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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Solidification of Metallic Alloys under External Fields
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
TMS: Solidification Committee
Organizer(s) Jiawei Mi, University of Hull
Dmitry G. Eskin, Brunel Univ
Scope This symposium will provide a platform for the worldwide researchers in the field of solidification science and engineers in casting and metal processing industry to present the very recent advances concerning the fundamental and applied research on novel solidification and metal processing technologies using external field methods, and their applications in industry.

For example, the improvement of quality, microstructure and properties of aluminium, magnesium alloys, steel and many other advanced metallic alloys and composites through the applications of electro-magnetic field, ultrasonic waves, mechanical vibrations, etc.

The research topics will cover, but are not limited to, modelling, real-time, in-situ studies using X-ray, neutron and proton beams, experimental studies and physical simulations, and industrial applications.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Undecided

A Comparative Study on Microstructure Refinement in Al3xxx and Al7xxx Alloys Solidified by the Electromagnetic Vibration Technique
A Comparative Study on the Single Crystal Growth OF CMSX-4 via Vertical Bridgman and Vertical Bridgman with a Submerged Baffle
Application of External Fields to the Development of Aluminum-based Nanocomposite and Master Alloys
Application of Rotating Magnetic Field to Improve to Reinforcement Distribution, Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix Composite
Contactless Ultrasound Generation in a Crucible
Containerless Rapid Solidification of Ni-Zr Eutectic Alloy within Electrostatic Field
DC Casting of Magnesium Alloy AZ80 with Low-Voltage Pulsed Magnetic Field
Development of Al-B-C Master Alloy under External Fields
Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Magnesium and Aluminum Alloys Using Magnetic Fields
Effects of Thermo-Electric-Magnetic Convection on Solidification
Electromagnetic flow driven by a modulated helical magnetic field and its application in solidification
Grain Refinement of Pure Aluminium by Al3Ti1B Master Alloy and Ultrasonic Treatment
Grain Refinement of Pure Aluminum under External Electromagnetic Field Treatment—Reviews and New Experimental Evidence
In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Ultrasound Shock Wave and Enhanced Flow during Metal Solidification Processes
In Situ Synchrotron Radiography of Ultrasound Cavitation in a Molten Al-10Cu Alloy
Industrial Application of Ultrasonic Vibrations to Improve the Structure of Al-Si Hypereutectic Alloys: Potential and Limitations
Influence of the Static Magnetic Field on Dendritic / Columnar Solidification, Observed by X-ray Imaging
Melt Flow and Grain Refinement in Al-Si Alloys Solidified Under the Influence of Applied Electric Currents
Modelling the Breakup of Nanoparticle Clusters in Aluminium and Magnesium Based Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow and Solidification Characteristics during Ultrasonic Processing of A356 Alloys
Separation Mechanism of Primary Silicon from the Hypereutectic Al-Si Melts under Alternating Electromagnetic Field
Shocking the Growing Grains during Solidification by Electro-Magnetic Pulses
Simulation of Solidification Process of Steel Ingot Under the Forced Convection Condition
Solidification Structure Refinement of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steels by Pulse Magneto-Oscillation
Study of Cavitation Induced Nucleation in Metallic Alloy Melt via Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Studying the Dynamic Effects of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field on Solidification Using Synchrotron Based X-ray Radiography and Automated Data Extraction
Ternary Peritectic Solidification of Sn-Cu-Sb Alloy within Ultrasonic Field
The Directional Solidification of Two Kinds of Al-Si Alloys Under the Pulsed Magnetic Field
The Effect of External Fields and Application of Novel Dense Master Alloys to Increase the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Light Alloys
The Effect of Magnetic Field on the Morphology of γ′ Precipitates in DD483 Nickel-base Superalloy during Directional Solidification
The Effect of Static Magnetic Field on the Length of Mushy Zone of a Single-Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloy during Directional Solidification
The Effect of Surface Pulsed Magneto-oscillation on Solidification of Low Pressure Rotor 30Cr2Ni4MoV Steel
The Solidification Structure Refinement of SWRCH22A Steel Billet Under Pulse Magneto-Oscillation Treatment
The Use of Alumina and Zirconia Nanopowders for Optimization of the Al-based Light Alloys Properties
Ultrasonic Melt Processing of Metal Matrix Composites: A 4D Experimental Study of Solidification and Remelting

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