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About this Symposium
Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Pb-free Solders and Emerging Interconnect and Packaging Materials
Sponsorship TMS Electronic, Magnetic, and Photonic Materials Division
TMS: Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Andre Lee, Michigan State University
Fay Hua, Intel Corporation
Tae-Kyu Lee, Cisco
John Elmer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Yan Li, Intel Corporation
Robert Kao, National Taiwan University
Fan-yi Ouyang, National Tsing Hua University
Chang-Woo Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Won Sik Hong, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
Heugel Werner, Bosch Automovitve
Scope The symposium covers research advances in electronic interconnecting materials and their technologies, with special emphasis on Pb-free solders and new materials and structures for next-generation interconnects. Advances in microelectronic, optoelectronic and nanoelectronic device continue to require new materials and technologies to meet the increasing electrical, thermal, mechanical, reliability, performance and environmental demands placed on interconnects and packaging at all levels. In this symposium, emerging interconnect and packaging technologies will be examined, as well as insights into existing materials and technologies, including Pb-free and RoHS-compliant materials and processes will be discussed.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Interconnect materials, manufacturing and reliability from chip assembly to printed wiring board level interconnection
- Pb-free solder reliability, including tin whiskers, tin whisker mitigation, thermal aging, thermomechanical reliabilities, mechanical fatigue, drop performance, and electromigration
- Interconnects for emerging technologies, including 3-D packaging technologies, through silicon vias (TSVs), wafer level package (WLP), interconnects on flexible electronic modules and nano-materials technology
- Developments in high temperature Pb-free solders and associated interconnects for automotive and power electronics
- Fundamental materials behavior including phase transformations, solidification, microstructure evolution, corrosion, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
- Continuing challenges in implementing Pb-free solders and RoHS-compliant materials including materials compatibility, including wetting; phase transformations; void formation and growth
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: Journal of Electronic Materials

Assessing Solder Joint Fatigue Life under Realistic Service Conditions
B44: Development of Pb and Ag Free Solder Alloys
B45: Elasticity and Residual Stresses of Sintered Ag for die Bonding Studied by Dynamic Resonant Method
B46: Impact of Co-P Surface Finish on Shear Strength of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Interconnects in Ball Grid Array Packages under Thermal Cycling
B47: Physicochemical Properties of Sb-Sn-Zn Alloys
B48: Recent Development of Nanowire-based Pb-free Nanosolders for Nanoelectronics Assembly and Interconnection
B49: Synthesis and Applications of Low Melting Point Tin/Indium (Sn/In) Lead-free Nanosolders
B50: Synthesis of High-temperature Lead-free Nanosolders and Their Electronics Applications
B51: Synthesis of Lead-free Nanosolders Using Microfluidic Devices
B52: Wetting of Cu Pads by Liquid Bi-Ag-Cu Alloys
B53: Processing of a Package-on-package and Characterization of Its Warpage
B54: Transient Liquid Phase Sintering for Power Electronics
Challenges for Scaling of Solder Micro-bump
Characterization of Sn Crystal Orientation and Microstructure Evolution during Thermal Cycling in a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Using EBSD and In Situ x-ray Diffraction
Characterization of Sn Crystallographic Orientation and Cu6Sn5 Precipitates in Solder Joints at Small Volumes Using 3D Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
Coincident Site Lattice Boundaries Formed in Solidification and Deformation Twinning in Low-silver Solder Interconnects
Development of Pb-free Composite Solder Paste to Replace High-Pb Hierarchical Solders
Drop and High Speed Impact Response for Multi-level Assembly Packaging with Slightly Significant Pd or Ni(P) Layer Deposit under Thermal Treatment
Effect of Cr and Ca Alloying Elements on the Solder Joint Reliability in Sn-0.7Cu System for High-temperature Automotive Electronics
Effect of Grain Orientation on the Behavior of Thermomigration in Sn3.5Ag Solders
Effect of Silver Content in SAC Solder on the Interfacial Reaction and Reliability of the angle Joints Fabricated by Laser-jet Soldering
Effect of Temperature on the Electromigration Failure Mode of Microbumps in 3D IC Packaging
