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About this Symposium
Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Phase Transformations Committee
Organizer(s) Yufeng Zheng, University of Nevada, Reno
Rongpei Shi, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Stoichko Antonov, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Yipeng Gao, Idaho National Laboratory
Rajarshi Banerjee, University of North Texas
Yongmei M. Jin, Michigan Technological University
Scope Phase transformation is still one of the most effective and efficient means to produce desired microstructures in materials for various applications. This symposium is a continuation in a series of annual TMS symposia focusing on phase transformations and microstructural evolution in materials during processing and in service. It intends to bring together experimental, theoretical and computational experts to assess the current status of theories of phase transformations and microstructure evolution primarily in the solid states. In addition to fundamental understanding of the mechanisms underlying phase transformations and microstructure evolution; attention will also be given to the utilization of unique transformation pathways to develop novel microstructures for advanced structural and functional materials.

The topics of choice for this year include, but are not limited to:
- Phase transformations in steels and ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, ceramics, and other materials
- Phase transformations under far-from-equilibrium-condition processing or complex thermal histories
- Control phase transitions via defect engineering
- Materials defects induced by phase transformation
- Computation, data science and experimentation in the understanding of phase transformations

Planned publication: All oral presenters are invited to submit regular articles in JOM (3000-6000 words and 8 Figures)
Abstracts Due 07/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

