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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 10th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Sponsorship TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Organizer(s) Tao Jiang, Central South University
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University
Dean Gregurek, RHI Magnesita
Zhiwei Peng, Central South University
Jerome P. Downey, Montana Technological University
Baojun Zhao, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
Onuralp Yucel, Istanbul Technical University
Ender Keskinkilic, Atilim University
Rafael Padilla, University of Concepcion
Elsa Olivetti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Camille Fleuriault, Eramet Norway
Scope The organizers solicit papers from authors who are engaged in the analysis, development and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the extraction and processing of material resources, production and treatment of metals, alloys and ceramic materials. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving property enhancement, impurity segregation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, energy efficiency, and utilization of complex ores are particularly welcome. Also of interest are papers on the various technical, economic, and environmental issues associated with commercial-scale high temperature processing methods. Best papers presented and published on the symposium proceeding will be selected and award certificate will be issued. A joint session will be coordinated with REWAS on recycling materials.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: None Selected

A Mathematical Model for Carbon Loss of Blast Furnace Based on Traditional Engineering Method
A New Method for Determining High-temperature Wettability of Bonding Phase
A Novel Method of Recovering Rare Earths from Bayan Obo Rare-earth Concentrate under Super-gravity Field
Analysis of Reaction Mechanism on Poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC) Pyrolysis in the Presence of Nickel (II and III) Oxides
Application and Mechanism of Dolomite in High Magnesium Pellets
Construction and Practice on Energy Flow Network of New Generation Recyclable Iron and Steel Manufacturing Process
Correlation between Reduction Degree and Softening and Melting Properties of Pellets
Determination of Minimum Practical Sintering Temperature of Potential HEA Alternative Binders for Cemented Carbides
Development and Improvement of Submerged Lance Converting & Refining Furnace of Dongying Fangyuan’s Two-step Process
Development of Offshore Steel for High Heat Input Welding
E-49: A Literature Review of Heat Capacity Measurement Methods
E-50: A Study on the Supersonic Jet Behavior for the Improvement of Dephosphorization Efficiency in Converter Process
E-51: Application of Offgas Analysis on Predicting Carbon Content of End-point during Steelmaking Process
E-52: Calcination of Strontium Carbonate in Rotary Kiln Furnace
E-53: CFD Study on Pulverized Coal Combustion Behavior in the Raceway of an Oxygen Blast Furnace
E-54: Determination of Effect of Li2O on the Structure of CaO-Al2O3 Based Slag by Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Raman Spectrum
E-55: Dissolution Reaction of Earthy Graphite in Liquid Steel
E-56: Effect of Al on the Formation of IAF in Al-Ti-Mg Deoxidized and RE-treated Steel
E-57: Effect of H2/CO Ratio on Gas Consumption and Energy Utilization Rate of Gas-based Direct Reduction Process
E-58: Effects of Particle Size of Coke on Iron Ore Sintering Process
E-59: Electrical Conductivity of TiO2-FeO-X(SiO2, CaO) Ternary High Titania Slag
E-61: Extraction Process of Antimony from Stibnite by Electrothermal Volatilization
E-62: Generation Kinetics of Perovskite in Calcium Ferrite-titania Reaction
E-63: Influence Factors Analysis on Scavenging of Chlorine Impurity from Crude Titanium Sponge
E-67: Numerical Simulation Investigation on the Flow and Temperature Fields in Tundish with Gas Injection into Ladle Shroud
E-68: Rapid Surface Quenching Technology and its Computing Model of Micro-alloy Steel
E-69: Recovery of Zinc from Oxide-sulphide Zinc Ore through Oxidation and Chelation
E-70: Roasting Behavior and Mechanism of Oxidized Pellets by Blended Hematite and Magnetite Concentrate
E-71: Structure-property Correlations of Al2O3↔SiO2 Substitution in Blast Furnace Slag
E-72: Optimization of Continuous Casting Process of 23MnNiCrMo54 Steel
E-73: Study of Surface Temperature of Continuously Cast Slab by Machine Vision
E-74: Study on Energy Utilization of High Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite by Gas-based Shaft Furnace Reduction and Electric Furnace Smelting Process
E-75: Study on the Effect of Different CO2-O2 Mixture Gas Blowing Modes on Vanadium Oxidation
E-76: The Effects of Solute and Particles on the Microstructure Changes during Directional Annealing in an Ni-Al System
E-77: Thermodynamic Analysis of Precipitation of La-O-S-As Inclusions in Steel
E-79: Thermogravimetric and Kinetic Analyses of Co-combustion of Chlorine-containing Anthracite/bituminous Coal Blends
