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Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Energy-Efficient Light Metal (Al, Mg, and Ti) Extraction Technologies and Processes
Sponsorship TMS: Energy Committee
Organizer(s) James Klausner, US Department of Energy
Adam C. Powell, INFINIUM, Inc.
Peter McGrail, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Aldo Steinfeld, ETH Zurich
Scope In 2013, the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) launched an initiative, the METALS Program, to reduce energy, emissions, and cost for primary production of light metals. The projects that comprise the METALS (Modern Electro/Thermochemical Advances in Light Metal Systems) Program are focused on innovative approaches to extract aluminum, magnesium, or titanium directly from ore precursors. The objectives of the METALS program are to enable these transformative production routes by meeting programmatic goals on energy, emissions, and cost. Developing advanced extraction technologies for the efficient and economical production of light metals will further enable widespread use of light metals in ground vehicles and aircraft, substantially reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from the transportation sector. This symposium invites any submissions that align with the goals to substantially reduce energy, cost, and emissions associated with light metal extraction from ores.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Definite: None Selected

Carbothermal Reduction of Magnesia in a Vacuum Solar-simulated Thermogravimeter
Catalyzed Organo-Metathetical (COMET) Process for Magnesium Production
Dual Electrolyte Extraction Electro-Refinery (DEEE) for Aluminum Production
Electrolytic Extraction of Light Metals: the 21st Century Electrochemical Engineering Challenge
Hydrogen absorption property of Magnesium Formate by spillover at the ambient temperature
Investigation of Leaching Methods for Impurity Removal from Reduced Upgraded Slag
New Approaches for the Production of Titanium Metal
Novel Titanium Electrowinning Process Using Specialized Segmented Diaphragms
Preparation of Ti-Al-V Alloys by Aluminothermic Reaction
Production of Mg and Al-Mg/Mg-Al Alloys from Secondary Aluminum Scrap Using RE-12TM Process
Pure Oxygen Anodes™ for Low-Cost Energy-Efficient Zero-emissions Aluminum Primary Production
Research on the Optimization of Ti Metal Extraction from Ti-Slag by an Energy-Efficient Chemical Pathway
Review of Oxycarbide Approach to Electrolytic Titanium Production
Study of Separating Ti2CO from Simulated Carbon-Thermal Reduced Titanium Ores by Flotation Process
Study on Smelting Reduction of Coal-Containing Pellets of Vanadic-Titanomagnetite Sand by Combined Rotary Hearth Furnace and Grinding Magnetic Separation
Zero-carbon-emission Aluminum Production by Solid Oxide Membrane Based Electrolysis Process

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