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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 6th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological Univ
Gerardo Alvear, Xstratatech
Onuralp Yucel, Istanbul Technical University
Xinping Mao, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation
Hong Yong Sohn, University of Utah
Naiyang Ma, ArcelorMittal
Phillip J Mackey, P.J. Mackey Technology
Tom Battle, Midrex Technologies
Scope This will be the sixth international symposium on thermal processing of minerals, metals and materials that intend to promote physical and chemical transformations in the materials to enable recovery of valuable metals, to produce or treat products such as pure metals, intermediate compounds, alloys (including steel), ceramics, and other materials. The symposium will be open to participants from both industry and academia and will entertain innovative high-temperature technologies including those based on non-traditional heating methods as well as their environmental aspects such as handling and treatment of emission gas and by-products. Since high-temperature processes require high energy input to sustain the temperature at which the processes take place, the symposium intends to address the needs for sustainable technologies with reduced energy consumption and reduced emission of pollutants. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving impurity segregation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization and/or energy efficiency are particularly welcome. Also of interest are papers on the various technical, economic, and environmental issues associated with commercial-scale high temperature processing methods.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Prediction Model for the High-temperature Performance of Lump Coal Used in COREX
Advances in Products and Processes for Induction Heating
Al Control in High Titanium Ferro with Low Oxygen Prepared by Thermite Reaction
Analysis of BF Hearth Reasonable Cooling System Based on the Water Dynamic Characteristics
Analysis of Sulfidation Routes for Processing Weathered Ilmenite Concentrates Containing Impurities
Assessment of Gas-Metal-Slag Interaction in a Steel Making LadleThrough Physical and Mathematical Modeling
CFD Simulations of Molten Steel Flow Patterns, Distribution of Inclusions, and Forces Imposed by the Melt Flow on Clogged Surfaces Inside a Submerged Entry Nozzle
Characterisation of Coal Burnouts In The Raceway of Ironmaking Blast Furnace
Chemical Processing of a High Carbon FeCr Alloy Fine Powder
Cohering Behavior of Coal Ash with Pellet Scrap Powder and Relationship Between Coal Ash and Kiln Ringing
Comprehensive Research on Basicity and Coal Dosage of Sinter Based on Cost Analysis
Copper Removal From Ferronickel
D10: Effect of Al2O3 on Precipitation Behavior Of Phosphorus Enrichment Phase In Dephosphorization Slag
D11: Fundamental Study of High Al2O3 Sinter Softening and Melting Behavior
D12: Gas and Liquid Permeability of Tuyere Coke in COREX Melter Gasifier
D13: Investigation of the Slag Forming Path on Medium Phosphorus Hot Metal Refining in BOF
D14: Research Progress of Iron Carburization in Blast Furnace
D15: Study on Arsenic Removal in Molten Steel
D16: Study on Crystallization Properties of Mold Flux in Magnetic Field
D18: The Slagging Behavior of Single Furnace Burden
D19: Sulfur’s Existence Form and Sulf-phase Forming Mechanism in LF Refining Waste Slag
D1: Apparent Viscosity Measurement of Iron Particles
D20: Study on the Evolution of Nonmetallic Inclusions in N510L Beam Plate during Production Process
D21: The Study on Vacuum Degassing Process of AlV55 Alloy
D22: Deoxidation Study on V-Ti-Fe as Hydrogen Storage Alloy
D23: Study on Damage Mechanism of Ductile Cast Iron Cooling Stave
D24: Oxidation Character of Carbon Composite Bricks Used in Blast Furnace
D25: Application of Carbon Composite Bricks for Blast Furnace Hearth
D26: The Latest Developments of the Continuous Bottom-Blowing Matte Converting Process
D27: Study on the Influence of Rich Oxygen for the Properties and Structure of Castables Used in Hot Wind Pipe of Blast Furnaces
D28: Suitable Water Flow and Water Temperature Difference of Blast Furnace
D29: Study on Heat Transfer of the Miniature Cooling Stave
D2: The Phase Transformation of Bayan Obo Ore Treated with Insufficient Reductant
D30: Thermal Design Method for Strures of Microwave Hot Air Reactor
D31: Expert System For Grate-Kiln Oxide Pellet Thermal Process Status Control
D32: Influence of Coke Breeze Combustion Conditions on the Emission of NOX in Sintering Process
D33: Study of Synthesizing Titanium Oxynitride and Testing Its Microstructure, Mechanical Properties
D3: Control of the Forming Behavior of Anosovite in the Reduction of Ilmenite by Hydrogen
D4: Research on Deep Reduction and Magnetic Separation of Marine Placer Based on Carbon Composite Pellet
D5: High Temperature Interaction Between Sinter and Lump Ores/Pellet in Cohesive Zone of Blast Furnace
D6: Fabrication of Diamond-Cu Composites by Microwave Sintering Process
D7: Characteristic and Kinetics of Oxidation of Coke by CO2 Based On Isothermal Method
D8: Thermodynamic Analysis of Titanium Behavior in Hot Metal and Titanium Load Foundation
D9: Economical Research of Dephosphorization in Single Slag Melting Process
Development of as Cast Structures of High-manganese Steel Grades Under Extra Slowly Solidification Conditions
