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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium International Standards for Properties and Performance of Advanced Ceramics – 30 years of Excellence
Organizer(s) Michael G Jenkins, Bothell Engineering and Science Technologies
Jonathan Salem, NASA
Scope ASTM International Committee C28 on Advanced Ceramics was established in 1986 in response to rapidly increasing applications of advanced (fine, technical) ceramics in heat engines, nuclear reactors, manufacturing, electronics, anti-friction bearings, coatings, etc. Subsequently, CEN/TC184 on Technical Ceramics was founded in 1989 and ISO/TC206 on Fine (technical, advanced) Ceramics was founded in 1993. In the 30 years since the beginnings of C28, nearly 50 ASTM standards, 82 ISO standards, and 25 CEN standards have been adopted by consensus processes to provide high quality test methods, practices, guides and nomenclature to expedite the design and use of ceramics in various high technology applications. This symposium details the history, current state, and future of these standards by emphasizing their successful use in expediting the applications of advanced ceramics. Both invited and openly solicited paper will be included.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Activities in ISO/TC206 Fine Ceramics
ASTM Committee C28: International Standards for Properties and Performance of Advanced Ceramics: 30 years of Excellence
ASTM Subcommittee C28.01 Mechanical Properties & Reliability
ASTM Subcommittee C28.03 Physical Properties & NDE
ASTM Subcommittee C28.04 Applications
ASTM Subcommittee C28.07 Ceramic Matrix Composites
Choice of Flaw Type for Slow Crack Growth Testing

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