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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Phase Transformation and Microstructural Evolution
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS/ASM: Phase Transformations Committee
Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, The Ohio State University
Ning Ma, ExxonMobile Research & Engineering
Tadashi Furuhara, Tohoku University
Frédéric Danoix, Université de Rouen
Mohamed Gouné, University of Bordeaux
Francisca Caballero, National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC)
Dhriti Bhattacharyya, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization
Vijay Vasudevan, University of Cincinnati
Osman Anderoglu, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Stuart Maloy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chad Sinclair, University of British Columbia
Scope Phase transformation is still one of the most effective and efficient means to produce desired microstructures in materials for various applications. This symposium is the second in a series of annual TMS symposia focusing on phase transformations and microstructural evolution in materials during processing and in service. It intends to bring together theoretical, experimental and computational experts to assess the current status of theories of phase transformations and microstructure evolution in solid states. In addition to fundamental understanding of the mechanisms underlying phase transformations and microstructure evolution, attention will also be given to the utilization of unique transformation pathways to develop novel microstructures for advanced structural and functional materials.

Topics of choice for this year include, but are not limited to:

- Phase transformations in steel, including: alloying and processing strategies; advanced multi-scale characterization and modeling to understand fundamental physical processes at interfaces and in the bulk; and microstructure and property development, especially in relevant environments (e.g. thermal)

- Carbon redistribution processes in modern steels, including: understanding the fundamental processes of carbon redistribution and its consequences on phase transformations in steels using modeling methods, such as mean field approach, phase field (including crystal phase field), ab initio, MD, and Monte-Carlo simulations; characterization of carbon redistribution by electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, SIMS and nanoSIMS, diffraction and scattering based techniques, including in-situ characterization techniques; and the effect of carbon redistribution on the mechanical properties of steels

