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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Length Scaling of Lamellar and Patterned Microstructures During Solid-Solid Phase Transformations and Solidification
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS/ASM: Phase Transformations Committee
TMS: Solidification Committee
Organizer(s) Robert Hackenberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Carlos Capdevila-Montes, CENIM-CSIC
Amy J. Clarke, Colorado School of Mines
John H. Perepezko, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scope Visibly distinct microstructural patterns during phase transformations have long caught the eye of researchers, beginning with the first light optical microscope micrographs of pearlitic lamellae and cast iron dendrites in the late 1800s. This symposium will explore the fundamentals of length scale selection in all materials, including the related question of how cooperative growth of multiphase transformation products is established. The breakdown of such patterns upon prolonged annealing, increases in driving force, etc. is also of interest. The scope includes experimental, theoretical, and modeling studies of how particular length scales are established in relation to thermodynamics, kinetics, morphology, crystallography, and interfacial structure. Solidification topics include dendritic, cellular, and lamellar/rod growth. Solid-solid transformations of interest include: pearlite, discontinuous precipitation and coarsening, and interphase boundary precipitation. In-situ and in-field studies are welcome, as are those of phase transformations resulting patterned microstructures that are in some way irregular or abnormal.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

Capillary Bias Fields and Interface Branching
Competing Mechanisms between Continuous and Discontinuous Precipitation of Gamma Prime Precipitation in Ternary Nickel Base Alloys
Cooperative Growth but Uncooperative Melting?
Determining Thermodynamic and Kinetic Conditions for Pearlite vs. Cellular Formation above the Upper Ae1 in Fe-C-12Mn
Effects of Ferrite/Austenite Orientation Relationship on Pearlite Transformation and Interphase Precipitation of Alloy Carbide
Elastic Interactions between Lamellar Structural Units within LPSO Structure in Magnesium Alloys
Enhanced Nucleation of the fcc-phase in Liquid Metals by Icosahedral Quasicrystals
In Situ Examinations of Dynamic Solid-liquid Interface Instability in Metallic Alloys
In Situ Observations of Moving Interfaces during DP Reaction
Lamellar and Nonlamellar Decomposition in U-Nb: Energy Sinks and Approach to Equilibrium
Manganese Partitioning during Pearlite Growth in Fe-C-Mn Medium Carbon Steel
Microstructural Features of Secondary Phase Precipitation in Alloy ATI 718PlusŪ
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nucleation and Growth of Ferrite from Austenite
Multiphase Solidification Structures and Mechanisms in Ternary Alloys
Multiscale Modeling of Dendritic Microstructures: Bridging the Tip and Grain Scales
Oscillatory Dynamics of Cellular Patterns in 3D Directional Solidification
Pattern Formation in Pearlite Structure: A View from Ferrite Crystallography
Quantifying Length Scale Evolution in Higher Order Eutectics
Real-time Study of Dynamical Instabilities of Rodlike Eutectic Solidification Patterns
Scaling Behavior of Alloy Dendrites
Solutal Melting: In Situ Observations Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy and Determination of Interface Compositions
Symmetry of Austenite Diffusional Transformation Products in Steel
Template-directed Directionally Solidified Eutectic Metamaterials
The Morphological Stability of Lamellar Microstructures
Versatile Aligned Eutectics: From High Temperature Structural Materials to Functional Nanodevices

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