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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Cast Shop for Aluminum Production
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Edward M. Williams, Arconic
Scope The Cast Shop Technology, along with Alumina and Bauxite, Aluminum Reduction, Electrode Technology and Aluminium Processing collectively form the Light Metals Symposium, where experts from the Aluminum Industry and academia from all over the world meet each other and share information.

You are invited to submit papers in the following subject areas: Charge Materials, Pre-Furnace Treatment, Melting,Fluxing, Filtration, DC Casting , Open Mould Ingot Casting, Automation, Process Modeling and Control, Environmental Issues, Grain Refinement, Cast Structures, and Safety. Joint sessions will be organised on energy (furnaces) and recycling.

In addition, papers on innovative equipment dedicated to the measurement and control of the process and the product are welcome.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals Volume

Hide details for [<a href="/PM/PM.nsf/ApprovedAbstracts/A411050D797CF0FC85257BA800049E8B?OpenDocument">20 Years of LiMCA Utiliz20 Years of LiMCA Utilization in the Aluminum Industry: A Review of the Technology Development and Applications
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A Comparison of the Effects of Al-Ti-B Type Grain Refiners from Different Makers on Pure Aluminum
A Material Flow Model for Impurity Accumulation in Beverage Can Recycling Systems
A New DC Casting Technology for Extrusion Billets with Improved Surface Quality
A Novel Method of Online Measurement to Develop Specific Heating-up Procedures for Refractories in Industrial Furnaces.
An Innovative Automated Surface Inspection of DC Cast Billets
Analysis of Boron Treatment for V Removal using AlB2 and AlB12 based Master Alloys
Clean Aluminum Processing: New Avenues for Measurement and Analysis
Commissioning and Start-up of Ingot Casting Machines in the Biggest Integrated Aluminum Complex in the World
Computational Analysis of Thermal Process of a Regenerative Aluminum Melting Furnace
Development and Demonstration of a Molten Metal Cooling Trough to Improve Casthouse Performance
Development of a Sampling Device for Melting Furnace Dross
Effects of Microstructure and Defects on Tensile and Fracture Behaviour of a HPDC Component; Potential Properties and Actual Outcome of EN AC-44300 Alloy
Electromagnetic Stirring in Melting Furnaces - A Critical Evaluation
Evaluation of Functional Properties of the Rapidly Solidified Cast AlSi30 Alloy as a Material for Transport Applications
Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys: Recent Developments in Predicting the As-Cast Grain Size of Alloys Refined by Al-Ti-B Master Alloys
Impact of Cooling Water Composition on Heat Transfer in Ingot Casting
Improved Grain Refinement of AA6060 Extrusion Billets
Life Cycle Assessment of Secondary Aluminium Refining
Macrosegregation Modelling of DC-casting Including Grain Motion and Surface Exudation
Mechanisms and Control of Macrosegregation in DC Casting
Metal Cleanliness Evaluation of Reusable Ceramic Foam Filters
Metallurgical Performance of Salt and Chlorine Fluxing Technologies in Casting Furnaces
Modelling of Micro- and Macrosegregation in Multicomponent Aluminium Alloys Accounting for Secondary Phase Formation
Neutron Diffraction Measurements of As-cast Residual Stresses in AA7050 Rolling Plate Ingots: Influence of a Wiper
New Developments of the I-60 SIR Melt Refining Unit
On the Performance of a Novel Grain Refiner in Hyper-eutectic Al-Si Cast Alloys
Operational Strategies for Two Stage Aluminum Remelter Operations: Increasing Scrap Use
Oxidation of Manganese-containing Aluminum Alloys
Oxide Skin Strength Measurements on Molten Aluminum-manganese Alloys With and Without Salt on Surface
Parallel Laboratory, and Industrial Scale Aluminium Filtration Tests with Al2O3 and SiC Based CFF Filters
Preventing Explosions In Maintenance Pits under Furnaces
Regenerative Burners Assessment in Holding Reverberatory Furnace
Sampling Tool for In-depth Study of Furnace Processes
Summary of the 2013 International Workshop on Aluminum Recycling
The Effect of Magnesium Supply on the Quality of Aluminum Melts
The Effect of Trace Levels of Ni and V on Properties of Four Common Aluminium Alloys
The Near-rapid Solidification Behavior of AA1070 Aluminum Alloy
The Viability of a "Voluntary Refund/Deposit System" for U.S. Aluminum Can Recycling
Thermal Parameters Analysis during Directional Solidification of Al-Cu Eutectic Alloys
Transient Properties of Refractory Castable with Hydraulic Binders

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