Effect of Ce Treatment on the Composition of Nucleation Inclusion in Ti-Mg Complex Deoxidized C-Mn Steel
Effect of Semiconductor Bornite on the Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite by Moderately Thermophiles
Effect of TiO2 on the Viscous Behavior of the CaO-SiO2-14 Mass% Al2O3-8 Mass% MgO-TiO2 Slag
Effects of Cr2O3 , FeO and CaO/SiO2 Ratio on the Apparent Viscosity of CaO-SiO2-MgO-MnO-FeO-Cr2O3 Slags
Effects of Electrolytic Parameters on the Preparation of Al-Sc Master Alloy in Na3AlF6-K3AlF6-AlF3 Melt
Effects of La Addition on Inclusions, Microstructures and High Temperature Mechanical Properties of As-cast FeCrAl Alloys
Effects of Steel Scrap Oxidation on the Scrap Preheating Process in an Electric Arc Furnace
Effects of Temperature and Alkaili Carbonates on Graphitization and Metallurgical Properties of Coke
Emission Profile of PM10 and PM2.5 in Iron Ore Sintering Process and Control Technology
Enriching and Separating Iron Impurity from Galvanizing Dross by Super-gravity Technology
Experimental Study on the Mechanism of Lead Vapor Condensation Under Vacuum
Fabrication of Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Fibers from the Melt by Unidirectional Solidification, and their Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Field-assisted Sintering of Nickel-based Superalloy Powder for High Temperature Hybrid Turbine Disk Applications
Flow Field and Inclusion Removal in a Continuous Casting Tundish with Channel Type Induction Heating
Formation of Calcium Ferrites in Sintering Process of Raw Materials with Fe2O3-CaO-TiO2
Fuzzy Grey Relational Analysis for Electromagnetic Parameters of Induction Heating Process
Granulation of Semisteel by Rotary Disc Atomizer
Industrial Practice and Process Improvement of RHF Process in China
Influence of Cr2O3 Content on Slag Viscosity under Different Melting States and Temperature Programs
Influence of Mold Slags with Different Reactivities on the Erosion Rate of ZrO2-C Bearing Submergence Entry Nozzle
Investigation of the Effect of Tri- nano Additives on Wear Rate and Hardness of AISI 5130 Steel during Machining
Investigation on Clogging of Submerged Entry Nozzles for GCr15 Bearing Steels
Manganese Partition between Slag and Liquid Metal in LD Converter
Numerical Simulation of Inclusion Removal in a Novel Tundish with Swirl Flow
Numerical Simulation Study on Design Optimization of Inner Cavity Dimensions of Large Capacity Tundish
Numerical Simulation Study on the Position Layout of the Permeable Brick at the Bottom of 300t Reblown Converter
Optimization of Zn-Al-Fe Alloy Vacuum Distillation Experiments by Response Surface Methodology
Optimization on Drying of Acid Leaching Slag by Microwave Heating Using Response Surface Methodology
Parameters of the Metallic Calcium Reduction from Magnesium Production Residues
Preparation of High-carbon Metallic Briquette for Coke Saving in Blast Furnace
Production of Premium Grade Iron Nuggets from the Pudo Iron Ores Using End-of-life Rubber Tyre as Reductant
Removal of Copper from Fe-Cu Alloy by Using Iodine
Research on Comprehensive Recovery and Harmless Treatment Process of Copper Smelting Slag
Sintering Characteristic and Consolidation Behavior of Chromite Fines
Sintering Test Research of High Proportion Limonite
Slag Basicity: What Does It Mean?
Smelting Studies for Recovery of Iron from Red Mud
Stainless Steel Extrusions and Cold Draw Process to Achieve Properties for Elevated Temperature Applications
Statistical Optimization of Tungsten Carbide Synthesis Parameters
Study of Siderite Fluidization Magnetization Roasting-magnetic Separation
Study on Alkali Circulation Process and Its Influence on Coke Ratio in Blast Furnace
Study on Modification of Inclusions in 16MnCrS5 Gear Steel by Mg Content
Study on Phase Conversion from Zinc Ferrite to Zinc Oxide by Magnetic Roasting
Study on Preparation of Active Zinc Oxide from Zinc Ferrite by Calcified-roasting and Ammonia Complex Method
Study on Separation of Sn-Sb alloy by Vacuum Distillation
Study on the Migration of Alkali Metals in the Synthesis Process of Vanadium–nitrogen Alloy
Study on the Three-dimensional Distribution of Sulfide in High Sulfide Steel
Study on Volatizing Tin from Tin-bearing Middling by Carbothermic Reduction in Rotary Kiln
Submerged Gas Injection Physical and CFD Modelling and Visualisation
TCOX: Predicting Complex Metallurgical Processes for Steel and Slag Interactions
The Effects of Grain Size of Magnesium Powders on the Metallothermic Production of Advanced Ceramics
The Pyrolysis of Methane and Carbon-steam Reaction in Copper Fire Refining
The Reduction Performance of the Ca2 (Fe2-xAlx) O5 Solid Solution
Thermal Transformations of Main Components in Molybdenite Concentrates under SO2-containing Atmosphere
Thermodynamic Analysis of Carbothermic Reduction of Electric Arc Furnace Dust
Thermodynamic Modelling of Solidification and Viscosity studies of Titania Slag
Viscosity Properties of Mold Flux under Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field
Waste Toner Powder, a Potential Resource for Iron and Steelmaking Technologies

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