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About this Symposium
Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium S-07: Computational Modelling of Scaled Processes and Experiments
Organizer(s) Keith Davey, The University of Manchester
Olga Bylya
Nick Biba, Micas Simulations Limited
Rooholamin Darvizeh, The University of Manchester
Scope Scaled experimentation and scaled processes are not new but in some respects remain problematic due to the fact that scaling is essentially non-linear. The non-linearity manifests in length scaling linearly, area scaling quadratically and volume cubically. This means for instance that body forces diminish at a faster rate than surface forces under a scaled contraction. Surface phenomena might be expected to dominate at the microscale, which is readily observed with some micro-mechanical parts. More critically, in forming processes, boundary conditions, interactions with die sets, heat transfer mechanisms along with material and constitutive behaviour all change with scale. The complexity of the changes involved cast a significant shadow over the reliability of scaled experimentation and the replication of scaled processes and this issue along with the rise of computational modelling has undoubtedly led to a diminution of scaled physical modelling trials in recent times.
Scaled experimentation persists however and many examples can be found in the literature and in industry. The mini symposium is focused on the numerical modelling of processes that rely on scaled experimentation or are scaled versions of a larger or smaller scaled process. The interplay between experiment and analysis is the focus of the symposium and efficient new methods of analysis are particularly of interest.

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Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Anisotropic Scaling in Metal Forming
Exact and Inexact Multiple-scaled Models for Hot Forging: Part I Theory
Exact and Inexact Multiple-scaled Models for Hot Forging: Part II Experimental
FE Analysis of the Enhanced Ductility of Gradient Aluminium Sheets Subjected to Cyclic Skin-pass Rolling
Finite Similitude in Dynamic Powder Compaction
Material Optimisation for Scaled Physical Modelling of Hot Forging Processes
Multi-scale Friction Modeling of Coated Steels for Sheet Metal Forming Applications
Numerical Analysis of the Complex Loading Path during Tube Flow Forming Processes
On the Applicability of Scaling Experiments for Detecting the Optimal Forging Regimes of Al-Li Alloys.
Scaling of High Speed Chip Formation
Study on micro-deformation and hardening behavior of DP steel based on CMSG plasticity model

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