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Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advanced Ceramics for Metal Casting; Cores, Crucibles, and Molds
Sponsorship ACerS Refractory Ceramics Division
Organizer(s) David B. Price, IC Ceramic Consulting, LLC
Scope The ability to cast advanced alloys for next generation transportation systems; gas turbine and automotive places high demands on the associated refractory oxide systems. Advanced crucibles that are both compatible with reactive alloys and have improved mechanical properties for increased melt cycles are essential. Advanced 3D printed cores play a key role in producing cooling passages in turbine blades, do not react with reactive alloys, and possess essential dimensional control properties. Ceramic oxide systems for the casting molds need to be nonreactive yet possess appropriate mechanical properties over a broad range of temperatures dependant on the alloy and casting process. Reduced-silica systems are needed for compatability with reactive alloys, high temperature creep resistance, reduced crystalline silica for improved health in the workplace, and with potential for sustainability and reduced material sent to landfills.
Abstracts Due 03/15/2022
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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