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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2018
Symposium Surface Protection and Spray Technology for Enhanced Materials Performance: Science, Technology, and Application
Sponsorship The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM
Organizer(s) Kang N Lee, NASA Glenn Research Center
Jun Song, McGill University
Yutaka Kagawa, The University Of Tokyo
Dongming Zhu, NASA Glenn Research Center
Rodney W. Trice, Purdue Univ
Daniel Raymond Mumm, Univ of California
Mitchell R. Dorfman, Oerlikon Metco (US) Inc.
Christian Moreau, Concordia University
Emmanuel Ernest Boakye, UES Inc.
Edward Gorzkowski, Naval Research Laboratory
Scooter David Johnson, Naval Research Laboratory
Richard R. Chromik, McGill Univ
Stephen Yue, McGill Univ
Scope Surface coatings and surface modifications are becoming an integral part of the design and application for advanced materials. Protecting the material’s surface from various elements during service is required to realize the full potential and to achieve the optimum system level functionality from engineering materials, such as ceramics, metals, composites, and biomaterials. Surface coatings enhance the material performance in service by providing protection from extreme environments such as high temperature, high stress, and oxidizing, corrosive, and erosive environments. Thermal and environmental barrier coatings are an enabling technology for nickel-based superalloy and ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine hot section components. They are essential in extending the component life and increasing the gas turbine efficiency. Advanced tribological coatings are needed to improve the life of turbine components in erosive environments. Coatings enhance functionality of biomedical implants by stimulating tissue growth. Coating processing methods, including thermal spray, plasma spray, suspension plasma spray, cold spray, aerosol deposition, electron beam-physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD),and solution-based processes, are of high interest for these coatings. Next generation coatings and coating processes are also of interest. This symposium will emphasize chemistry, design, processing, properties, modeling, lifing, coating characterization, non-destructive evaluation, and failure prevention and life-cycle assessment of coatings and surface modifications for advanced materials.
Abstracts Due 04/05/2018
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A Custom Built Framework for Thermal Modeling of Plasma Spray
A Predictive Computational Route to Quantitatively Evaluate the Effect of Doping on Reducing Thermal Conductivity of Ceramic Oxides
Applications of Thin Pure Aluminium Films Deposited by Sputtering Techniques
Assessment of Ferromagnetic Properties of Materials Deposited by Aerosol Deposition
Cold Spray Characteristics of Bimodal Size 316L/Fe Powder Mixtures
Cold Spraying of Mixed Sn-Al Powders
Compositional and Microstructural Effects in the Protection of SiC Components under Water Vapor Conditions
Corrosion Characterization of Thin Aluminium Films Deposited on Mild Steel Substrates by rf Magnetron Sputtering
Die Lubricant Characterization and Properties in High Pressure Die Casting Applications
EB-PVD T/EBCs for Oxide Fiber Ceramic Composites
Environmental Durability of Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition (PS-PVD) Coatings on Si-based Ceramics
Heat Treatment Optimization of Inconel 718 Cladding on Hot Forging Dies
High-Temperature Interactions between Environmental Barrier Coating (EBC) Ceramics and Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate (CMAS) Glass
P3-33: Microstructural and Multiscale Tribological Properties of the Cold-sprayed Ti2AlC MAX Phase Coating
P3-34: Portable Device to Modify Rail Surface for Wear and Crack
The Effect of Metal Powder Properties on the Cold Spray of Ti Metal-matrix Composites
The Role of Ceramic Characteristics in Cold Sprayed Metal/Ceramic Interfaces
Understanding Ceramic Deposition and Bonding in Metal-ceramic Composite Cold Spray from Finite-element Studies
Understanding of Droplets Dynamics and Deposition Area in Electrospraying by Experimental and Modeling Approaches

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