- Phase transformations induced by irradiation, including: characterization of phase transformation processes due to irradiation by electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, diffraction and scattering based techniques, including in-situ characterization techniques; effect of phase transformations on the mechanical properties of a material by mechanical testing (both in-situ and ex-situ); effect of radiation induced/enhanced phase transformations on the corrosion resistance of materials; and understanding the fundamental processes of radiation induced phase transformations by modeling methods such as MD simulations, Monte-Carlo simulations, and other approaches
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Detailed Study of the Transformation Stasis Phenomenon During the Isothermal Bainite Transformation in Mn based Low Alloy Steels
A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Migration of Symmetric Grain Boundaries in a-Fe
A Phase Field Crystal Study of Nucleation and Growth during a Polymorphic Transformation
A Phase Field/Finite Element Model to Simulate Plasticity and Martensitic Phase Transformation in Shape Memory Alloys
A TEM Study on Graphite Crystals in Ti-alloyed Grey Cast Iron
Aberration-corrected S/TEM Imaging and Density Functional Theory-based Models of Pt/Alumina Interfaces
An Insight into the Mechanism of SFT Formation Near 1/2<110> Edge Dislocations in Aluminum Exposed to Irradiation
Analysis of Precipitation Reaction Kinetics: Kinetic Model vs. Experiments
Atom Probe Tomography Investigation of C Redistribution in Sub-zero Ms FeNiC Martensites
Austenite-ferrite Transformation: A Coarse-graining Monte Carlo Model
Bulk Processing and Mechanical Properties of Ni3Mo
Carbon Enrichment in Austenite during Ferrite Transformation and Austenite Reversion
Carbon Ordering in Ferrite: Stability and Diffusion by Atomistic Simulation in High-carbon Ferrite
Carbon Redistribution during Low Temperature Tempering of Martensite: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Carbon Super-saturation and Tetragonal Bainitic Ferrite in Nanocrystalline Bainitic Steels
Changes in Vibrational Entropy in Cu-Fe
Characterization and Microstructure-based Modeling of a Grain Boundary Engineered Steel
Characterization of Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of NiTiHfAl Shape Memory Alloys
Coarsening Dynamics in Two-phase Mixtures: Interfacial Velocity Distributions
Contribution of Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction to the Study of the Phase Transformation in Metallic Alloys
Crystalline to Amorphous Phase Transformations under the Influence of Ion Irradiation
Crystallisation and Phase Transformations in Sputtered Fe-C Amorphous Films
Crystallographic Design of Ferroic Materials: Pathway Network Construction for Transformation and Deformation
Decomposition of Cementite under Strain in Pearlitic Steels: An Ab Intio Study
Development of a Stainless Steel as Bipolar Electrode Plate Material for PEM Fuel Cells
Early stage clustering during aging in Al-Mg-Si alloys
Effect of Intercritical Annealing on Phase Transformation and Mechanical Properties of Thermo-mechanically Processed Dual Matrix Ductile
Effect of Microstructural Evolution on the Mechanical Behavior of High Strength 560 MPa Linepipe Steels
Effect of Point-defect Sinks on Compositional Patterning under Irradiation
Effects of Carbon Addition on Deformation Behavior of High Mn Steels
Elinvar Effect Caused by Ferroelastic Nano Domains in Strain Glasses
Evolution of Precipitate Nuclei during Age-hardening
Evolution of the Structure Morphology of Fe-5 wt.%Mn Alloy during Directional Solidification
First-principle Calculations of Carbon and Nitrogen Precipitation in Niobium-bearing Iron Alloys
Geometrical and Energetic Approaches to Pattern Formation during Cubic to Orthorhombic Martensitic Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys
Hot Deformation Behavior of an Fe-Al Steel in the Two Phase Region
In Situ Observation of Phase Transformation of Powder Sintering from Ni/TiH2 Using Neutron Diffraction
In Situ X-ray Tomographic Microscopy Study of the Evolution of Aluminide Coatings on Ni-20Cr Wires
Influence of Aging Treatment on In Situ Electrical Resistance Variation during Aging of Nickel-Rich NiTi Shape Memory Wires
Influence of Athermal Mechanisms on Phase Transformations in Al-Cu
Influence of Cryogenic Treatment on Microstructure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of AISI D2 Tool Steel
Influence of Laser Surface Hardening Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Automotive Grade Steels
Influence of Oxygen and Cold Deformation on the ω Phase Formation in Gum Metal
Investigation of Twin Fraction in High Purity Nickel During Recrystallization
Irradiation and Temperature Induced Precipitation in Intermetallic Hardening Steels
Irradiation Induced Microstructural Changes in Nickel-molybdenum-chromium Alloys
