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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory, Superelastic Alloys and Multifunctional Materials
Reginald F. Hamilton, The Pennsylvania State University
Haluk Karaca, University of Kentucky
Reza Mirzaeifar, Virginia Tech
Scope Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have potential to be designed or integrated into multifunctional systems for energy transfer in addition to actuation, morphing, and sensory capabilities in industries including automotive, aerospace, robotics, and biomedical devices across multiple length scales. The 2007 US market revenue of these alloys in medical devices was $1.4 billion. The desired properties can be achieved by developing the required microstructure via processing.

NiTi and other shape memory alloys respond to variation in applied stress and temperature by significantly changing their mechanical behavior. Due to their unique mechanical properties, traditional machining processes are extremely difficult and, in some cases, impossible. Additive manufacturing (AM also known as 3D printing) provides an attractive alternative for near net shape fabrication of these alloys.

This symposium seeks fundamental as well as application related papers based on these materials. Areas of interest include

- modeling to predict the functional properties of the resulting alloys
- fabrication methods
- experimental characterization
- microstructural studies
- patient specific medical devices
- energy transfer applications
- damping and disaster mitigation
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Definite: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

3D-printing of Ni-based Shape Memory Alloys
A Coupled Thermal and Precipitation Modeling for Selective Laser Melting Process
Additive Manufacturing of a Magnetic Shape-memory Alloy: Directed Energy Deposition and Post-processing
Additive Manufacturing of Ferromagnetic Functional Parts Made from Ni-Mn-Ga Powders
Additive Manufacturing of Functional Heusler Alloys
Bayesian Calibration of a Physics-based Precipitation Model for the Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory Alloys
Effects of Aging on the Shape Memory Response of Selective Laser Melting Fabricated Ni-rich NiTi
Effects of Fabrication Parameter of Selective Laser Melting on Microstructure and Shape Memory Response of Ni-rich NiTi
Fe-Mn-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloy Processed by Selective Laser Melting–microstructure and Pseudo-elastic Behavior
Inconel 625 Made by Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing: Measurement of Mechanical Behavior at Elevated Temperatures with In Situ Neutron Diffraction
Microstructure and Superelasticity of NiTi Alloys Fabricated Using Laser Directed Energy Deposition
Phase and Kirkendall Void Evolution Study in Ti-coated Ni Wires via Ex Situ Annealing and In-situ X-ray Tomographic Microscopy Experiments
Selective Laser Melting of Shape Memory Ternary Alloys: Microstructural Development and Thermo-mechanical Properties
Selective Laser Melting of TiNi Auxetic Structures
The Effect of Microstructure on the Shape Memory Behavior in Selective Laser Melted Ni-rich NiTi Alloys

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