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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium ICME Case Studies and Validation: Extreme Environments
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: High Temperature Alloys Committee
TMS: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Committee
TMS: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
Organizer(s) James Edward Saal, Citrine Informatics
Mark Carroll, Federal-Mogul Powertrain
Xuan Liu, Pratt & Whitney
Dongwon Shin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Laurent Capolungo, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scope This symposium focuses on ICME case studies and experimental validation of materials for extreme environments. We are seeking abstracts in the following general topic areas, including but not limited to:

\\176; Developing and validating ICME approaches for material design, manufacturing process development (including advanced manufacturing techniques), mechanical behavior (e.g., tensile and creep), and environmental performance (e.g., corrosion and/or oxidation resistance).

\\176; Performing critical experiments to fill knowledge gaps for physics-based, mechanistic process-structure-property models, elucidating the relationship between environment and the evolution of microstructure.

\\176;Developing methods to expedite verification and validation testing of materials for extreme environments and relevant performance models under representative extreme environments.

\\176; Demonstrate how this approach can be applied to novel alloys (e.g., high entropy alloys), critical alloy systems (e.g., Ni-based alloys), coatings, novel extreme environments (e.g., supercritical CO2), and/or novel product forms (e.g., thin sheet materials).

The proposed four sessions will be carried out over two full days, with morning and afternoon sessions each day. Throughout the four sessions, we anticipate about 30 oral presentations, with 4-8 of those being keynote presentations.

Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

An ICME Method for Predicting Phase Transformation and Microstructural Evolution in Advanced High Pressure Die Casting Magnesium Alloys
An Integrated Approach to Assess the CMAS Performance of T/EBCs
Bonding Mechanisms for Single Particle Impact during Cold Spray of Aluminum Powders
Case Study in ICME Guided Materials Development
Data Mining Methods for Characterization of Creep of Ti-X Alloys: A First-principles Study
Design and Analysis of Mesoscale Reduced Order Models for Predicting Microstructure Evolution in Extreme Environments
Design of Creep-resistant, Alumina-forming Ferrous Alloys with ICME Approach
Enhanced Hardening due to FCC-HCP Transformation in Medium-entropy CrCoNi Alloy
ICME Approaches to Alloy Design for High-temperature Corrosion Resistance
In Situ TEM Heating Experiments to Assess Chemical Evolution at Interfaces of γꞌ - Strengthened Superalloys at High Temperatures
Integrated Modelling of Microstructure Evolution for Yield Strength Prediction in Aluminum Alloys
Integrated Numerical Modeling of Misoriented Grains in Directionally-solidified Ni-base Superalloy Castings and Its Application to Turbine Blades
Materials for Extreme Environments: The Role of Data Analytics
Modeling of Sheet Metal Forming Based on Implicit Embedding of the Elasto-plastic Self-consistent Formulation in Finite Elements: Application to Cup Drawing of Al6022-T4
Predicting Behavior and Designing Alloys for Extreme Environments
Resisting Attack by Hot CO2: A Comparison of Fe- and Ni-base Alloys
Systematic Analysis of the γ/γ'-micro- and Nanostructure Evolution with Increasing Temperature Exploiting a New Rapid Thermal Annealing Furnace Approach
Texture Evolution and Hardening Behavior during Thermomechanical Processing of an Al-Li Alloy
Thermodynamic Properties in Ni Based Alloys Using a First Principles Renormalized Potential

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