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About this Symposium
Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnesium Technology 2018
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Magnesium Committee
Organizer(s) Dmytro Orlov, Lund University
Vineet Joshi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kiran N Solanki, Arizona State University
Neale R. Neelameggham, Ind LLC
Scope This symposium is one of the largest yearly gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Papers are presented on all aspects of magnesium technology, ranging from primary production to applications and recycling, as well as from basic research to industrialization. The symposium will cover - but is not limited to - the following topics:

- Basic Research
- Primary production
- Alloys and their production
- ICME of Magnesium Alloys
- Cast products/processing (high-pressure die casting, semi-solid processing, ...)
- Wrought products/processing (feedstock manufacturing, rolling, extrusion, forging, ...)
- Forming, joining, machining
- Corrosion (protection) and surface finishing
- Fatigue behavior of magnesium alloys
- Dynamic responses of Magnesium Alloys
- Structural applications (automotive, aerospace, ...)
- Biomedical applications 
- Emerging Applications (hydrogen storage, additive manufacturing of powders, ...)
- Recycling / Ecological issues/ Life Cycle Analysis

In keeping with the long-standing tradition of presenting the most recent and highest quality work on magnesium, this symposium features a collection of peer reviewed manuscripts in an edited book entitled Magnesium Technology 2018. This book features the finest and latest breaking articles in magnesium research from the past year and is listed with the main indexing services including Elsevier Engineering Index and Thomas Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index, as well as published as a Google eBook online, making its articles readily searchable and available on the web and citable.

A condition for delivering an oral presentation is submitting a paper for inclusion in the Magnesium Technology 2018 book. Exemptions are only permissible if:
(1) publishing in TMS journals, specifically Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, B, or E, IMMI, JOM or other TMS sponsored journal by the same group of authors in the same year. Exemptions will only be provided to those furnishing an AUTHORS COPY of their manuscript, letter of acceptance from the editor, or similar document illustrating that the manuscript was accepted by a TMS sponsored journal by the deadline of SEPTEMBER 10, 2017.
(2) It is not required to submit a manuscript if you are planning to make a poster presentation. Therefore, you may still submit an abstract to the Magnesium Technology 2018 symposium for a poster presentation.

Please ensure your paper is submitted on time and thank you for your interest in the Magnesium Technology 2018 Symposium.

By checking “YES, I will provide a manuscript for the proceedings for making an oral presentation” under PROCEEDINGS PARTICIPATION, you are indicating that you understand that a manuscript is required to make an oral presentation and it is your intent that this manuscript be included in the 2018 Magnesium Technology book, which includes transferring the copyright of the contents of the manuscript to TMS.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: Stand-alone book in which only your symposium’s papers would appear (indicate title in comments section below)
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