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About this Symposium
Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Alumina and Bauxite
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Ian Duncan, Hatch Ltd
Scope The Alumina and Bauxite Symposium, along with Cast Shop Technology, Aluminum Reduction Technology, and Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production collectively form the Light Metals Symposium, where experts from the Light Metals Industry and academia from all over the world meet each other and share information. Given the current economic and technical challenges facing the bauxite and alumina industry you are invited to submit papers in the following subject areas:

Changing Bauxite Supply Landscape
Bauxite Ore Characterisation
Handling and Processing
Sustainability and Environmental Issues, Particularly Bauxite Residue
Automation and Process Control
Bauxite Mining and Processing
Cost Reduction Strategies
Alumina quality
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals Volume

A Review of Two Phase Flow Modeling and Its Applicability to the Bayer Process
A Study on Sintering Process Optimization of Alumina Attraction from Fly Ash
Hide details for [<a href="/PM/PM.nsf/ApprovedAbstracts/CF6283438984569485257BA500735374?OpenDocument">Approaches to the ProcesApproaches to the Processing of Jamaican Bauxite with High Aluminous Goethite Content
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Crystal Structure and Alumina Leaching Property of Na2O Doped C12A7
Decomposition property of γ-2CaO•SiO2 during leaching process of calcium aluminate slag
Dry Sintering of Nepheline - A New More Energy Efficient Technology
Economic Analysis of Producing Alumina with Low-grade Bauxite(Red Mud) by Calcification-carbonization Method
Effect of Calcium/Aluminium Ratio on Crystal Structure and Al2O3 Leaching Property of 12CaO•7Al2O3 by sol-gel method
Effect of Pressure on Alumina Extraction from Low-grade Bauxite by Acid-leaching Method
Evolution of the Technology for the Production of Alumina from Bauxites
Extracting Alumina from Low Grade Bauxite with Ammonium Bisulfate Leaching
Extraction of Alumina from Coal-derived Pyrite Flotation Tailing by Pre-desilication–bayer Process
Hydrochemical Method of Low-quality Raw Materials Processing to Alumina
Improvement of Processing Characteristics of High Carbonate and High Silica Diasporic Bauxite by Enriching Roasting
Increased Operational Flexibility in CFB Alumina Calcination
Increasing Extraction Efficiency Using a Closed Grinding Circuit
Multi-steps Carbonation Treatment of Calcified Slag of Red Mud
New High Performance Crystal Growth Modifiers to Improve Alumina Trihydrate Quality and Yield
Pipeline Scaling Prevention and Removal Methods in Bayer Digestion Process
Recovery of Titanium Oxide from Undigested Sand of an Indian Alumina Refinery and Preparation of Value Added Titanium Carbide
Study of Alternative Technologies for Residue Disposal (Red Mud)
Study of Influences on the Bauxite Moisture and Solids in Filtrate in the Hyperbaric Filters through Design of Experiments (DOE) Statistic Tool
Sustainability and Bauxite Deposits
Tests on Comprehensive Recovery of Iron Minerals and Bauxite from High Iron Diasporic Bauxite by Medium Temperature Metal-based Roasting
The Enexal Bauxite Residue Treatment Process: Industrial Scale Pilot Plant Results
The Influence of Mineral Composition of Low-grade Aluminum Ores on Alumina Extraction by Acid Leaching
Using of Siliconate-type Polymers as Inhibitor of Scaling at Aluminate Liquors Heating and Evaporation
Valorization of Alumina Red Mud for Production of Geopolymeric Bricks and Tiles
Value of Systems Integration to Optimize Operation in Alumina Refineries
Votorantim Metais – CBA Alumina Refinery Precipitation Modeling

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