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Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium S-03: Ductile Damage and Fracture: Experiments, Modeling and Numerical Prediction
Organizer(s) Yanshan Lou, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Pierre-Olivier Bouchard, CEMEF
Jinjin Ha, University of New Hampshire
Yannis Korkolis, University of New Hampshire
A. Erman Tekkaya, Technical University Dortmund
Till Clausmeyer, TU Dortmund University
Carl LaBergere, Univ. Technologie Troyes, France
Houssem Badreddine, Univ Technologies Troyes
Scope It is widely accepted that advanced materials (advanced high strength steels, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, etc) fail due to ductile fracture or lose load-capability due to ductile damage during plastic deformation in various forming processes. This mini-symposium is dedicated to the accurate description of ductile damage and fracture behavior of advanced -materials under complex proportional or non-proportional loading paths including compression, shear and tension. Contributions dealing with mechanisms of ductile damage and fracture, experiment design for the characterization of damage parameters and measurement of fracture strain, modeling of ductile damage and fracture, strain localization, non-local models, mesh dependency, fracture initiation, multi-scale approaches, fractographic analyses, numerical application of ductile damage and fracture criteria to solve industrial problems, and anisotropy in ductile fracture are generally the topics of interest. Ductile damage and fracture at high strain rate and elevated temperature, path dependence of ductile damage and fracture and other related researches are also welcome.

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Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A modified continuum damage model for predicting formability of AA7075 under hot forming conditions
A multiscale investigation on ductile fracture behavior of 316LN steel influenced by dynamic recrystallization at elevated temperature
A numerical investigation of the ductile fracture of a shear compression disk at various strain rates
A study of the surface failure mechanism in 6005A extrusion strips
Anisotropic Ductile Damage and Fracture Properties of High Strength Pipeline Steels
Comparative analysis of different ductile damage criteria in cold and hot metal forming
Coupled dynamic recrystallization and damage nucleation criterion for hot forming
Damage and Failure Model Characterization and Validation for a High Strength AA6xxx Automotive Aluminum Alloy
Damage evolution and fracture prediction in cycle bending
Ductile fracture modeling of aluminum tubes under combined internal pressure and axial loading
Ductile fracture modeling of various specimen geometries with bi-modal void distribution and transgranular fracture in the framework of physically based polycrystalline plasticity
Ductile Fracture of Heat-Treated AA6111 Sheet under Proportional Loading
Experimental Investigation of Formability of UHSS 22MnB5 in Indirect Hot Forming
Experimental study on shear characterization of 22MnB5 steel under different quenching condition
Fracture behavior of welded T-joints of aluminum alloy EN AW-6063
Fracture mechanism and fracture criterion to predict occurrence of the central cracks in Cross Wedge Rolling
Fracture prediction in flat hole expansion ratio test using various phenomenological models
Impact toughness and fracture mechanisms of AHSS under impact loading using a new testing concept
Influence of process conditions and pore morphology on the closing rate of pores in hot rolling of steel
Influence of structure and thickness on compressive capacity of can end
Mixed-Mode Deformation and Failure of Magnesium Sheets
Modeling of Plasticity and Ductile Fracture from Shear to Plane strain tension
Modeling of Self-piercing Rivet Joint in Thin-walled Aluminium Structure under Shear Load
Multiscale methodology to predict failure of DP steel sheet during forming
New damage model with microcrack closure effect and its application on sheet metal forming
Novel Multi-failure Specimens for Quantifying Ductile Failure and the Associated Uncertainty
Numerical and physical modelling of dieless drawing processes for improving ductility of materials during processing
On the Failure Criteria for the Onset of Ductile Fracture in Sheet Metals
Optimization of parameters of work hardening law in tensile fracture simulation of steel sheet
Out-of-plane shear fracture strength of high strength steels
Phase Field Approach for Ductile Failure using the Rousselier Model
Prediction of damage accumulation in the multi-stage rolling of DP600 steel sheets
Prediction of the fracture strains of pre-strained dual phase steel sheets
Prediction of void evolution in sheet bending based on statistically-representative microstructural data and Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman model
Scalebridging Approaches to Assess the Edge Crack Sensitivity of Multiphase Steels
Simulation of cold forming of AHSS automotive bumper beam using Lou–Huh’s fracture criteria

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