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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advances and Challenges in Decarbonization of the Steel Industry
Sponsorship AIST Metallurgy — Processing, Products & Applications Technology Committee
Organizer(s) Sridhar Seetharaman, Colorado School of Mines
Jeremy Thomas Jones, Continuous Improvement Experts Inc. (CIX Inc.)
Zane T. Voss, Continuous Improvement Experts Inc. (CIX Inc.)
Sunday Abraham, SSAB Americas
Ronald J. O'Malley, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Scope This symposium will address the current state and future trends in decarbonization of the steel industry, including: novel extraction and refining processes, sequestration of carbon, novel use of hydrogen, electricity and biomass in upstream and downstream processes, process control and modeling, workforce training, logistics and supply chain, recycling of steel, steelmaking coproducts and byproducts, effects of decarbonization on competitiveness of alternative materials, the role of Fe metallics and how they may require adjustments to the steelmaking process, and product life cycle analysis. The symposium format will include plenary, keynote and invited presentations and panel discussions from industry, government and university representatives.
Abstracts Due 05/15/2022
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Comparative Analysis of Decarbonized Steel with Alternative Materials
Controlling Processing Conditions and Microstructures to Mitigate Hot-shortness in Steels with Elevated Cu
Grid Interactive Hydrogen Steelmaking (GISH) – Towards Decarbonization of Steel Industry
Modeling Guided Fabrication of Adsorptive Heat Exchanger for Carbon Capture
Research and Development for Decarbonisation of the UK Steel Industry

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