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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Coatings and Surface Engineering for Environmental Protection
Sponsorship TMS: Surface Engineering Committee
Organizer(s) Arif Mubarok, PPG Industries
Rajeev K. Gupta, The University of Akron
Raul B. Rebak, GE Global Research
Michael Mayo, PPG Industries
Brian Okerberg, PPG Industries
Scope This symposium will cover the followings:

a) Evaluation of corrosion performance. Variations in test results between cabinet testing vs out door testing.
b) Development of corrosion inhibiting coatings.
c) Fundamental understanding of corrosion mechanism.
d) Analytical tools used to characterize corrosion mechanisms.
e) Challenges to control corrosion under insulation.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

A Multiscale Study of the Competitive Adsorption of Atomic Oxygen and Chlorine to the Ni (111) Surface
A One-dimensional Time-dependent Model for Oxide Film Growth
A Study of Cl Adsorption on Hydroxylated Cr2O3 Passive Film Using Density Functional Theory(DFT)
Ceramic Materials as Corrosion Protective Agents for Urethanic Films on Steel ABNT 1020 Fosphotated
Characterizing High-temperature Asphaltene Fouling and Corrosion of Ferrous Alloys
Coating Performance and Atmospheric Corrosion Measurements
Comparing the Corrosion Resistance Imparted by a Polyetherimide Coating on Magnesium and Steel
Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum Alloy AA7075 Cold Sprayed Coatings
Corrosion Performance of Polymer Nanocomposite Coatings on Aluminum Alloy in Saline Environment
Corrosion Phenomena in Powder-processed Icosahedral-phase-strengthened Aluminum Alloys
Corrosion Properties of Steel Sheet with Zinc-base Alloyed Coatings
Corrosion Study of Cu-Ag Alloy in the Presence of Benzotriazole Inhibitor
Corrosion Test Methods for New Materials and Mixed Material Assemblies
Corrosion Under Insulation the Problem & Challenge
Design and Performance of REACH-compliant Coating Systems for Aerospace Applications
Diamond-like Carbon Coating for Drill Collars – Test Experiences
Effect and Role of Alloyed Nb on the Air Oxidation Behaviour of Ni-Cr-Fe Alloys at 1000 C
Effect of Aluminizing on Cyclic Oxidation Behavior of 304H Stainless Steel at 650oC in Dry/Wet Air
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Localized Corrosion Resistance of S32101 Duplex Steel in Chloride/Sulphate Media
Effect of Nickel Content on Mechanical Property and Corrosion Behaviour of Nickel-aluminium Bronze
Electrochemical Mechanism and Preparation of Cr-low Carbon Steel Composite in a NaCl–KCl–NaF-Cr2O3 Molten Salt
Fabrication and Characterization of Cold Sprayed Coating for Highly Corrosive High Temperature Conditions
Improvement of the High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Ni-alloys by a Combined Al- Plus F-treatment
Influence of Aluminum Concentration in Zinc Bath on Galvanizing Behavior of a Dual Phase High Strength Steel
Influence of Surface States of Steels on Inhibition Performance of an Imidazoline-based Inhibitor in CO2 Environments
Inhibition Effect of Essential Oil Extracts on the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Chloride-sulphate Media
Investigating the Electrical Restance (ER) Technique for In-situ Structural Alloy Corrosion Monitoring within Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles
Investigation of Self-healing Properties of Cerium-based Conversion Coatings on Mg Alloys
Localized Corrosion Behaviour of AA7150 after Ultrasonic Shot Peening: Corrosion Depth vs. Impact Energy
Low Temperature Synthesis of α-Al2O3 Films/Coatings via In-situ Deposition of Seed Layers
Mechanisms of Oxidation of Pure and Si-segregated α-Ti Surfaces
Mechanistic Understanding of Corrosion-inhibition in Graphene/Polyetherimide Nanocomposites: From Tortuosity to Galvanic Corrosion
New Accelerated Corrosion Test Methods for Atmospheric Corrosion on Aluminum Aircraft
Novel Amorphous Thermal Sprayed Coatings
Protective Coating for Nuclear Fuel Claddings
Recent Innovations in Electrodeposited Coatings
Salt Test Methods and Controls as a Study of Corrosion in Polluted Areas
Seawater Corrosion Results for 11 Alloys Tested at the TAMUG Boat Basin Site
Study of Mechanisms of Cobalt Electrodeposition by Means of Potentiodynamic Polarization Curves
The eEfect of α-αʹ Phase Separation due to Thermal Aging on Corrosion Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steels
The Effects of Addition of TiO2 Nanoparticles on the Corrosion and Tribological Performance of the Thermally Spared Aluminum Coatings
Towards Novel Structural Material Candidates for Application in Liquid Metals: A Behavior of Nb, Ti-V and Fe-Cr-Al Alloys in Pb and Pb-Bi Eutectic

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