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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Sintering and Related Powder Processing Science and Technologies
Organizer(s) Wolfgang Rheinheimer, Purdue University
Zachary C. Cordero, Rice University
Ricardo H.R. Castro, University of California at Davis
Eugene A. Olevsky, San Diego State University
Scope Powder processing has been used for millennia to shape and form materials, and it remains an important processing route for advanced metallic and ceramic components, offering exceptional control over material structure, properties, and performance. This symposium is focused on sintering and related phenomena, such as field-assisted processes, nanosintering, interactions between pores and grain boundaries, and interfacial effects like segregation on densification. It will cover both ceramic and metallic materials and will feature talks on microstructure control, novel densification technologies (e.g., spark plasma sintering, laser sintering, hydrothermal densification or cold sintering), measurement techniques (e.g., in situ imaging), and cutting-edge simulations of sintering and related structural changes.

Addressing modern problems in sintering requires a deep understanding of the underlying physical mechanisms. Accordingly, this symposium welcomes talks on basic science topics and modelling/simulation approaches. We also encourage talks on challenges in practical applications of sintering science, e.g., sintering and co-firing of multi-material laminate structures for use in solid state batteries. A major goal of this symposium is to promote the transfer knowledge between modelling, basic science, processing science and applications.

Potential session topics are:

Current problems of sintering science
- Sintering problems in solid state batteries
- Laser flash sintering
- Cold sintering and hydrothermal processing
- Constrained sintering of multilayered materials
- Nanosintering

Field-assisted powder consolidation techniques
- Spark plasma sintering: science and application
- Impact of electric fields on interfacial thermodynamics, segregation and transport
- Basic science of electric field effects on sintering and grain growth

Basic science of sintering: transport and thermodynamics
- Grain boundary and interface energy effects on sintering and grain growth
- Effects of complexions in densification and grain growth
- Liquid phase sintering and transient liquid phase sintering
- In situ measurements of sintering and grain growth
- Grain growth control approaches
- Modelling and simulation of microstructural evolution
Abstracts Due 03/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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