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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Curricular Innovations and Continuous Improvement of Academic Programs (and Satisfying ABET along the Way): The Elizabeth Judson Memorial Symposium
Thomas R. Bieler, Michigan State University
Jeffrey W. Fergus, Auburn University
Janet Callahan, Boise State University
Ronald Gibala, University of Michigan
Lan Li, Boise State University
Laura M. Bartolo, Kent State University
Kathy Lu, Virginia Tech
Scope More than a decade ago, the ABET engineering accreditation criteria were changed to focus on outcomes rather than inputs. The resulting current criteria include a requirement to have processes in place for continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is certainly not new – academic programs have always been looking for ways to improve. However, in the past these efforts at improvement have typically been informal or ad hoc. The current accreditation criteria require the implementation of formal documented processes for continuous program improvement. Many academic programs have struggled with this requirement and have seen the development of these processes as a burden imposed by ABET. However, improved understanding of the requirements and concrete examples can help programs to develop effective and sustainable continuous improvement processes, which should be designed primarily to benefit the program and its students. The processes must be designed for the program – not for ABET – to be effective and sustainable. The objective of this symposium is to provide support to academic programs in developing continuous improvement processes. The symposium will provide a forum in which programs can share ideas and experiences on curricular innovations and program improvement.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Undecided

ABET Diversity and Inclusion Listening Session
ABET Support for Continuous Improvement
Bringing Art into the Material Science Classroom
Change is Coming
Developing a Framework for a Collaborative, Multi-disciplinary Senior Capstone Experience
Enhancing a Materials Selection Course by Integrating Elements of Materials Design
Freedom to Choose: The New Undergraduate Curriculum in Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State
ICME Education at Northwestern
Incorporating Computational Modules in Undergraduate MSE Courses
Methods for Increasing Student Engagement and Success in Introductory Materials Science Courses.
Recent and Upcoming Changes in ABET Criteria
Revisiting the Engineering Communications Program in the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Curriculum at Virginia Tech
The Organic Development of an ABET Continuous Improvement Process
The Texas A&M/IIMEC Summer School in Computational Materials Science: Materials Modeling across the Scales
Thermodynamics Beyond Equilibrium
Understanding Current State of Materials Education for a Successful Career Tomorrow
Using Mechanical Testing of Disposable Plastic Cups to Illustrate Processing-structure-property Relationships in an Introductory Materials Laboratory Course

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