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Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium MERGED: Innovative P/M for Magnetic Applications and Functional Materials
Organizer(s) Iver Anderson, Ames Laboratory of USDOE
Emma M. White, Ames Laboratory
Scope This symposium intends to gather researchers who are engaged in powder processing of soft magnetic materials and permanent magnets, either as monolithic materials or as composites, with many applications ranging from active to passive components. In addition, the magnet alloy designs could include the possibility of hybrid or gradient magnets that benefit from discrete alloy property regions that are spatially separated. The scope also includes other functional materials that have intrinsic use as active devices or as sensor materials and involve powder-based processing or fabrication. These functional materials include thermo-electrics, magneto-calorics, magneto-strictives, and other types of materials with single functions or multi-functional properties. The powder-based processing methods would involve powder synthesis either by casting of the complex alloys (typically) and crushing/grinding or by a type of melt atomization of the full alloy, e.g., centrifugal or gas atomization. The final part fabrication would involve consolidation by sintering (pressure-less or with applied pressure), by metal, polymer, ceramic, or glass bonding (including AM methods), or by additive manufacturing (AM) with localized particulate fusion/re-solidification.
Solicited topics include:
Application and development of magnetic or functional alloy designs that are derived by modeling and have their functionality verified by experimental trials on bulk specimens that are processed by a powder-based method.
Development of methods for up-scaling of the powder-based processing to produce sub-scale size or near-final shape magnetic or functional alloy parts of a scale sufficient for application testing.
Examples of successful demonstration of a magnetic or functional alloy design that is processed by a powder-based method that is capable of practicing at a size or functional scale that is compatible with application performance testing.
Abstracts Due 07/01/2019
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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