Low Temperature SEM Observations of the Martensitic Transformation in a AuCuZn Alloy
M11: Substructure and Texture Evolution Effects in Understanding Mechanical Property Anisotropy in High Strength Microalloyed Steels
M12: Effects of Cooling Rate On the Microstructure and Solute Partitioning in Hipereutectoid Ti-Cu Alloys
M7: Phase Growth in Fe-Fe50wt%Si Diffusion Couple under a Magnetic Field
M8: Determination of Tensile Strenght, Impact Strenght, Hardness and Microstructures of Mild Carbon Steel Quenche in Coconut Water, Fresh Urine, Nigerian Unadultrated Up-wine, Fermented Cassava Water, Ogiri-Ugba Water and Specially Prepared Clay Soil
M9: Nucleation and Growth of Nucleus in Supercooled Liquid Fe: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Martensitic Transformations in CuAlMnNi Shape Memory Alloy Microwires
Martensitic Transformations in Steels – A 3D Phase-field Study
Microalloyed High Carbon Wire Steels
Microstructural Aging of a Precipitation Hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel
Microstructural Development at the Nanoscale in Quench and Tempered 4340 Steel
Microstructural Evolution in NiTi Polycrystals Strained by Load Biased Thermal Cycling
Microstructural Evolution of Ferrite Grains during Dynamic Transformation in 10Ni-0.1C Steel
Microstructure and Property Changes in Metallic Alloys Induced by Advanced Mechanical Surface Treatments
Modeling of Carbon Diffusion in Fe-C Martensite Phase
Modeling the Effects of H-phase Precipitation on Ni-Ti-Hf Shape Memory Alloys
Multi-scale Modeling of Phase Transformations in Steels
Multiscale Characterization and Modeling of Precipitation in Ferritic Nano-reinforced Steels
Multiscale Modeling of Nanoscale Precipitate Stability in Irradiated Structural Materials
Nano-scale Precipitate Evolution in Irradiated RPV Steels: Recent Progress in Understanding Late Blooming Phases
Nanoscale Martensite-to-austenite reversion at Grain Boundaries: A Pathway to Tough and Ductile Martensite
Nanosecond-scale Multi-frame TEM of Phase Transformations: Measuring Crystal Growth Rates during Laser Annealing of Amorphous Phase Change Materials
Obtaining Ultrafine-grained Austenite in a Cold-rolled Metastable Stainless Steel
Pearlite Growth and Manganese Partitioning in 9Mn Steel
Phase Field Modeling of Widmanstätten Structures
Phase Field Modelling of Microstructure Evolution in Dual Phase Steels
Phase Transformation in Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys
Precipitation Sequence in a Dual Precipitation Medium Carbon Martensitic Steel Aged at 500°C
Quantitative Characterization and Modeling of Precipitation during Quench in the Heat Treatable 7449 Aluminium Alloy
Radiation-induced Phase Transformations in F-M and Austenitic Alloys at High Dose
Re-examination of Thermodynamic Properties of Cementite Using CVM Calculations
Redistribution of Carbon in Extraterrestrial Metal: Fe-Ni-C Alloys
Redistribution of Carbon in Steel – Perspectives Using Atom Probe Tomography
Relationship between Microstructural Evolution, Order-disorder Transformation and Plastic Inhomogeneities during Deformation of Beta Brass
Role of Interstitials on the Diffusion of Substitutional Solutes in Ferrite
Role of Microalloying Precipitates in Grain Refinement and Dynamic Recrystallization in HSLA Steels
Self-consistent Model for Planar Ferrite Growth in Fe-C-X Alloys
Solid-liquid Phase Transitions of Fe: From Nano Particle to Bulk and from Spontaneous to Induced Solidifications
Spontaneous Transition and Hidden Order in Doped Ferroelastic Systems
Spray Cooling of Early Extracted Hot Stamped Parts
Stability of Precipitates under Heavy Ion Irradiation in Fe-based Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Steels and Ni-based Super Alloys
Static and Dynamical Aging Processes at Room Temperature in a Fe25Ni0.4C Virgin Martensite: Effect of C Redistribution at the Nanoscale
Surface Precipitation in Engineering Alloys
Tensile Behavior of Intercritically Annealed 10%Mn Multi-phase Steel
The Study of Phase Transformations in Metastable Beta-Ti Alloys by Electrical Resistivity Measurement
Theoretical Description of the Interplay between Interstitial and Substitutional Ordering and Clustering in Ferritic and Austenitic Iron-based Alloys
Theoretical Modeling of Precipitation Kinetics in Steels
Transformation Reactions Induced by Cold Rolling
Two-way Shape Memory Effect (TWSME) in a Cu-Al-Mn Shape Memory Alloy
Understanding Interface Effects on Phase Stability of a Ni/Ni3Al Multilayer Under Ion Irradiation
Virtual Cyclic Phase Transformation Dilatometer Experiments for Fe-Mn-C by Means of Phase Field Simulations
Work Hardening and Austenite Stability in Ultra Fine Grained Medium-Mn TRIP Steels
Yield Strength Optimisation in a Polycrystalline Nickel-base Superalloy
γ/α Transformation Behaviors in C Composition Gradient Diffusion Couples in the Fe-C-Mn System

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