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About this Symposium
Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium S-13: Numerical Methods for Polymer Processing and Forming
Organizer(s) Nikhil Padhye, Ohio State University
Marat Andreev, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scope Polymeric materials have gained wide-popularity in a variety of manufacturing applications involving packaging and sealing of components, fibers and textiles, automotive parts, medical devices, gels and solid dispersions, shape-memory materials, electrical appliances, bio-materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, space-applications, stretchable electronics, energy technologies, etc. Most of these applications involve large deformation and flow of material. This mini-symposium invites contributions on state-of-the-art numerical modeling and simulation techniques for polymeric (or alike) materials. Topics ranging from micro-mechanics, macro-mechanics, multi-scale modeling (utilizing molecular dynamics, coarse-grained models, etc.), discrete element method, finite element, finite volume, and other computational approaches are welcome. Of special interest are the topics of continuum scale numerical formulations developed through mechanistic/experimental understanding and/or high-performance computing for processes such as extrusion, electrospinning, film/sheet forming, injection molding, pultrusion, etc. Application examples in upcoming areas of continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastic-electronics, energy-membranes, advanced fabrics, etc. are particularly invited.

Visit the conference website, NUMIFORM 2019, for information about publication opportunities.
Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Structural properties and wettability of silicon based self-assembled monolayers
Numerical Simulation of the Thermoforming Process and Anamorphosis Method
On Mechanics of Thin-Structures: Finite Stretching and Bending Applications

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