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Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Radiation Effects in Metals and Ceramics
Organizer(s) Djamel Kaoumi, North Carolina State University
Thak Sang Byun, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dane Morgan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maria A. Okuniewski, Purdue University
Mahmood Mamivand, Boise State University
Geoffrey L. Beausoleil, Idaho National Laboratory
Philip Edmondson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Khalid Hattar, Sandia National Laboratories
Aurelie Gentils, CSNSM, Univ Paris-Sud and CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay
Joel Ribis, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomic CEA
Scope Radiation can produce significant degradation in the properties of materials. An understanding of the microstructural changes occurring during irradiation is critical for the development of advanced materials as well as for modeling property changes. The scope of this symposium will focus on the microstructural changes occurring in solids during electron, ion, neutron, gamma ray or x-ray irradiation. This symposium is intended to bring together researchers working on different materials systems (metals, semi-conductors and ceramics) and radiation induced phenomena so that similarities and differences in radiation effects can be compared and integrated. Both experimental and theoretical studies are solicited with a particular emphasis on linking state-of-the-art modeling with experimental observations of materials microstructure and property evolution. Studies showcasing connections between modeling results on point defects, impurity behaviors, damage accumulation and those of advanced experimental characterization are encouraged. Finally, coupled effects of irradiation and corrosion which are ubiquitous in reactor systems and are the focus of the Energy Frontiers Research Center FUTURE (Fundamental Understanding of Transport Under Reactor Extremes) are also interest to this symposium.

Specific topics where contributions are encouraged include:
- Radiation damage in metals, semi-conductors and ceramics.
- In-situ characterization techniques that help modelling efforts
- Radiation induced segregation, precipitation, amorphization and recrystallization
- Radiation induced dimensional instabilities (e.g. swelling and creep)
- Mechanisms of deformation and fracture in irradiated materials
- Radiation effects simulation and evaluation techniques
- Corrosion and oxidation in irradiated materials
The emphasis is put on the characterization and the modelling of nano/microstructural changes.
Abstracts Due 07/01/2019
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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