
Structure and Properties of Na2O-TiO2-SiO2 Glasses: Role of Na and Ti on Modifying the Silica Network
Structures And Properties of Boroaluminosilicate Glasses from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Surface Characteristics of Silica Glass Optical Fibers
Surface Structure Features of Sodium Borosilicate Glasses from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Tailoring Infrared Transmission Edge and Refractive Index Dispersion of Chalcogenide Glasses for Use in Infrared-transmitting Lens Applications
Thermal Stability and Microstructural Development of Sol Gel Derived TiO2.ZrO2 Systems
Thirty-year Quest for Structure: Nucleation Relationships in Oxide Glasses
Two-point Bend Studies of Silicate Glass Strength and Fatigue
Understanding Structure-property Relationships in Amorphous Organo Silicates and Carbides Using Topological Constraint Theory
Where Inorganic Meets Organic in the Glassy State: Hybrid Glasses and Dental Cements

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