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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Magnetic Materials for Energy and Power Conversion Applications
Sponsorship Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS)
TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS: Magnetic Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Frank Johnson, Niron Magnetics, Inc.
Paul R. Ohodnicki, University of Pittsburgh
Alex Leary, NASA Glenn Research Center
Orlando Rios, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Alessandra Hool, ESM Foundation
Scope This symposium focuses on structure, property, processing, and performance interrelationships for emerging soft magnetic materials, permanent magnets, and magnetocaloric materials. Hybrid materials, such as materials that display both a magnetocaloric and elastocaloric effect. The scope includes manufacturing methods, characterization, and applications.

We encourage topics that focus on the economic effects that magnetic materials have on manufacturing and adaptation of technologies and applications. The symposium will place a particular interest on emerging and established advanced manufacturing methods such as: 1. additive manufacturing, 2. top-down and bottom up bulk nano-manufacturing, 3. thermal-mechanical and thermal magnetic processing, and 4. energy dense processing such as RF, microwave, high pressure and high magnetic field processing. In a session on critical raw materials, we welcome contributions on issues surrounding critical raw materials use, optimization and/or substitution in energy applications.

Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

3D Printing of Magnets Using Fused Deposition Modeling and Selective Laser Melting
A Hybrid Multi-pole Fe78Si13B9+FeSi3 Soft Magnetic Core for Application in the Stators of Low-power PMBLDC Motors
A New Quantitative Criterion to Determine the Order of Phase Transitions: Application to Different Materials
A State of the Art Life Cycle Assessment of Rare Earth Elements
Accelerated Development of Substitutes for Critical Materials in Clean Energy Technologies
Additive Manufacturing of High Performance Anisotropic NdFeB Permanent Magnets
Additive Manufacturing of Soft Ferromagnetic Alloys
Additive Manufacturing of Soft Magnetic Supermalloys
Advantages and Disadvantages of Additive Manufacturing of Magnetocaloric Materials and Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Availability of Raw Materials for Magnets: Short- and Long-term Considerations
Canadian Rare Earth Elements R&D Program
Commercial-scale Strain Annealing Efforts for Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Ribbon
Critical Raw Materials in Nanoelectronic Devices
Critical Raw Materials: Current Challenges in Europe and Beyond
Crystal Structure, Magnetization and Elastic Moduli of the Tb0.2Dy0.8Co2 Compound
Development of Hard Magnetic Properties in Pr-Co-B Alloys
Effect of Magnetic Field Processing on CeCo-x Bulk Cast Magnets
Enabling 6.5% Silicon Electric Steel for Motor Application
Exploring New Magnetic Materials Using Bottom-up Processing
Exploring Processing Parameters for Soft Magnetic Composites Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing
Extremely Thin Large Grain Fe-Co for High Power Devices
FeNi-based Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite (MANC) Soft Magnetic Materials (SMM) for Motor Applications
High Power-density Rotational Machine Design with Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite (MANC) Soft Magnetic Material (SMM)s and for Rare Earth Free Permanent Magnets
High Resistivity Magnetic Grain Boundary Nano-inclusions for Concurrent Ultra Low Loss and Sustained High Permeability in Ferrite Inductor Cores
High Temperature Performance of Soft Magnetic Nanocomposites
I-36: Crystallization and Hot Extrusion Densification of Amorphous Nd2Fe14B and Nanocystalline α-Fe Powders Fabricated by Mechanical Milling
I-37: Effects of Nitrogen Additions on Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe-based Amorphous Alloy
I-38: Engineering of Magnetic Properties of Co-rich Microwires by Joule Heating
I-39: Magnetocaloric Effect of Sintered Binder Jet 3D Printed Ni-Mn-Ga-Cu for Efficient Magnetic Refrigeration
I-40: Micromagnetic Simulation for Exchange Coupling Effect and Magnetic Properties of SmCo5/α-Fe Nanocomposite Magnets
I-41: Structure and Magnetic Properties of Magnetically Soft Fe67Co20B13 Alloy after Crystallisation of Amorphous Ribbon by Ultra-Rapid Annealing
I-42: The Influence of Mn Chemical Partitioning on the Partial Crystallization Behavior in CoFeMnSiBNb Soft Magnetic Materials
Investigation of Heat Treating, Powder Processing, and Properties of Gas Atomized High Ti Alnico and Co-lean Alnico for Use in Permanent Magnet Motors
Laser Additive Manufacturing of Magnetic Materials
Magnetic Cooling and Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems
Magnetic Properties of Single Crystalline Itinerant Ferromagnet AlFe$_{2}$B$_{2}$
Magnetocaloric Properties in Additive Manufactured Ni-Mn-Ga-Cu
Materials for Efficient Energy Conversion
Melt Spun Flake Pressed Fe-6.5%Si Bulk Soft Magnet with Superior Magnetic and Mechanical Properties
Microstructural Design through Application of Magnetic Field during Electrodeposition
Minnealloy: A New Soft Magnetic Material with High Saturation Flux Density
Nanocomposite and Ferrite / Nanocomposite Hybrid Transformer Designs to Enable Medium Frequency Solid State Transformers and Grid-Tied Converters
Nanocrystalline Materials for High Frequency Applications: Optimization of Inductors
Nanocrystalline Multifunctional Pr-Co Compounds
New Rare Earths Reduced High Performance Magnets
Optimization of Magnetocaloric Properties of Ball-Milled La(Fe, Co, Si)13(H,C)y
Permanent Magnets Based on MnAl: Microstructure, Magnetic Properties and Thermal Stability
Permeability Engineering of Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite (MANC) Cores Through Strain Anneal Manufacturing
Phase Evolution of Nanostructured Fe-Si-Al-based Intermetallic Phases in Soft Magnetic Alloys
Production of High-resistivity Electrical Steel Alloys by Substitution of Si with Al and Cr
Production of Highly Coercive Net Shape Magnets with Additive Manufacturing
Prospect of Sm(Fe,Co)12-based Permanent Magnets
Recent Advances in Theoretical and Experimental Study of Rare-earth-free α″-Fe16N2 Magnet
Recent Progress in RFe12-type Compounds for Permanent Magnet Applications
Reducing Porosity and Cracks in Fe-Si Soft Magnetic Parts Processed by Selective Laser Melting
Role of Solidification and Phase Section in Magnet Alloy Production
Site Specific Magnetic Anisotropy in Rare Earth and Transition Metal Based Permanent Magnetic Materials
Soft Magnetic Fe(Co)-based Nanocrystalline Alloys for Applications at Elevated Temperatures
Strategies to Improve Mechanical Strength of REPMs
Tailoring of Magnetic Softness and Domain Wall Dynamics of Fe-rich Microwires by Stress Annealing.
Templated Austenitization for Tuned Flux Paths in a Dual Phase, High Cr Steel for Electric Rotor Applications
The Effect of Additional Elements on the High-temperature Magnetocaloric Property of MnFe-based Alloys
Tunable Transformer Leakage Inductance Using Strain Annealed Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite Cores

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