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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials Processing Fundamentals
Sponsorship TMS: Process Technology and Modeling Committee
Organizer(s) Guillaume Lambotte, Boston Metal
Jonghyun Lee, Iowa State University
Antoine Allanore, MIT - DMSE
Samuel Robert Wagstaff, Novelis
Scope The key interest areas to be covered in this symposium are all aspects of the fundamentals, synthesis, analysis, design, monitoring, and control of metals, materials, and metallurgical processes and phenomena. Topics will include:
- The experimental, analytical, physical and computer modeling of physical chemistry and thermodynamics;
- Modeling on the transport phenomena in materials processing and metallurgical processes involving iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, and composites;
- Second phase particles in metals and processes, such as non-metallic inclusions and bubbles in metals (steel, aluminum, silicon, magnesium etc...) or gas bubbles in slag or electrolyte (foaming, gas evolution or injection...); the fundamentals (experimental studies or theoretical
studies) on the nucleation, growth, motion and removal of these second phase particles from the molten metal or reactors;
- Physical chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics for the production and refining of rare earth metals;
- Control of industrial processes in the field of extraction and processing of metals and materials: novel sensors for hostile-environment materials processes, such as online inclusion detection, temperature, and velocity in molten materials, surface condition of hot moving products, etc.; innovative online sampling and analysis techniques; models for real-time
process control and quality monitoring systems.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: None Selected

A New Alloy System Having Autogenous Grain Pinning at High Temperature
A scalable Gibbs minimization model for solvent extraction applied to rare earths separation
A suite of modelling tools for rotary kiln processing operations
An analysis of heat transfer in the planar flow casting process of noncrystalline metals
An investigation on electrodeposition of titanium in molten LiCl-KCl
Analysis of Large Inclusions in Crankshaft Steel by Ingot Casting
Carbide precipitation of TBM cutter ring steel during tempering
CFD modeling of the combustion and heat transfer in the top submerged lance smelter.
Comparison of turbulence models for flow field calculation in continuous casting with electromagnetic stirring
Computation of Large Strains Associated with Plastic Instability of In-Plane Loaded Plates
Creating nano-precipitates and ultra-fine grains in Mg-9Al (wt.%) and Mg-6Al (wt.%) alloys during low-temperature equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE)
Dynamic Current and Power Distributions in a Submerged Arc Furnace
Dynamic Modeling of Unsteady Bulging in Continuous Casting of Steel
Effect of casting temperature on the surface finish of grey iron castings
Effect of heat treatment on microstructure of continuous unidirectional solidified Cu–Ni–Sn Alloy
Effect of ultrasound on the extraction of silicon and aluminum from metallurgical slag of laterite nickel ore
Flow control in the model of a continuous caster by using Contactless Inductive Flow Tomography
High-temperature study of perovskite evaporation
High Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Ultrafine Grained 5052 Al Alloy Processed Through Cryo-forging
Influence of omega phase on super-elastic and fatigue properties of a Beta Ti Alloy
Investigation of non-linear effects in viscosity measurements by the oscillating drop method in an electromagnetic levitation device under reduced gravity conditions
Mechanical Characteristics of Boron Nitride Nanotube and Magnesium Composites
Modeling of Fluid Flow Effects on Experiments using Electromagnetic Levitation in Reduced Gravity
Modeling of Steel-Slag-Air Three Phase Flow in Continuous Casting Strand
Modeling on the two-phase flow in a slab continuous casting strand using Euler-Euler approach
Modelling the effects of friction on tool-chip interface temperature during orthogonal cutting of Al6061-T6 aluminium alloy
Nonequlibrium Solidification of Zn-6wt.% Al Alloy
Numerical Modelling and Influence of Cu Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured Ti-Cu-Al/Ti-6Al-4V Composite.
Numerical simulation of agglomeration behavior of sintered raw materials during high-speed mixing
Optimal Stator Design For Oxide Films Shearing Found By Physical Modelling
Optimization of the Flow Behavior of Molten Steel in Ultra High-Speed Billet Continuous Casting Mold
Overview of Electrically Activated Reactive Synthesis (EARS) Of nanotube reinforced intermetallics
Power consumption model for electrolytic preparation of copper powders using response surface methodology
Reassessment of the Numerical Modeling of Equiaxed Solidification
Research on Level 2 Rolling Model of Tin Plate Double Cold Reduction Process
Research on the distribution of non-metallic inclusions under electromagnetic fields in continuous casting process
Research on the L2 control model technology of double cold reduction during continuous annealing process
Scalable Nanomanufacturing Approaches to Develop Advanced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
Short Range Order of Supersaturated Sodium Sulfate Solution
Study on hot deformation behavior and processing map of a Cu-bearing 2205 duplex stainless steel
Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Squeeze Cast Magnesium Matrix Composite Reinforced with 35 Vol. % of Al2O3 Fibers
The Application Prospect of Microwave Sintering Technology in the Preparation of Ti - Base Composite Materials
The Effect of Heat Treatment to FePt/Fe2O3 and FePt/Cu Magnetic Performance
The Lattice Boltzmann Approach to Microstructural Convective Transport Simulations Using Parallel Cellular Automata
The Materials Science Laboratory – Electromagnetic Levitator on the International Space Station: A case study with the alloy Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb
The Role of Cavitation in Ultrasound Metrology
Thermal Stability and Thermodynamics of the Ag2ZnGeS4 Compound
Thermochemical Data of Selected Phases in the FeOx-FeSO4-Fe2(SO4)3 System
Ultrasound for Next-generation Alloy Casting
Understanding the first formation stages of nano-metallic oxide particles in ODS steels

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