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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications II
Sponsorship TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: Composite Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Tomoko Sano, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Tirumalai S. Srivatsan, The University of Akron
Scope After the very successful symposium in 2014, we invite researchers to participate in the second Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications symposium. The purpose of this multidisciplinary four-session symposium is to provide a healthy forum for presenting the latest advances by research workers and engineers in the specific domain of academia, industry, and research laboratories. Composite materials have grown in stature, strength, and significance primarily because they offer advantageous properties coupled with improved performance for a spectrum of both performance-critical and non-performance critical applications, often with reduced weight or with improved functionality. Such applications span the domain of aerospace, marine, and even ground structures and vehicles, where noticeable reduction in weight of the components and resultant overall structure without appreciable loss in strength, ductility, fracture toughness, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance of the element. This symposium will provide a forum for communication and exchange of information on (a) material properties, (b) modeling, (c) testing, and (d) application of composites materials across these fields. Contributions are solicited in, but not limited to, metal-matrix composites, ceramic-matrix composites, polymer-matrix composites, hybrid composites, modeling and simulation of composite systems, composite fabrication and processing, characterization, material properties and applications, and non-destructive evaluation and testing of composites.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Small Solute Oxygen and Silicon Elements Enhancing Strength and Ductility of Pure Titanium Matrix Composite
Al-NiTi Metal Matrix Composites for Zero CTE Materials: Fabrication, Design, and Modeling
Atmospheric Plasma Treatment of Nylon 6,6 for Improved Interfacial Adhesion in Thermoplastic Composites
Bio-inspired Synthesis of Lightweight, Hierarchically Structured Porous Composites by Freeze Casting
C1: Basic Research on the Oxidation Mechanism of C/C-SiC Composite
C2: Effect of T6 Treatment on the Hardness of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced AA6061 Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composites
C3: Fabrication and Extrusion of CNTs/Mg-6Zn Matrix Composites
C4: Mechanical Properties of Ni-5Al-Graphene Plasma Sprayed Coatings
C5: Modeling Multiphysial Processes in Ferroelectric Ceramic-Reinforced Metal-Matrix Composites
Carbon Nanotube Coated Conductors
Characterization of the Interface of Co-Extruded Asymmetric Aluminum-Titanium Composite Profiles
Characterization of Ti/Al Multilayered Composites Subjected to Perforation Testing
Comparing Strengthening Mechanisms of Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber vs. Titanium Carbide Reinforced PM Titanium Metal Matrix Composites
Correlating the Free-Volume Evolution to Plastic Deformation of Highly Cross-Linked Polymers from Large Scale Coarse-Grained MD Simulations
Development of Lightweight Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Syntactic Foam Composites
Effect of in-situ TiB2 Particle Addition and Friction Stir Processing on Wear Behaviour of 2219 Al Alloy
Effect of Processing Parameters on the Microstructure of Mechanically Alloyed Nanostructured Al-Mn Alloys
Effective Creep Response and Uniaxial Tension Behavior of Linear Viscoelastic Polymer Composites
Evaluation of Syntactic Foam for Energy Absorption at Low to Moderate Loading Rates
Fabrication and Characterization of Nb-Al Composites. Effect of Sintering Temperature
Fiber/Matrix Reaction Kinetics in SiCf/Ti-15-3m Composites
Finite Element Analysis of Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics for Evaluating the Strength of Bonds Between Composite Laminates
Growth Kinetics of Magnesio-aluminate Spinel in Aluminum/Magnesium Lamellar Composite Interface
In-situ Microscopy for Both Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements in Single UHMWPE Fiber Tensile Experiments
Influence of Reinforcement Content on Tensile Response and Fracture Behavior of an Aluminum Alloy Metal Matrix Composite
Mechanical Properties of Steel Encapsulated Metal Matrix Composites
Metal Matrix Composites Directionally Solidified
Microstructural Characterization of Fatigue Damage of CFRP in the Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime
Molecular Dynamics Assessment of Small Molecule Diffusion in Medical Plastics
Nanoparticulate Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composites Produced by Powder Metallurgy Route
Next Generation Car – Example of Function Integration at the Light Urban Vehicle (LUV) Vehicle Concept
Oxidation Behavior Characterization of Zirconium Diboride Composites at Above 2000℃
Prediction of Crack Initiation Site in Fastener Hole of Composite Laminate
Processing and Characterization of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) Matrix Composites
Quasi-Static and Dynamic Nanoindentation Study of Local Mechanical Properties and Creep Effects of Carbonated Wollastonite Mineral System
Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) of Carbon Nanotube (CNT)/Graphene Nanoplatelet (GNP)-Nickel Nanocomposites: Structure-Property Relationships
Strain Field Mining: Identifying, Quantifying, and Validating “Hot Spots” in Free Surface Strain Fields
Strain Field Mining: Predicting the Performance of Epoxy Bonded Joints from Free Surface Strain Field Metrics
Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite Foam
Surface Modification of Carbon Fiber Polymer Composites After Laser Structuring
The Evolution of Solid Powders in Liquid Aluminum at Low Temperature and the Effects of Ultrasound on It
The Synthesis And Processing Of Self-Healing Materials- A Lamellar Shape Memory Alloy In Composite Structure
Unique Method for Evaluation of Galvanic Corrosion in Impact Damaged Carbon-fiber Composite Core Bare Overhead High-Voltage Conductors

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