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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Advanced Biomaterials for Biomedical Implants and Biosensing Devices
Organizer(s) Tolou Shokuhfar, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sahar Vahabzadeh, Northern Illinois University
Scope The scope of this session is on biomedical implants and devices with the focus on materials and implantable device development/characterization and the host response to such implantable devices. Next generation biomedical implants are expected to revolutionize the future of medicine. This session provides an opportunity for the medical and scientific communities to be exposed to new materials and implant technologies. Researchers and engineers will be able to learn about the clinical and patient needs from the medical community perspectives.
In particular, we encourage researchers to submit abstracts within any of the following themes of this symposium:

Synthesis and characterization of novel biomaterials for prosthodontics
Surface biofunctionality: The interface between the implant and living cells and tissues
Corrosion, Tribocorrosion, and Degradation: Metallic implantable devices are susceptible to mechanical-electrochemical interactions that can result in accelerated corrosion. Ceramic and polymeric biomaterials are subjected to degradation. Both processes can result in dissemination of ions, by-products, and particulate debris in per prosthetic tissue.
Mechanical behavior of Implants:
Biomechanics of implants and mechanical interaction between the implant and the surrounding host material.
Biocompatibility of implantable devices
Tissue regeneration: Advanced biomaterial approaches for promoting healing and restorative repair process.
Results of clinical evaluations of implants and devices.
New developments to dental implants to reduce peri-implantitis.
Abstracts Due 04/05/2019
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A synergistic effect of proteins and inorganic ions on the degradation of absorbable Zn, and Zn-Ag-based biomaterials
Carbon Nanostructures for Neuroregeneration: Potential and Challenges
Effect of Heat Treatment and Forging on In Vitro Corrosion and Cytocompatibility of Mg-Zr-Sr-Ce Alloy
Electrochemical Studies of Titanium Alloys for Dental Implants
From Porous to Dense Nanostructured β-Ti Alloys through High-pressure Torsion: Advanced Characterization
Improving the Biocompability and Corrosion Resistance of AZ31 Mg Alloy for Biomedical Applications
Iron Effects on Physical, Mechanical and Biological Properties of Brushite Cement
Magnesium Alloy as Body Implant: Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour under Heat Treated Condition in Physiological Environment
Mg-Zn-Sr Alloy based Interference Screw Developed for ACL Reconstruction
Modification of Low Modulus Titanium Alloys by Addition of Interstitial Solute for Biomedical Load Bearing Applications
P1-1: Electrochemical Evaluation of Ti-13Nb-13Zr-B Alloys for Knee Implants
P1-2: The Consequence of Microwave Settings on Condensation of HAP
Plasma sprayed in-situ formed TiB-TiN reinforced Ti6Al4V alloy composite coatings: Tribocorrosion evaluation
Production of biodegradable Mg and Mg-0.4Zn wires intended for sternal fixation in pediatric patients
The Effects of Alloy Purity and Surface Finish on Corrosion Susceptibility of Nitinol Heart Valves
Ti Based Superelastic Scaffolds Prepared by Fiber Sintering
Zinc Doping Controlled In Vivo Degradability of Magnesium Phosphate Bioceramic

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