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About this Symposium
Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Aluminum Alloys, Processing and Characterization
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Xiyu Wen, Secat Inc.
Scope This Aluminum Alloys, Processing and Characterization Symposium, along with Cast Shop Technology, Aluminum Reduction Technology, Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production, and Alumina and Bauxite form the Light Metals Symposium. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the Light Metals industry and academia from all over the world and get the latest update on key issues in the industry. The symposium covers all aspects of the physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminum alloys as well as processing methods, product development, testing, and implementation of aluminum for end applications, including transportation (automotive, aerospace, and marine), packaging, and other key product segments. You are invited to submit papers of fundamental and applied research in the following subject areas:

- Alloy Development
- Process Innovation
- Microstructure Evolution and Characterization
- Mechanical Behavior
- Failure Analysis
- Material Modeling and Simulation
- Machine Design
- Process Control
- Measurement Technology
- Process Modeling
- Heat Transfer
- Surface Generation
- Defect Measurement and Control
Abstracts Due 07/16/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals

A General Formulation of Eutectic Silicon Morphology and Processing History
A Study of Sensitization in Naturally Aged 5xxx Alloys
Advances in Aluminum Extrusion Alloys and Processes
Aluminum for Aerospace Application: History, Current Challenges, and Path Forward
Aluminum In-situ Formed, Low Cost, Aluminum-silicon Nano Composite Materials
Application of the Hot Stamping Process to Aluminum Alloy Structural Components
Assessments of Sc-containing Ternary Systems Al-Sc-Ti and Al-Sc-Zr within the Thermodynamic Database for Aluminium Alloys, TCAL5
C-10: The Influence of Microstructure Length Scale on Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Monotectic Al-3.2Bi-3Cu Alloy
C-11: Effect of Mg and Cu Additions into ADC12 on the Mechanical Properties during Heat Treatment after Die-casting
C-12: Friction Stir Welding of High Strength Al-7050 and Mg-WE43 Alloys
C-13: Grain Size Modelling and Simulation during Hot Torsion of AW6082 Aluminium Alloy
C-14: A Comparison of Strain Profiles Obtained by Nanoindentation and Glancing Angle X-ray Diffraction in Hot Rolled Aluminum-magnesium Alloys
C-15: Direct Preparation of Pure Al and Si from Al-Si3O Alloy by Molten Salts Electrolysis
C-16: Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Distribution of Primary Silicon in Hypereutectic Aluminum Alloys Billet
C-17: Development of V-arm Manufacturing Technology for Heavy Truck Using High Vacuum Die Casting Technology
C-18: Effect of Alloying Elements on Microstructure Adjacent to Grain Boundaries in Al-Mg-Si Based Alloys
C-19: Effect of Mg Amount on Interface Reaction between Molten Al Alloy and Tool Steel
C-1: Aluminum Matrix Composites
C-20: Effect of Stacking Fault Energy on the Deformation Behavior of Al-Mg-(Zn) Alloy Sheets
C-21: Effects of Extrusion and Heat Treatment Conditions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Er Alloy
C-22: Effects of Rare Earth Er Additions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-5Cu-2Mg Alloy
C-23: Effects of Rare Earth Er Additions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy
C-24: Particle Stimulated Texture Development in the Al-Si-Mg Alloy Sheets Containing Transition Metals
C-25: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Three Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys by Accumulative Roll-bonding Process
C-27: Precipitation Processes and Strengthening Mechanisms in Al-Mg-Si Alloy Extruded to High Strains
C-2: Effect of Mg on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Al-B Alloy
C-30: Study of Variable and Constant Blank Holding Force Techniques in Hydroforming of Cryorolled Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Sheets
C-31: Study on Fe-rich Phase in Al-Mg-Fe and Al-Mg-Mn-Fe Alloys
C-32: The Effect of Waiting Time after Furnace Exit on Mechanical Properties of AA6082 Rod Profile
C-3: Effects of ZnO Nanoparticles and its Decomposition on the Mechanical Behavior of A356 Gravity Casting Alloy
