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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Advanced Materials for Harsh Environments
Sponsorship NACE International
Navin J. Manjooran, Siemens AG
Scope How materials interact with the environment is critical for selecting the appropriate material or material system for the application concerned. The benefits can range from increasing component life to effectively utilizing the material or material system thereby translating to reduced component lifetime cost or increased component efficiency or helping reduced emissions. This session will have three sub-sections addressing each of the key business drivers for materials interactions with the environment, namely, coatings, corrosion, and materials for harsh environments. This symposium will provide researchers worldwide the platform and the opportunity to discuss applications-based research in these key areas of interest, including: (1) Coatings: processing and applications (2) Corrosion and materials lifing (3) Materials for harsh environments including sensors.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Planned: Other (journal publication, etc.; describe below)

Advanced Materials Solutions for High-temperature Power Plant Valve Components
Corrosion Behavior of Glass Seals with Crofer 22 APU Interconnect for the Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Electroceramic Composite Sensors for Monitoring Harsh-environment Energy Systems
Electrodeposition of Nickel-based Protective Coatings for High Temperature Electrochemical Systems
Fatigue and Creep Crack Growth Mechanism Assessment in Inconel 718 at 650C
In Situ TEM Observations of Corrosion in Nanocrystalline Fe Films
Interface Stabilization for C/C-SiC Layered Composites by Placing 1-D Carbon Arrays
Materials Characterization of Electroplated γ-ZnNi with Passivation Coatings
Plasma Polymerized Terpinen-4-ol Thin Films: An Environment Friendly Step towards Marine Anti-fouling Coating
Reclaim of Medical X-ray Tube Targets Using W-Re CVD
Removal and Separation of Metal Ions from the Chromium Plating Wastewater Using Persimmon Gel and Immobilized Microbe
Stable Nanocomposite Thin Films for Harsh Environment Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
System Integration of a Novel Solid-state Electrochemical NOx Sensor for Monitoring Exhaust

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