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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2011
Symposium Advanced Protective Coatings for Refractory Metals and Alloys
Sponsorship TMS: Refractory Metals Committee
Organizer(s) Ridwan Sakidja, Missouri State University
Brian Vern Cockeram, Bechtel-Bettis
Scope The need for higher energy efficiency in turbine engines and boilers demands a higher operating temperature. While refractory metal-based alloys, ie molybdenum and niobium-based alloys, offer a unique set of favorable materials properties, ie higher melting temperatures and superior high-temperature strengths, the main limiting factor to their full potential utility remains the poor corrosion/oxidation resistance of these alloys. Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous growth of research in protective coatings for refractory metal/alloys, ie those that are based on silicides, borosilicides and aluminides. These new types of coatings have recently been quite successful in addressing the issue. The symposium is intended to facilitate the accumulated knowledge gained over these years regarding protective coatings that extend the lifetime of refractory metals utility at higher temperatures under aggressive environments. In particular the symposium is aimed at addressing some of the most difficult aspects that pertain to a successful integration of these coatings into the base refractory materials: (1) mechanical compatibility (CTE mismatch, micro-texture effect), (2) thermodynamics and kinetics factors (coating lifetime predictions, metalloid diffusion into the substrate), (3) modification of the materials properties of the coating constituents to match the base metals through graded coating structures or alloying design (theoretical as well as experimental) and (4) performance of the different types of coatings under aggressive environments (silicides versus aluminides, effect of high-steam temperature environments, cyclic conditions). As the successes of the protective coatings are strongly linked to the performance of the base refractory metals, the symposium will also focus on highlighting the recent development in enhanced corrosion and oxidation resistance of the refractory metals and its relevant factors such as dopants/alloying elements and microstructures.

Invited Speakers:
Mufit Akinc (Iowa State University)
Bernard P. Bewlay (GE Global Research)
Joe K. Cochran (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Xiping Guo (Northwestern Polytechnical University, NWPU)
Martin Heilmaier (Technische Universitšt Darmstadt)
Matthew J. Kramer (Ames National Laboratory)
Elizabeth J. Opila (University of Virginia)
John H. Perepezko (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
S. K. Varma (University of Texas at El Paso)
Priya Vashishta (USC)
Kyosuke Yoshimi (Tohoku University)
Martin Kathrein (Plansee SE)

All contributions will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials
Abstracts Due 03/29/2011
Proceedings Plan Definite: A CD-only volume

Balancing the Properties of Structural Mo-Borosilicide Alloys for Ultra-High Temperature Applications
Coating Strategies to Improve the Oxidation Resistance of Bcc-Mo-Based Mo-Si-B Alloys
Deposition of Silicide Based Protective Coatings on C-103 Niobium Alloy with Different Surface Microstructures
Design and Synthesis of Al-Doped MoSiB Coatings
Development of Bond Coatings for Titanium Aluminide Intermetallics
Effect of Al on the Oxidation Resistance of Alloys from Nb-Si-Cr System
Formation of MoSi2 and Al Doped MoSi2 Coatings on Molybdenum Base TZM Alloy
High Temperature Oxidation Resistant Mo-Si-B Alloys and Coatings
Influence of Minor Element Addition on the Oxidation Performance of Mo-Si-B Alloys
Interaction between CMAS and Mo-Si-B Coatings
Low Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Niobium Alloys
Mo-Mo2B-Silicate Composites, Mechanics and Oxidation
Multimillion Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Reactive Nanosystems
Oxidation Resistance of Nb Based Alloys from 700 to 1400oC in Air
Oxidation Resistant Mo-Si-B Coatings on Tungsten for Ultra High Temperature Environmental Protection
Phase Formation and Oxidation Resistance of Mo-Si-B Alloys
Protective Coatings for Molybdenum – Industrial Processing and Applications
ReaxFF Reactive Force Field for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Niobium Oxidation
Structural Formation and Oxidation Resistance of Si-Al-Y Co-Deposition Coatings on Nb-Ti-Si Based Multicomponent Ultrahigh Temperature Alloy
Synthesis and Performance of Platinum Group Metals Modified βNiAl Coatings for Enhanced Oxidation Stability of Mo-Based Alloys
The Potential of Nb-Si Alloys for Advanced Turbine Applications
Thermal Cycling Behavior of Gd2Zr2O7 Based Thermal Barrier Coatings
Water Vapor Effects on the Volatility of Borides, Silicides and Aluminides for Refractory Alloy Coatings

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