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About this Symposium
Meeting 2013 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Shape Memory Alloys
Sponsorship TMS/ASM: Phase Transformations Committee
Ibrahim Karaman, Texas A&M University
Othmane Benafan, NASA Glenn Research Center
Ryosuke Kainuma, Tohoku University
Hans Jurgen Maier, University of Paderborn
Scope The Scope of this symposium is to provide an international forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on the up-to-date research and development of shape memory alloys (SMAs). In recent years, there is a growing interest in SMA-based actuators in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, oil and gas industries. In this regard, the effects of alloy constitution, thermo-mechanical processing, microstructure, and testing conditions are important parameters that govern the SMA and they are critical to an insightful understanding of their behavior as actuator materials. Thus, the development of new high-temperature, high strength, multifunctional, fatigue resistant magnetic and inexpensive Fe-based SMAs require considerable detailed characterization of their properties to suitably qualify them for actuator applications. The proposed symposium will provide a forum for experts to discuss these issues with an emphasis on the relevant metallurgical properties of these alloys. The scope of the conference will include alloy development, processing, characterization, applications of SMAs and theoretical models describing their behavior.
Six technical sessions are planned on the following topics:
- Alloy development
- Thermo-mechanical treatments and processing
- Mechanical and shape memory behavior
- Theory and modeling of mechanical and functional properties
- Magnetic and Fe-based shape memory alloys
- Applications
Abstracts Due 07/31/2012
Proceedings Plan Planned:

3D Interconnected Channels in NiTiNb Foams
A Finite Element/Phase Field Approach to Study Martensitic Phase Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys
A Novel Superelastic Porous Material Made of a Single Entangled NiTi Wire
Asymmetry and Control Mode Effects in Polycrystalline NiTi
Characteristics of a New Precipitate Phase in Ni-rich Ni-Ti-Hf and Ni-Ti-Zr High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Characterization and Modeling of Trained Nitinol Torsional Actuators under Reverse Bias Loads
Characterization of the Shape Memory Behavior of Single Crystalline FeNiCoAlNb Shape Memory Alloys
Characterizations of a Precipitate Phase in Ni Rich NiTiHf Alloys
Composition and Aging Effects for Nickel Rich NiTiHf Alloys
Copper Based Shape Memory Alloy a Modern Opportunity to Change Classic Casting Dental Alloys
Crystallography and Magnetic Field Induced Strain by Co Doping NiCoMnGa Heusler Alloy
Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Aged FeNiCoAlTa Single Crystals
Deformation Mechanics of Shape-Memory NiTi Martensite
Dislocations Induced by Crystal Symmetry Change during Martensitic Transformations
Effect of Alloy Composition on the Phase Transformation and the Shape Memory Behavior of TiPd Alloys
Effect of Alloying and Hot Rolling on the Shape Memory Behavior of Ti-Pd Alloys
Effect of Cold Working Rate on Shape Memory Characteristics of Ti-50.4 at.% Ni Alloy with Time Gradient Annealing
Effect of Cr Addition on Phase Transformation of AuTi and AuTiCo Shape Memory Alloys
Effect of Heat Treatment on Deformation Behavior of Ti-Au-Cr-Zr Shape Memory Alloys
Effect of Heat Treatment Temperature on Shape Memory Characteristics in Ti38-Ni50-Hf12 Shape Memory Alloy
Effect of Ni Content on Aging Behavior of (88-X)Ti-XNi-12Hf(X=50.0~51.0)(at%) Alloys
Effect of Oxygen Addition on Microstructure and Shape Memory Behavior of Ti-Nb Alloy
Effect of Pore Structure Regulation on Mechanical Properties and Superelasticity of Porous Ti-22Nb-6Zr Alloy for Biomedical Application
Effect of Precipitates on Cyclic Actuation Response of Ni50.7Ti49.3 Shape Memory Alloys
Effect of Precipitation on the Martensitic Transformation Characteristics of a Ni-Rich NiTiZr Alloy
