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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Refractory Metals 2019
Sponsorship TMS: Refractory Metals Committee
Organizer(s) Eric M. Taleff, University of Texas at Austin
Martin C. Heilmaier, KIT Karlsruhe
Kevin Jaansalu, Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center | NATO HQ
Scope This symposium provides a forum for the presentation of fundamental research advances and technological progress in the understanding, processing and applications of refractory metals. Refractory metals are generally defined as those metallic elements with melting temperatures in excess of 2123 K (1850 C). Refractory metals are of technological importance for their resistance to extreme high temperatures and difficult environments. Research of interest includes alloy development, microstructure evolution and correlations with properties, both experimental and theoretical. Technological advances in processing of refractory metals and their alloys and applications in energy, transportation and other sectors are likewise of interest. New alloy developments of interest include composite materials based on refractory metals, such as silicide alloys, and concentrated solid solution (high-entropy) alloys. Processing methodologies and techniques involving welding, brazing and powder metallurgy are also of interest. Presentations that communicate results from academia, national laboratories and industry are encouraged.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

Analyses of Intrinsic Ductility of W-Ta and W-Re Alloys Based on AB Initio Calculations
Correlating the Chemistry of Grain Boundaries in Molybdenum with Their Deformation Behaviour Using Atom Probe Tomography and Micromechanical Testing
Creep Substructure, Texture Evolution, and Dynamic Abnormal Grain Growth in a Mo Rod Material
Damage Initiation due to Efficient Generation, Stabilization and Transport of Vacancies in Body-centred-cubic Niobium Containing Oxygen Impurities
Elevated-temperature Tensile Behavior of Niobium
Fabrication of Ruthenium-Tungsten Alloy Wires by the Alloy-Micro-Pulling-Down Method
Hot Isostatic Pressing of Niobium-based Refractory Alloys
Influence of Composition of Nb-Si Based Alloy Substrates on the Microstructure and Oxidation Performance of Their Si-Al-Y Diffusive Coatings Prepared by Pack Cementation Technique
Mechanically Activated Combustion Synthesis of Niobium Silicide Based Composites
Microstructural Changes and Related Surface Damage of Tungsten Rhenium Alloys Caused by Electron Beam Loading
Microstructure and Oxidation Behavior of Heat-treatable Cr-based Alloys
Microstructure Evolution in Ni-containing Co-Re-Cr Alloys and Effects on Alloy Properties
Nanostructured Two-phase Tungsten Alloys for High Temperature Applications
Plastic Deformation Behavior of HCP Rhenium: Slip and Twinning
Resistance Upset Welding of Refractory Metals
Strength and Ductility of Powder Consolidated Ultrafine-grain Tantalum
The Influence of C/Ta Ratio on Nanosized TaC Precipitates and Co Matrix in HightTemperature Co-Re Based Alloys Studied by Neutrons and X-rays

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