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About this Symposium
Meeting 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)
Symposium John P. Hirth Honorary Symposium
Organizer(s) Richard G. Hoagland, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Retired)
Amit Misra, University of Michigan
Abstracts Due 02/28/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Atomic-scale Investigation of Dislocations and Interfacial Line Defects in Layered Chalcogenides
Atomic-Scale Structure and Dynamics of Phase Transformation Interfaces: A Tribute to John P. Hirth
Atomic Level Study of Planar Defects in Al-Al2Cu Alloys
Atomic Structure of Defects Associated with Twin Interface of Albite (NaAlSi3O8)
Atomistic Simulations of Dislocation-Twin and Twin-Twin Interactions in Magnesium
Atomistically Resolved Dislocation-Solute Interactions Predicted on Diffusive Timescales
Characterization of Twinning in HCP Materials
Connections with John Hirth and Dislocation Mechanics
Core-shell Structured Ti-N Alloys with High Strength, High Thermal Stability and Good Plasticity
Coupling of Transformation and Plasticity in NiTi and NiTiHf Shape Memory Alloys
Crystalline Boundary Mediated Dislocation Behavior
Cu-Ag Composites and High-Field Magnets
Deformation Mechanisms in Mg-Nanolayered Composites
Deformation Twinning and Omega Transformation in Shock-Loaded Tantalum
Discrete Plasticity in Sub-10-nm-Sized Gold Crystals
Dislocation Density Vectors and Plane Strain Bending of FCC Crystals
Dislocations and Grain Boundaries in Colloidal Crystals
Finite-Deformation Continuum Dislocation Dynamics for 3D Dislocation Microstructure Evolution
Generation of Master Shape-change Flow-stress Curve in FCC Metals Validated Using Rate Theory of Thermally Activated Flow
High Strength, Deformable Nanotwinned Al Alloys
How Finite Numbers of Dislocations in Slip Bands Affect Deformation and Fracture in Metals
In Situ Synchrotron XRD Study of Dislocation Activity During Loading/unloading of Ultrafine Grained (UFG) Aluminum
Interface Structures and Twinning Mechanisms in Hexagonal Metals
Lattice Defects and Solute Segregation in Mg Alloys
Mechanisms of <100> Interstitial Loop Formation in Irradiated Iron
Multiscale Dislocation-based Plasticity
Phase Transformation Strengthening in High Entropy Alloys
Predicting the Unpredictable with Superdislocations: The Hall-Petch Effect, Nonlinear Pre-yield Stress-Strain, and Bauschinger Effect
Relating the Crystallographic Character of Individual Grain Boundaries to their Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility
Strain Bursts and Size-controlled Localized Plastic Deformation
Temperature Dependent Deformation Modes of Cr26Mn20Fe20Co20Ni14 Alloys
Topological Model of Type II Deformation Twinning

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