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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Computational and Modeling Challenges in Metals and Alloys for Extreme Environments
Organizer(s) Jean-Briac le Graverend, Texas A&M University
Jaafar A. El-Awady, Johns Hopkins University
Giacomo Po, University of Miami
Beņat Gurrutxaga-Lerma, University of Birmingham
Scope This symposium is aimed at presenting the challenges faced in computation and modeling for extreme environments, with an emphasis on high temperature, for scales ranging from nano to macro. For instance, how to combine in realistic computational timescales climb and glide that operate at different time scales, namely nanoseconds for glide and several microseconds for climb; how to introduce non-conservative movement of dislocations (i.e. climb) in molecular dynamics, how to take into consideration that the micro-mechanisms are dependent on the microstructural state which evolves quickly for harsh conditions, how to modify theories that are based on isothermal experimental data and are found to be wrong for non-isothermal conditions, etc. The symposium is also aimed at presenting the challenges associated to the multi-scale approach: which scale is the most important to consider given that loading in extreme environments comes with larger and faster evolutions at all scales. The symposium will bring together research scientists from all over the world to present their latest work on current issues related to high-temperature, very high plastic strain rates, high-pressure, and irradiation damage, to name but a few. This symposium provides a platform for fostering new ideas about what are the current challenges for better predicting the mechanical behavior and damage of materials exposed to extreme environments. The symposium will be organized into 4 sessions:

• Extreme environments at the nanoscale
• Extreme environments at the microscale
• Extreme environments at the macroscale
• Extreme environments and multi-scaling

The proposed four sessions will be carried out over two full days, with morning and afternoon sessions each day. Throughout the four sessions, there will be an estimated 30 oral presentations, with 2 of those being keynote presentations.
Abstracts Due 07/01/2020
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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