A Comparison of Diffuse and Sharp Interface Models for Dendritic Solidification in Metallic Melts
A martensitic transformation kinetics law sensitive to stress state implemented in crystal plasticity for modeling of strain and stress driven austenite to martensite transformation
Abnormal temperature dependence of critical transition stress in nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloys
Analysis by Dilatometry and Nanoindentation in an Experimental Medium-Carbon Steel during the Martensite Isothermal Tempering
Analysis of the grain growth rate on the voxel-based microstructural representation
Atomic structures and processes in Al-Cu alloys
Atomistic modeling based on the quasiparticle approach of the fcc-bcc phase transformations.
Bainite formation during Zinc galvanizing on steel
Barrier-Free Nucleation at Grain-Boundary Triple Junctions During Solid-State Phase Transformations
Beyond Modified Mean Field: A Case for a Stochastic Grain Growth Model in the Short Time Limit
Carbon and microstructure effects on the magnetic properties of Fe-CN soft magnetic materials (Minnealloy)
Combined leaching of chalcopyrite based on acidified ferric sulphate and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Comparison of phase transformations in binary Ti-Mo and Zr-Nb alloys
Concurrent modeling of martensitic transformation and crack growth in Shape Memory Ceramics
Controlling microstructure of nanotwinned Cu by tuning the electroplating temperatures and chemical additives
Coupled grain structure and carbide evolution during rapid thermal cycling of an Fe-Cr-C steel
Coupling dynamic straining and conventional aging in Mg-Al alloys
Critical Defect Concentration for Strain Glass Transition in Doped Ferroelastics
Crystallographic characteristics of γ'-Fe4N formation upon nitriding of α-Fe
Dealloyed High-Strength Metallic Coatings
Defect assisted growth of fine scale alpha in titanium alloys
Development of Single Phase Bimodal Microstructure in Bulk Ultrafine-Grained Low Carbon Steel
Dilatometric Analysis of the Martensite Decomposition by Stages during Continuous Heating
Effect of alloying content on the discontinuous precipitation of δ phase in Ni-base superalloys
Effect of cooling rate on divorced eutectoid transformation in high-speed steels
Effect of Heat Treatments on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ti-5553 Alloy
Effect of microstructural evolution and mechanical properties on G115/Sanicro25 Dissimilar steel welded joint under different aging conditions
Effect of Precipitates on Martensitic Transformation in NiTiHf Shape Memory Alloys
Effect of Zirconium addition to wrought Al-Mg-Si alloys on microstructure
Enhanced chalcopyrite bioleaching by combined catalysis of activated carbon and visible light
Enhanced toughness of nanograined metallic thin films on flexible NiTi shape memory alloy substrates
Exploring phase transformations in the Au-Zn-Al system
Fabrication of Gamma Prime Strengthened Ni-Cr-Al-Ti Microtubes via Gas-Phase Deposition and the Kirkendall Effect
Formation and stability of Ni-Y clusters in Mg85Y9Ni6 alloys
Formation of Retained Delta-Ferrite and Martensite in the Coarse Grained Heat-affected Zone of P91 Heat-resistant Steel
Hierarchical microstructure enhanced comprehensive mechanical properties in Ti-alloys
High-Pressure Synthesis of HCP Nickel from a Metallic Glass
Highly enhanced cross tensile strength of the resistance spot welded medium manganese steel by optimized post-heating pulse
In-situ X-ray diffraction measurement during deformation of austenite above the Ae3 temperature
In situ investigation of phase transformation in Ti-Mo alloy
Interaction between Phase Transformations and Dislocation Evolution: Phase Field Approaches
Interphase Boundary Anisotropy Effects on the Microstructure Evolution in Three Phase β(In) – In2Bi – γ(Sn) Eutectic System
Iron-Rich Microstructures in Post-Detonation Nuclear Debris
JMA Model Application to Elucidate the Kinetic Parameters in a Silicon Steel during Continuous Heating
Kinetics evolution of L12-typed γ'-Co3(Al, W) phase in a medium supersaturation Co-Al-W alloy
Lattice Boltzmann phase-field modelling of solidification process for the Ni-Nb binary-alloy.
Linear complexion formation and their effect on the strength of metallic alloys
Macroscopic Energy Barrier and Rate-Independent Hysteresis in Martensitic Transformations
Martensitic transformation in a rapidly-quenched interstitial-free steel using a Gleeble 3800 Thermo-mechanical simulator.
Mechanical Property Variation and Microstructure Evolution of Inconel Alloy Induced by Electric Current Stressing
Mechanically driven phase transformation in CNT reinforced Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline matrix nanocomposite: Influence of mechanical milling and cryomilling
Mesoscale Models for Investigating Solid-state Phase Transformations in Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of cast austenitic stainless steel alloyed with Si
Microstructural Evolution during Solidification of Ternary Eutectic Al-Cu-Mg
Molecular dynamic study the role of the kinetic factor during nucleation of stoichiometric compounds from liquid
Morphological and structural instability of iron-rich precipitates in Cu-Fe-Co alloys
Morphological evolution mechanisms in phase-separating polycrystalline alloy films exposed to a vapor phase
Multiphase modeling of artificial aging in a multicomponent aluminum alloy based on the subcritical growth theory
Nanostructure of Fe0.65Cr0.35 close to the upper limit of the miscibility gap
Neutron diffraction-based assessment of eutectoid phase transformation kinetics in U-10Mo alloys with minor ternary alloying additions of Cr, Co, and Ni
Nitride precipitation induced by nitrogen-solute clustering in ferrous alloys
Novel alloy design strategies for high strength car body parts manufactured by superplastic forming
Oscillated cooling method as an alternative crystal growth route to control the microstructure during peritectic solidification
Pearlite in multicomponent steels: phenomenological steady-state modeling
Phase-Field Modeling of Precipitates in Multicomponent Alloys with Various Coherency States
Phase-field simulation of grain growth in porous materials
Phase-Field Simulation of Microstructure Evolution during Solidification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
Phase field study of co-evolution of gamma prime , gamma double prime and delta precipitates in IN718
Precipitate nucleation enhanced by deformation through dislocations in Mg-Al alloys
Precipitation kinetics and evaluation of the interfacial mobility of precipitates in an AlSi7Cu0.5Mg0.3 cast alloy
Predictably Tuning Transformation Temperatures in Thin Epitaxial Films
Quasi-linear superelasticity with ultralow modulus induced by nanoscaled martensitic phase transition
Rapid Solidification of Austenitic Stainless Steels by Splat Quenching
Structural Phase Transformation in Single Crystal Titanium during Dynamic Loading
Study of the C partitioning kinetics in Q&P process: Experiment and Simulation
Swelling of persistent slip bands and concurrent deformation in f.c.c crystals
Synthesis and Properties of Aligned Plate Intermetallic Nanostructures in Ni-based Alloys
Tailoring the microstructure and mechanical properties of metastable titanium alloys for biomedical applications
The effect of interface compatibility and grain constraint in ZrO2-based shape-memory ceramics
The effects of quenching medium and cooling rates on the phase transformation of γ’-Fe4N to achieve iron nitride martensite.
The impact of the cooling rate on controlling the grain boundary morphology and the mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloys
The validity of additivity rule for pearlite transformation in eutectoid steels
Thermal Treatment of Nickel Chromium Welded Super Alloy for Petroleum application
Thermodynamic and kinetic study of the fcc-B2 phase transformation and consecutive microstructural evolution in the Ag-Cu-Pd system
Understanding the role of microwave heating on the crystallization behavior, microstructure formation and mechanical response of ZrO2-containing SiO2 – MgO - Al2O3 – K2O – B2O3 – F mica glass-ceramics
XRD and Synchrotron-based XRD Study of Chalcopyrite Leaching Catalyzed by Silver Ions
(Al,Zn)3Zr dispersoid-assisted η′ precipitation in a model Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr alloy
(S)TEM Investigation of a Passivating Alumina Layer Formed During Air Annealing of CVD-Grown Hf(1-x)AlxB2 Coatings

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