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Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Drying, Roasting, and Calcining of Minerals
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Scope These are very common unit operations throughout the metallic and non-metallic mining industries. This can involve chemistry as simple as water removal at low temperatures, to the separation of moisture from bound hydrated compounds, to various high temperature chemical reactions to make subsequent operations easier. This type of unit operation has rarely been considered in a single symposium, so we have here a unique opportunity for interactions, both within TMS and with sister societies.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

Application of Kumera Steam Dryers in Mineral Processing
Behavior of Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth at Roasting Temperatures
Behavior of Phosphorus during Reduction Roasting of Oolitic Hematite Ore with High Phosphorus Content
Bromination Roasting of Rare Earth Element Oxides
Calix Calciner, a Green Application in the Production of Magnesium
Characterization of Physico-Chemical Changes during the Alkali Roasting of Niobium and Tantalum Oxides
Chlorination Roasting of Rare Earth Element Oxides
Development of Knowledge-Based Tools and Methods to Optimize Operating Conditions and Improve Energy Efficiency of Rotary Kiln and Electric Arc Furnaces in Ferronickel Production Plants
Dielectric Properties and Microwave Drying Characteristics of CiCl Residue
Effect of Additives on Phase Transformation of Nickel Laterite Ore during Low-Temperature Reduction Roasting Process Using Carbon Monoxide
Effect of Sinter Basicity on Sinter Productivity and Quality with High Rate of Recycled Materials
Effect of Temperature on Reduction Roasting Of Low-Grade Iron Ore after Granulating with Coal
Effects of Anthracite on Pelletization of Hematite Ore
Extraction of Indium from Zinc Oxide Flue Dust by Microwave Sulfation Roasting and Water Leaching
Fluidization and Magnetization Roasting Technology Research on Siderite
Gas and Liquid Permeability of Tuyere Coke in COREX Melter Gasifier
Green Evaluation of Microwave Shaft Furnaces
Influence of Modified Biomass Fuel on Iron Ore Sintering
Mechanism of Na2SO4 on Refractory Gold Concentrate at Roasting Pretreatment
Metallic Tin Preparation from Cassirerite Concentrates by Gas-Based Reduction Roasting in the Presence of Na2CO3
Modeling and Design of Experiment in Calcination of Magnesites
Moisture Dependent Dielectric Properties and Microwave Drying Behavior of Zirconium Hydroxide
Monitoring the Ring Formation in Rotary Kiln for Pellet Firing
Optimization of Microwave Drying of Salt with Response Surface Methodology
Optimization on Drying of CuCl Residue by Hot Air Using Response Surface Methodology
Prediction of Non-Isothermal Oxidation of Magnetite Pellets
Preparation of Straw Char by Preformation-Carbonization Process and Its Application in Iron Ore Sintering
Research on NOx Reduction by Applying Coke Breeze Pretreated with Urea Additive in Iron Ore Sintering Process
Roasting of Zinc Sulfide Concentrates in Fluidized Bed Furnace
Study on Effect of Untreated and Calcined Olivine on Low Silicon Pellet Production Process and Quality
Study On The Improvement Of Preheating And Roasting Characteristics Of Pellet Made By Organic-Bentonite Compound Binder
Sulfation Roasting of a Bornite Flotation Concentrate to Optimize Silver Extraction in a Ferric Chloride Leach
Temperature-Rise Characteristics of Silicon-Containing Chromite Ore Fines Heated by Microwave
The Advantages of Thermal Analysis Prior to Bench Scale Roasting
The Generation Ability of Liquid Phase for Mixture of Iron Ore Powders and Lime: Prediction, Characterization and Influencing Factors
The Impact of Calcination Conditions on Production of Magnesium by the Magnatherm Process
The Phase Transformation of Baiyunebo Iron Ore Treated with Reductant Sintering
The Temperature Behavior and Microwave Thermo Gravimetric Analysis Characteristic of Ammonium Paratungstate in a Microwave Field
Thermal Decomposition Behavior and Kinetics of Siderite Ore
Thermo-Physical Properties of Petroleum Coke during Calcining Graphitization Process

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