Effects of Alloy Composition and Heat Treatment on Martensitic Transformation in Fe-Ni-Co-Ti-B Alloys
Effects of Composition and Heat Treatments on the Shape Memory Behavior of NiTiHf alloys
Effects of Heat Treatments and Applied Stress on the Shape Memory Behavior of Highly Ni-Rich NiTi Alloys
Effects of Precipitation on the Thermomechanical Response of Ni-Ti-Hf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Elastic Deformation in Fe-31.2Pd (at.%) alloy exhibiting lattice softening
Electrochemical Behavior of Ti-Ni-Cu Shape Memory Alloy Ribbons Used for the fabrication of Sensors and Actuators
Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Hybrid Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) - MAX Phase Composites
Fabricating Tubes of Ni-Mn-Ga Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys by Interdiffusion of Mn and Ga into Ni Tubing
Fatigue Analysis of Laser-Treated Nitinol Wires
Formation Process of Self-Accommodation Morphology of B19’ Martensite in Ti-Ni Alloys
Full Field Mapping of Microstructural Strain Accommodation during Superelastic Deformation in Nickel Titanium
Hardness and Microstructure Stability in Ni-Rich Nitinol Alloys with and without Hf Additions
Heat Treatment, Shape Setting and Actuation Instability of NiTi
Improvement of Mechanical and Shape Memory Properties in Near-Equiatomic Ti-Pt High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys by Addition of Group IV Elements
In Situ Neutron and Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Studies of NiTi-Based High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
In Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of Superelastic Cu-Zn-Al Microwires
In Situ, Elevated Temperature Micro-Compression of NiTiPd
Intra-Variant Boundary in Non-Modulated Ni-Mn-Ga
Martensitic Transformation in Co-Cr-Al-Si System
Mechanical and Material Characterization of Ternary Nitinol Alloys
Mechanical Behaviors of Gradient Porous NiTi Shape Memory Alloy with Long Bone Structure
Mechanical Properties of NiTi42.5Cu7.5 (wt.%) Shape Memory Alloy during Aging Heat Treatment
Metamagnetic Behavior in Polycrystalline NiCoMnAl Thin Film Alloys
Microstructural Characterization and Shape Memory Behaviour in Ni-29.7Ti-20Hf (at.%)
Microstructural Evolution and Characterization of Ti2Ni Phase in Melt-Spun Ti51.5Ni28.5 Shape Memory Ribbons
Microstructural Influence on the Load Biased Response of Two Ti-lean, Ni-Ti-Pt High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Modeling Shape Memory Alloy Single Crystalline Responses Using an Anisotropic Yield Surface
Observation of Strain Glass Transitions in Various Shape Memory Alloys
Phase Constitution, Mechanical and Shape Memory Properties of (Pt,Co)Ti Alloys
Phase Field Modeling of Domain Structures and Properties of Doped Ferroelastic Systems
Segmented Twin Boundaries in 10M Modulated Ni-Mn-Ga Martensite
Shape Memory Response of NiTiHfPd High Strength and High Hysteresis Shape Memory Alloys
Simulation of Twinning and Slip in Shape Memory Allloys
Structural, Magnetic, and Microstructural Properties of Rapidly Solidified Ni54Fe21Ga25-xAlx Ribbons
Study of Phase Transformations in the Ti-Pt System for High Temperature SMAs
Superelastic Properties of Porous and Dense Cu-Al-Ni Alloys Created by Directional Solidification
Superelastic Response of a Single Crystalline FeMnAlNi Shape Memory Alloy
TEM Studies on Antiphase Boundaries in Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
The Effect of Aluminum Additions on the Shape Memory Behavior of NiTiHf Alloys
The Effect of Nano-Precipitates on Superelastic Properties of FeNiCoAlTa Shape Memory Alloy Single Crystals
The Effect of Ternary Additions and Their Content on the Properties of NiTi Alloys
The Superelastic Behavior of Ti-Ni Superelastic Wire Rope
Twinning during Shape Memory and Post-Shape Memory Deformation in U-14at.%Nb
Workability and Martensitic Transformation of (88-X)Ti-XNi-12Hf (X=50.0~49.0)(at%) Alloys
In Situ Macroscopic Investigation on Lüders-Like Bands Evolution during Cycle Loading with Different Strain Rates in NiTi Alloys

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