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About this Symposium
Meeting 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)
Symposium Honorary Symposia Joint Sessions
Organizer(s) Richard G. Hoagland, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Retired)
J. Wayne Jones, University of Michigan
Amit Misra, University of Michigan
John E. Allison, University of Michigan
Peter Martin Anderson, Ohio State University
Abstracts Due 10/31/2017
Proceedings Plan Undecided

A Dislocation-Based Theory for Fatigue Damage in High and Low Stacking Fault Energy Materials
Internal Stress Patterns in a Plastically Deforming <110>-Textured Nano-Grain Columnar Iron Structure
On the Evolution of Dislocation Cell Structures during Reciprocating High Temperature Sliding Wear of Class I and Class II Aluminium Alloys
Slip Bands Interaction with Grain/Twin Boundaries at the Origin of Fatigue Cracks in Ni-Based Superalloys
Steady-State Monotonic and Cyclic Deformation Revisited, Emphasizing the "Quasi-Stationary" State of Deformation
Stresses in Reverse-Deformed Single Crystal Cu: Quantitative Tests of the Composite Model
The Evolution of Persistent Slip Bands and Point Defects in Metals: 3D Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulations
Thermally-activated Dislocation Plasticity in BCC Cr by Atomistic Simulations and High-Temperature Nanoindentation
Transformation Disconnections and Their Interaction with External Stresses
Understanding and Controlling Sliding Friction and Wear

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