C-5: High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Alloy for High Pressure Die Casting
C-6: Study on the Process Parameters of Preparing Al-Mg-Sc Alloy by Electrodeposition
C-7: Formation Mechanism of Surface Segregation in Heated Mold Continuous Casting Al–Cu Alloy
C-8: A Study on the Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Die Casting Products with the Variation of Cooling Rate
C-9: Mitigation of β-AlFeSi Intermetallic Formation on Spray Formed 319 Aluminum Alloy with Different Iron Content
Characterization and Constitutive Modelling of AA 7075 for Hot Blank-cold Die Stamping
Comparison of ASTM Grid and ISO Digital Image Correlation Methods on Determination of Forming Limit Curves for an Aluminum Alloy
Comparison of Texture and Surface Finish Evolution during Single Point Incremental Forming and Formability Testing of AA 7075
Deep Drawing and Anodizing Quality Improvement in AA3003-O Alloy by Optimization of Homogenization, Rolling and Annealing
Determining a Retrogression Heat Treatment to Apply during Warm Forming of a High Strength AA7075 Sheet Material
Development of High-strength and High-electrical-conductivity Aluminum Alloys for Power Transmission Conductors
Development of Innovative Aluminum Alloys with High Mechanical Properties
Effect of Addition of Mn and Cr on Precipitation Behavior of Dispersoids in Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy
Effect of Ni Addition on the Solidification Process and Microstructure of Al-12%Si-4%Cu-1.2%Mn-x%Ni Heat-resistant Alloys
Effect of Tooling Size and Geometry on the Determination of Forming Limit Curves for an Aluminum Alloy
Effect of Ultrasonic Melt Treatment, Mn and Cooling Rate on the Formation of Fe-containing Intermetallics in Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy
Equal Channel Angular Pressing of a Newly Developed Precipitation Hardenable Scandium Containing Aluminum Alloy
Evaluation of Hot Tearing Susceptibility of 6000 Series Aluminum Alloys Using Constrained Solidification Test
Factors Influencing the Cast Duration of Horizontal Continuous Ingot Casters
Failure of 5000 and 6000 Series Aluminum Alloys in Modular Wastewater Treatment Aeration Tanks
Grain Boundary Precipitation and Fracture Behavior of Al-Cu-Li Alloys
Grain Refinement of Al–Si–Mg Cast Alloys by Al3Ti3B Master Alloy
High Volume Production Validation of Aluminum Tailor-welded Blanks
Improving Bendability of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Sheet by Minor Alloying Element Addition
In-situ Fitness-for-Service Assessment of Aluminum Alloys Developed for Automotive Powertrain Lightweighting
Indentation Deformation of Cold Rolled AA 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Influence of Additional Elements (Si Ti and B) on the Castability, Corrosion and Mechanical Properties of A201 Alloys
Investigation of Effect of Aging Treatment on Deformation Behavior of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Using Quasi-2D Polycrystalline Sample
Investigations on Pb-free 6000 Series Aluminum Alloy for Machining Applications
Microstructural Evolution after Single and Multi-pass Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of Wrought Mg-WE43 and Al-2024 Alloys
Multiscale Model for Al-Li Material Processing Simulation under Forging Conditions
New Aluminum Alloys for High Pressure Casting
New Design of High Strength Wrought Aluminum Alloys
On Si Redistribution during Friction Stir Processing of Cast Al-7%Si-0.4%Mg Alloys
Optimization in Novel Partial-solid High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting by Taguchi Method
Phase Formation of Monotectic Al-In and Al-Ga-In Alloys and Implications Thereof
Predicting Local Segregation and Microstructures in an Advanced High Pressure Die Cast Al Alloy
Progress in Aluminum-cerium High-temperature Alloy Development
Research on the Effect of the Processing Parameters on Susceptibility of Liquation Cracking of Al Alloys during Refilled Friction Stir Spot Welding
Stiffness Improvement Through Alloying Elements in Al Alloys
The Combined Effects of Sr Additions and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Pressure Die Cast A383 Alloy
Understanding Large-strain Softening of Aluminum in Shear at Elevated Temperature
Understanding the Co-precipitation Mechanisms of Al3(Sc, Zr) with Strengthening Phases in Extruded Al-Cu-Li Model Alloys

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