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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials Processing Fundamentals
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Process Technology and Modeling Committee
Organizer(s) James Yurko, Materion Brush Beryllium and Composites
Antoine Allanore, MIT - DMSE
Lifeng Zhang, Univ of Science & Technology Beijing
Jonghyun Lee, Iowa State University
Laura Bartlett, Texas State University
Scope The key interest areas to be covered in this symposium are all aspects of the fundamentals, synthesis, analysis, design, monitoring, and control of metals, materials, and metallurgical processes and phenomena. Topics will include
- the experimental, analytical, physical and computer modeling of physical chemistry and thermodynamics;
- Modeling on the transport phenomena in materials processing and metallurgical processes involving iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, and composites;
- second phase particles in metals and processes, such as non-metallic inclusions and bubbles in metals (steel, aluminum, silicon, magnesium etc...) or gas bubbles in slag or electrolyte (foaming, gas evolution or injection...); the fundamentals (experimental studies or theoretical studies) on the nucleation, growth, motion and removal of these second phase particles from the molten metal or reactors;
- physical chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics for the production and refining of rare earth metals;
- Control of industrial processes in the field of extraction and processing of metals and materials: novel sensors for hostile-environment materials processes, such as online inclusion detection, temperature, and velocity in molten materials, surface condition of hot moving products, etc.; innovative online sampling and analysis techniques; models for real-time process control and quality monitoring systems.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

Turbulent Transition in Electromagnetically Levitated Liquid Metal Droplets
An Atom Probe Study of Kappa Carbide Precipitation in Austenitic Lightweight Steel and the Effect of Phosphorus
Arsenic and Antimony Removal from Copper Concentrates by Digestion with NaHS-NaOH
Carbon-Free Solid Oxide Membrane Based Electrolysis Process for Direct Production of Solar Grade Silicon from Silica
E10: Effect of Run Parameters on Force, Slip and Crown in Cold Strip Rolling
E12: Extraordinary Strain Hardening by Gradient Structure
E13: Nucleation and Growth in the Equiaxed Zone of Metal Matrix Composites
E14: Numerical and Experimental Studies of Residual Stresses and Eccentricity of Drawn Copper Tubes with Tilted and Shifted Die
E15: Numerical Investigation on Breakup of Steel-Slag Interface during Ladle Change-Over Process
E16: Reaction between MnO-SiO2-FeO Oxides with Low FeO Content and Solid Steel Deoxidized by Si and Mn during Heat Treatment
E17: Thermodynamic Study on Vanadium Extraction with CO2 and O2 Mixed Blowing
E18: The Effect of Graphene on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum/Graphene Produced by HPT
E19: The Extent of Dopant Activation after Microwave and Rapid Thermal Annealing Using Similar Heating Profiles
E1: A Technique to Quantify Recrystallization
E20: Prepare for U3O8 from Ammonium Uranyl Carbonate Using Microwave Calcination
E2: Application of Computational Thermodynamics to Steel Processing – The Case of Steel Cleanness
E3: Characterization of Hot Deformation of 690MPa HSLA Steel for Shipbuilding
E4: CO2 Capture and Conversion Using a Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complex as a Catalyst at Ambient Conditions
E5: Combined Effects of Silicon (Si) and Low Temperature Annealing on the Tensile Properties of Cartridge (70/30) Brass with Nickel (Ni) and Iron (Fe) Contaminants
E6: Correlation of Interfacial Microstructure and Bonding Strength in Roll-Bonded Two-Ply Mg/Al Clad Sheets
E7: Effect of Lime on Alumina Extracting Property of Calcium Aluminate Slag
E8: Effect of Laminar Cooling Parameters On Martensite Volume Fraction and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steel
E9: Effect of Oxide Film at Bubble Surface on Stability of Aluminum Foams in Gas Injection Process
Effect of Ni on the Synthesize of Boron Carbide via Aerosol Method
Effect of Technological Parameters on Mold Powder Entrainment by Water Model Study
Effective Dopant Activation and Reduced Dopant Diffusion of Ion Implanted Silicon at Low Temperature via Susceptor-Assisted Microwave Annealing
Electrochemical Studies On Reduction of Cobalt Tetrafluoroborate in 1-butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquids
Equivalency Comparison of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Liquid and Gas Quenches
Foam Stability of Bubble Accumulation Stage of Gas Injection Foaming Process
Fundamentals of Mold Flux Behavior for Continuous Casting
Improvements of Isasmelt Brick Wear Control
In-Situ Gas Monitoring by Emission Spectroscopy
Interphase Evolution and Defect Formation during Horizontally Directional Solidification Process of Sn-Zn Alloys
Investigation On Non-Metallic Inclusions of IF Steel in RH Refining Process
Microstructural Evolution in Cold-Sprayed Ti-6Al-4V
Numerical Simulation of the Coupled Turbulent Flow, Heat and Solute Transport in the Turbulent Flow Region of Slab Continuous Casting
Rate of Metal Deposition from Aqueous Solutions
Relation of Local Order and Crystal-Liquid Interfacial Free Energy in Quasicrystals and Bulk Metallic Glasses
Thermodynamic Properties of Tellurium in Molten Steel
Thermophysical Properties of FeCr21Ni19 in the Solid and Liquid Phase
Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Laser Drilling of Materials

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