Effects of Minor Alloying Element Addition on Ni-Sn Interfacial Reaction under Space Confinement
Electrical Contact Resistance of Pb-free Solders
Eutectic Al-Ge Thin Film for High-temperature Bonding
Evaluation of Reliability by Thermal Shock of 3D Stacked Chips with TSV Filled Sn and Micro-bump
Evaluation on Property and Reliability of Micro-bump Joint between Si Chip and Flexible Substrate
Evolution of Microstructure Characteristics across Sn-based Solder Joints under Simultaneous Thermal Cycling and Current Stressing
Flip Chip Process for Wearable Electronics Packaging
Growth Mechanism of (Cu,Ni)3Sn in Space-confined Ni/Sn/Cu Diffusion Couples
Heterogeneous Nucleation of Intermetallics in Pb-free Soldering
Improved Electromigration Resistance of Pb-free Solders by Using Cu/Sn Composite Structure
Influence of the IMC Layer on Nucleation Undercooling of Beta-Sn in Solder Joints
Inhibition of Whisker Formation by Uniform Intermetallic Layer
Interfacial Microstructures and Brittle Fracture Behavior of Solder Joints on ENIG and ENEPIG Surface Finishes
Intermetallic Compound Growth Behavior during Multiple Reflows of Ni/SnAg/Ni and Cu/SnAg/Ni Microbumps in Three-dimensional Integrated Circuits
Kinetics of the Polymorphic Phase Transformation of Cu6Sn5
Liquidus Projection of Sn-Ag-Co-Ni Alloys
Localization of High Thermoelastic Stresses in SAC305 Solder Films Controlling Stress Relaxation via Recrystallization and Surface Defect Formation
Mechanical and Whiskering Behaviors of Sn and Sn-Cu Systems during Thermal Cycling
Mechanical Properties of Sintered Ag as a New Material for Die Bonding: Influence of the Elaboration Porosity
Mechanism of Mechanical Twinning in High Sn Alloys Induced by Thermal Strain
Metallurgies Evaluation (Sn vs. SnCu0.7% vs. SnAg) for 3D Bumping and Stacking
Micromechanical Investigation of Lead-free Solder Joints in Microelectronics
Microstructurally Adaptive Composite Model for Creep of Sn-Ag Based Solders with Large Proeutectic Content
Microstructure Evolution in Solder Bump Interconnects before and after Thermo-mechanical Cycling
Microstructure Refinement in Sn-Ag-Bi-In Solder by Adding SiC Nanoparticles to Reduce Electromigration under High Electric Current
NanoCopper based Solder-free Electronic Assembly
Nanowire-based Pb-free Nanosolders for Next Generation Assembly and Interconnects
Nucleation and Growth of Cu33Al17 in Al Modified Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Cu Pb-free Solder Alloys
Phase Evolution and Nanomechanical Properties of Intermetallic Compounds in Solid-liquid Interdiffusion Bonding
Phase Transformation in the Early Stage of Soldering Reaction between Sn-Ag-Cu and a Submicron Ni(P) Film
Pressure-less Si Wafer Bonding Using Sputtered Ag Thin Films
Pressureless Bonding Using Cu and Sn Nanoparticles
Relation between the Fatigue Life of SnAgCu Pb-Free Solder Joints and both Composition and Thermal History
Role of Joint Scale and Processing on Fracture of Solder Microbumps in 3D Packages
Size Confinement Governed Solder Alloys Hardening and Eutectic Region Refinements in Cu/SnAgCu/Ni and Cu/SnAg/Ni Assembly Joints
Study of Interfacial Reactions between Cu Substrate and Lead-free Solders with Low Solder Volume for 3D IC Integration
Synchrotron Radiation Micro Tomography Study of 3D Microelectronic Packages
Synthesis of Tin/Indium (Sn/In) Lead-free Nanosolder Particles and Their Application for Low Temperature Soldering
Tensile Behavior of Sn Whiskers by FIB Lift-out and MEMS Testing in an SEM
Testing of Indium Solder Joints Formed between Coated Germanium and Kovar Substrates
The Dependence of the Solidification Temperature and Sn Grain Morphology of SnAg Solder Bumps on Geometry and Composition
The Effect of Cr Addition on the Wetting Behavior on Cu of High Temperature Zn25Sn0.15Al0.1Ga-xCr Pb-free Solder
The Effects of Different Substrate Areas on Instantaneous Microstructure and Associated Temperature Distribution under Current Stressing in Electronic Solder Joints
The Evolution of Microstructure and Mechanical Strength Affected by Adding Pd in Co-based Surface Finishes
The Performance of Hypereutectic Sn-Cu Pb-free Solder in Elevated Temperature Service
Thermal Fatigue Reliability of LED Joints on Aluminium Substrate at SnAgCu+Sb and SnAgCu+Bi Alloys
T/C Reliability of Current Assisted Cu-Cu Direct Bonding on the Contact Resistance
Using Applied Mechanical Stress to Understand Tin Whisker/Hillock Formation
Vibrational Based Damage Analysis of Microelectronic Packages
Void Migration in Cu Vias under Current Flow Detected by 3D X-ray Computed Tomography
Whisker Evaluations in 3D Microbump Structures
Whisker Formation on SAC305 Solder Assemblies
Why Does an Electric Current Change the Stability of Solder?

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