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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Friction Stir Welding and Processing VIII
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Shaping and Forming Committee
Organizer(s) Rajiv S. Mishra, University of North Texas
Murray W. Mahoney, retired from Rockwell Scientific
Yutaka Sato, Tohoku University
Yuri Hovanski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Scope This symposium is the eighth friction stir welding and processing symposium during TMS Annual Meetings. This symposium will present fundamentals and the current status of friction stir welding (FSW) and solid-state friction stir processing of materials. It will provide researchers and engineers with an opportunity to review the current status of the friction stir related processes and discuss the future possibilities. Papers are sought on all aspects of friction stir welding and processing.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Study of Friction Stir Welding for Clad Pipelines
A10: Fatigue Life of Friction Stir Welded- Aluminum Alloy 7010 Joints
A11: Fatigue Performance of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloys 5754– 6082
A12: Improving Heat-Affected Zone Liquation Cracking Resistance of Magnesium Alloy AZ91E by Friction Stir Processing
A13: Effect of Friction Stir Processing on the Damage Resistance of 6xxx Series Aluminium Alloys
A14: Temperature Distribution and Welding Distortion Measurements after FSW OF Al 6082-T6 Sheets
A15: An Assessment on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Underwater Friction Stir Welding of 316 L Austenitic Stainless Steel
A6: Assessment of Friction Stir Weld Quality by Analyzing the Weld Bead Surface Using Both Digital Image Processing and Acoustic Emission Techniques
A7: Development of FSW Simulation Model-Effect of Tool Shape on Plastic Flow
A8: Effect of Rotational Speed on the Microstructure of Friction Stir welded AA 7075-T6 Age Hardenable Aluminium Alloy
A9: Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Graphite/Aluminum Composite Joints Using Friction Stir Spot Welding
Adding a Resistance Heat Source during Friction Stir Welding
Additive Friction Stir Deposition of Metal Powders
Aluminum Tailor Welded Blanks – Preparing for High Volume Production
Analysis of Force Transients for Detecting Discontinuity during Friction Stir Welding
Characterization of a Friction Stir Weld in Aluminum Alloy 7055 Using Microhardness and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Coating Design for Controlling β Phase IMC Formation in Dissimilar Al-Mg Metal Welding
Defect Tolerance Investigation of Friction Stir Welded DH36 Steel
Dissimilar Aluminum-Steel FSW Lap Joints
Dissimilar Materials Joining of Aluminum/ Dual Phase 980 Spot Welded by Friction Bit Joining and Weldbonding: Study of Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
Effects of Friction Stir Back Extrusion on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Evolution in Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys
Evaluation of the Advantages of Rapid Refill FSSW of Aluminium Sheet for Automotive Structures
Experiences with FSW of Traditional and Advanced Aerospace Aluminium Alloys in the Airbus Group
Fatigue Assessment of Friction Stir Welded DH36 Steel
Fatigue Behavior of Friction Stir Linear Welded Dissimilar Aluminum-to-Magnesium Alloys
Friction Stir Lap Welding of Aluminum - Polymer Using Scribe Technology
Friction Stir Processing of Direct-Metal-Deposited 4340 Steel
Friction Stir Processing to Improve the Fatigue Properties of Steel
Friction Stir Scribe Welding of Dissimilar Aluminum to Steel Lap Joints
Friction Stir Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel to an Aluminum-Copper Alloy
Friction Stir Welding of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy with 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy: Influence of Processing Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Friction Stir Welding of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels for Power Plant Applications
Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Lightweight Metals with Addition of Adhesive
Friction Stir Welding of Induction Motor Components for Increased Efficiency in Electric Vehicles Applications
Friction Stir Welding of Invar 36
Friction Stir Welding of Nanolamellar Metallic Composites
Friction Stir Welding of Steels Using a Tool Made of Iridium-Containing Nickel Base Superalloy
Friction Stir Welding: Exploring Advances to Position a Conventional Process in the Future Digital Landscape
FSW of Aluminum Tailor Welded Blanks Across Machine Platforms
FSW of High Strength 7XXX aluminum Using Four Process Variants
FSW Technology for Marine Applications
Heat Input and Post Weld Heat Treatment Effects on Reduced-Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel Friction Stir Welds
Improved Temperature and Depth Control during FSW of Copper Canisters Using Feedforward Compensation
Laser-Assisted Friction Stir Processing for Controlling Microstructural Evolution in Mg-4Y-3Nd Alloy
Manufacturing a Surface Composite Material Made of Nanoceramic Particles of TiC and Aluminum Alloy 7075 by Means of Friction Stir Processing
Microstructural Evaluation of Cold Spray Deposited WC with Subsequent Friction Stir Processing
Microstructure and Properties, Temperature Predictions, and Effects of Nano-Ceramic Reinforcement in Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing and Welding
Miniaturized FSW Equipment for Manually Operated Welding
Modeling of Microstructural Evolution during Friction Stir Welding Applied to AA2024 Aluminum Alloys to Predict the Weld Mechanical Properties
Natural Aging in Friction Stir Welded 7136-T76 Aluminum Alloy
On the Material Behavior at Tool/Workpiece Interface during Friction Stir Welding: A CFD Based Numerical Study
Performance Enhancement of Co-Based Alloy Tool for Friction Stir Welding of Ferritic Steel
Prediction of Joint Line Movement and Temperatures in Friction Stir Spot Welding of DP 980 Steel
Process, Microstructure and Fracture Toughness in FSW HSLA Steels
Realization of Metal Hybrid-Joints by Ultrasound Supported Friction Stir Welding - An Innovative Method to Improve the Joint Quality
Residual Stress Study in Underwater Friction Stir Welded 304L Steel Joint
Semi Stationary Shoulder Bobbin-Tool (S3BT): A New Approach in Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
Simulation of Thin Friction Stir Welding (FSW) on Dissimilar Materials Joint
Stabilization of the Retained Austenite in Steel by Friction Stir Welding
Study of Mechanical Properties and Characterization of Pipe Steel Welded by Hybrid (Friction Stir Weld + Root Arc) Approach
Study on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of FSPed 7075 Al Alloy after Aging Treatment
The Effect of Friction Stir Welding on the Mechanical Properties on Al 2139-T8
Tool Life for Different cBN Tool Materials Associated with Friction Stir Welding of A516 Grade 70 Steel
Use of High-Power Diode Laser Arrays for Pre- and Post-Weld Heating during Friction Stir Welding of Steels

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