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Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium REWAS 2019: Secondary and Byproduct Sources of Materials, Minerals, and Metals
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Recycling and Environmental Technologies Committee
Organizer(s) Gabrielle Gaustad, Rochester Institute of Technology
Camille M. Fleuriault, Gopher Resource
Neale R. Neelameggham, IND LLC
Elsa Olivetti, Massachusetts Institute of Tech
Scope As scarcity and criticality concerns grow, attention has turned to alternative sources of important materials, metals, and minerals. Circular economy techniques, industrial symbiosis, and urban mining are sustainability strategies for obtaining these materials from industrial byproducts, end of life wastes, and other secondary sources. Which new extraction technologies will be needed to enable this material recovery? What are the latest developments made to the existing processes? What are the economic and environmental impact implications of such alternative routes? What kinds of material flow analysis and/or metric standardization is needed for tracking circularity at multiple scales? A specific session on electronic waste and batteries of all chemistries is planned.
Other REWAS 2019 Symposia include:
- Disruptive Material Manufacturing- Scaling and Systems Challenges
- Rethinking Production
- Cast Shop Recycling Technologies
- Education and Workforce Development

Proceedings note: There will be opportunities to submit to the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy for in-scope submissions (Lead: Dr. Gabrielle Gaustad, RIT).
Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: None Selected

A New Thinking in Metals Recycling
Advances in Lithium-ion Battery Electrolytes: Prospects and Challenges in Recycling
Advancing the State of Prospective Materials Criticality Screening: Integrating Structural Commodity Market and Incentive Price Formation Insights
Alkali Elution of Various Mineralogical Phases in Steelmaking Slag
An Overview of the Recycling Processes and Technologies for Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries
Challenges of the Circular Economy
Circular Cities, E-mobility and the Metals Industry – A World in Transition
Cobalt Criticality and Availability in the Wake of Increased Electric Vehicle Demand: A Short-Term Scenario Analysis
Comparing Secondary and Byproduct Sources of Rare Earth Metals
Concentration of a Synthetic Solution Containing Cobalt (II), Manganese (II), Magnesium (II) and Chromium (III) from Nickel Laterite Processing Using Ion Exchange Membrane Electrodialysis
Development of Electromagnetic Interference Materials from Metallurgical Wastes
Direct Transformation of E-waste to High Surface Area Quantum Dots (QDs) through Long-term Spontaneous Precipitation to Depolluting Waste Waters
Distribution and Chemical Species of Chromium in the EAF Dust from Stainless Steel Plant
Effect of Bentonite on the Stabilization and Mechanical Strength of Bricks Made of Peruvian Electric Arc Furnace Dusts
Effect of Coal Ratio on Preparation of Si-Ti-Fe Alloy by Carbothermic Reduction with Coal Fly Ash
Effect of Contact Time on the Recovery of Metals from the Mining Effluent of Lateritic Nickel by Chelating Resin Dowex XUS43605
Efficient Utilization of Zinc Lead and Copper Containing By-products
Electrochemical Reduction and Separation of Europium from Waste Fluorescent Lamps
Experimental Methods of Flowsheet Development for Hard Drive Recycling by Preferential Degradation and Physical Separation
Experimental Study on Phosphorus Vaporization for Converter Slag by SiC Reduction
Exploring Key Drivers of Future Copper Supply and Demand Using a Fully Dynamic Market Simulation
Extraction of Zinc, Silver and Indium via Vaporization from Jarosite Residue
Feasibility Assessment for Recycling Copper Slag as Ferrous By-products in FINEX®, an Alternative Ironmaking Process
Ferro-alloy Production from Spent Petroleum Catalysts by Smelting Reduction and Selective Oxidation Processes
Implications of an Evolving Electronic Waste Stream
Increasing Lead Battery Performance Efficiency
Introducing the Extraordinary Leuven Cement: Raw Materials, Process, Performance and First Real-life Applications
Is Sustainability Less Than the Sum of its Parts?
Li-Cycle – A Case Study in Integrated Process Development
Lithium Ion Batteries, How to Generate Value Out of End of Life Mobile Units
Mineral Exploration of the Urban Mine: Dynamics of Aluminum Stocks and Flows
Mining Value from Waste Initiative: Towards a Low Carbon and Circular Economy
Outotec Solutions for E-scrap Processing
Printed Circuit Board Leach Residue as Reductant in Pyrometallurgical Operations
Process of Removing Arsenic from Copper Smelted Acid
Production of High Purity Mo and Fe-Mo Alloys from Recycled Mo Oxide and Mill Scale through Hydrogen Reduction
Reactivity of Crystalline Slags in Alkaline Solution
Recovery of Cobalt and Lithium Values from Discarded Li-ion Batteries
Recycling of Critical Metals
Research on Mechanism of Residual Iron Oxides in Preparation of Tailings Glass Ceramics
Research on Thermogravimetic-differential Scanning Calolimete of Spent Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Cathode Plate
Structural Polymer Foams Prepared from Paper Mill Sludge Cellulose Nanofibers and Poly Vinyl Alcohol by Crosslinking Using Directional Freezing
Study of Precursor Preparation of Battery Grade Lithium Iron Phosphate
Study on Vacuum Pyrolysis Process of Cathode Sheets from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries
Supply Chains for Battery Materials
Synthesis of CuNP's on A304 SS from E-wastes
The Role of Scrap Recycling in the USA, for the Circular Economy. A Case Study of Copper Scrap Recycling
Towards a Solid Waste Economy in Colombia: An Analysis With Respect to Other Leading Economies and Latin America
Waste Tire Rubber Powders Based Composite Materials

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