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About this Symposium
Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium NUMIFORM 2019: General Session
Organizer(s) Yannis P. Korkolis, The Ohio State University
Brad Kinsey, University of New Hampshire
Nikhil Padhye, University of New Hampshire
Scope Material forming and shaping through plastic deformation is one of the most efficient and economical families of manufacturing processes available. Introduced in 1982 and held every three years, the Numerical Methods for Industrial Forming Processes (NUMIFORM) series of conferences has grown to be a renowned forum for the exchange of ideas that advance the state-of-the-art in numerical simulations of material forming processes.

NUMIFORM 2019 builds upon the success of previous conferences, seeking to convene the field’s top thought leaders to discuss recent advances and future directions.

Visit the conference website, NUMIFORM 2019, for information about publication opportunities.
Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A Basic Neural Network Model Describing the Plasticity of Sheet Metal
A Numerical Study on Bending and Springback of Sheet metal with Material Discontinuity
An Equivalent Sub-model of B-pillar Assembly Representing the Side Crashworthiness of a Vehicle
An Optimal Die Design for Punching Operations in the Hot Stamping Process
Constitutive Hardening Model Development for Materials with Evolving Microstructural Phase Constituents
Crystal Plasticity Analysis of Surface Roughening of an Al-Mg Oligocrystal
Efficient Numerical Model Predicting Coils Cooling Time for the System Managing Logistics of Cranes in a Stockyard of Hot Coils
Experimental Analysis of Rotational Tooling During Tube Flaring
FE-simulation of Rotary Friction Welding Process Considering Thermo-mechanical-metallurgical Coupling
Finite Element Modeling and Texture Evolution in Cold Drawing of Seamless Steel Tubes
Influence of the Mask on the Deposition Profile of the Cold Spraying Process for Additive Manufacturing
Modeling Single-side Inflating of Flow Channels in Roll-bonded Aluminum Panels
Modeling Temperature Effects on Friction in Cold Stamping Processes
Numerical Investigation of a Cold Forging Process for Manufacturing Hollow Shafts with Variable Wall Thickness
Numerical Investigation of Downhill Strategy in Chain-die Forming V-channel Product
Numerical Investigation on Strip Shape of High-strength Steel considering Roll Effect During Rolling Process
Process Model for the Industrial Plate Leveling Operation with Special Emphasis on Online Control
Residual Stress and Distortion Analysis for Additive Manufacturing Process with 3D Finite Element Method
Steady-state Formulation for Metal Forming Problems Involving Large Contact Evolution
Study on Processing Map of 23-8N Heat Resistant Steel
Study on the Thermo-elastic-plastic Deformation Behavior of Double-layer Combined Die in Forging
The Effect of an Edge Roller in Mandrel-free Spinning
The Microstructure Evolution of Cr4Mo4V Steel Deformed at the Semi-solid State during Solidification

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