Discussion of the Investigation Method on the Reaction Kinetics of Metallurgical Reaction Engineering
Distribution Behavior of Vanadium, Chromium and Phosphorus between Basic Slag and Semi-Steel
Distribution Behaviours of Cu, Co and Fe during Cu Smelter Slag Cleaning Process
Ecomaister-Hatch Technology: Reliable Commercial-Scale Slag Valorisation Option for Metal Producers
Effect of Anodic Polarization on Layer-Growth of Ni-Fe-Cr Anodes in Cryolite-Alumina Melts
Effect of Arsenic Content and Quenching Temperature on Solidification Microstructure and Distribution of Arsenic in Iron-Arsenic Alloys
Effect of Cooling Speed and Varying Strain Rate on the Second Ductility Minima in Microalloyed, High Manganese Steels
Effect of MgO and Basicity on the Viscosity and Structure of the CaO-SiO2-16wt%Al2O3-MgO Blast Furnace Slag
Effect of MgO on Emergence of Blast Furnace Primary Slag with Comprehensive Furnace Burden
Effect of Non-Metallic Inclusions on the Fatigue Behaviour of Cast ZZnAl10-5
Effective Utilization of Semicharcoal in Sintering
Effects of Austempering Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of S50C Medium Carbon Steel
Effects of Functional Additives on the SHS of Boron Carbide
Example of the Refractory Corrosion Test Work with Nickel Matte
Experimental Investigation on Reduction Kinetics of Stainless Steel-Making Slag in Iron Bath Smelting Reduction
Experimental Study on BF Complex Injection in Anyang Steel Company
Experimental Study on Combustion Characteristics and Kinetics of Semi-Coke Under Enriched-Oxygen Condition
Formation Mechanism of 2CaO•SiO2 and 3CaO•P2O5 Solid Solution in CaO-SiO2-FetO-P2O5 Slags
Formation of Intermetallic Phases in Al-Sc Alloys Prepared by Molten Salt Electrolysis at Elevated Temperatures
High Temperature Investigation of Viscosity for FeCrMnNi as-Cast TRIP/TWIP Steel
Homogeneous Nucleation Control in Deep-Overcooled Liquid Metals for Finer Crystal Structure
Improving the Pelletization of Chromite Concentrate by HPGR and Its Mechanism
Influence of Mineralogy on Metallurgical Properties of Lump Ore
Influence of Sulfur on Dissolution of Graphite in Molten Iron
Kinetics Between SiO and CH4 at High Temperature
Kinetics of Vanadium Extraction from Hot Metal by Basic Slag
Liquidus in the System Cu2O - CaO - Al2O3 at 1250 C
Microstructural and Microhardness Analysis of a Diffusion Bonded Titanium Alloy with Titanium Alloy
Modeling and Recovery of Iron (Fe) from Red Mud by Coal Reduction
Numerical Analysis of Influencing Factors on Temperature Distribution of Blast Furnace Stave
Phase Transformation in Magnesium-rich Nickel Oxide Ore After Reduction Roasting Process
Phosphorus Removal of Oolitic High Phosphorus Iron Ore Using Biomass Char
Preparation of Al-Ti Master Alloys by Aluminothermic Reduction of TiO2 in Cryolite Melts at 960C
Production of CrB2 Powder via Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
Production of Green Steel from Red Mud: A Novel Concept
Production of ZrB2-TiB2 Ceramic Composite Powders by SHS
Progress on Protection of Titanium-bearing Materials in Chinese Blast Furnace
Recovery of Cr during Smelting Treatment of Stainless Steel Dust
Recovery of Iron from Hematite-Rich Diasporic-type Bauxite Ore
Reduction Behavior of Multi-Nonferrous Metals-bearing Iron Concentrate Pellet by Mixed CO/H2 Gas
Research on Foam Concrete Features by Replacing Cement with Industrial Waste Residues
Research on the Technology of Producing Building Stone by Using Blast Furnace Slag
Simulation Computation of 430 Ferritic Solidification
Simulation Study on Solution Foaming by Controlling Gas Generation Reaction in Water-Glycerol System
Sintering Behavior of Pelletizing Feed in Composite Agglomeration Process (CAP) of Iron Ore Fines
Solubility of Sc2O3 in Na3AlF6-K3AlF6-AlF3 Melts
Strengthening Reduction Process of Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Adding CaF2 Under High Temperature
Study on Enhanced Reduction of Liquid lead Slag with Coal Particles
Study on Inclusions in CuCr Prepared by Thermit Reduction -Electromagnetic Casting
Study on Reduction Disintegration of Sinter from Titanomagnetite Concentrate
Study on The Reduction Mechanism of Liquid Lead Slag
Techno-Economic Assessment of Recycling BOF Steelmaking Offgas Cleaning System Solid Wastes by Using Zinc-Free Scrap
The Application of a Recent Thermodynamic Model for Coke Crystallites: Chemisorption of Methyl Groups, Decomposition of Natural Gas, and the Reduction of Metal Oxides
The Research on Process Characteristics of Different Fuels for Blast Furnace Injection
The Self-Reducing Pellet Production from Organic Household Waste
The Substitutional Effects of TiO2 and MnO for SiO2 on the Wetting Properties in a Quaternary Slag System at High Temperature
The Upper Limit of Trace Elements of Low-Grade Iron Ore Used in Sinter
The Use of Metallurgical Oil Sludge as a Reductant in a High Temperature Metallurgical Process
Thermodynamics Analysis and Industrial Trials of Bottom-Blowing Smelting For Processing Lead Sulfate-Containing Materials
Upgrading Titania Slag Through Selective Chlorination Method Using Titanium Tetrachloride
Use of Recycled Fluxes Substituting Fluorspar for Refining Operation in a BOF Reactor
Utilization of Iron-Bearing Dust in Iron Sintering with Composite Agglomeration Process
Viscosity Property of Gold-Antimony Smelting Slags by Blast Furnace
Volatilization Behavior and Mechanisms of Arsenic, Sulfur and Carbon in the Refractory Gold Concentrate

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