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About this Symposium
Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium S-06: Simulation-driven Product Design and Process Optimization
Organizer(s) Subir Roy, Altair
Scope Forming processes depend on multitude of process parameters such as, geometry of the preform, tool geometry and kinematics, boundary forces and thermal conditions, number of forming stages etc. that determine the desired material behavior for successful manufacturing of a part. To reduce product lead time, it is crucial for part designers to incorporate manufacturability considerations early in the design cycle. Further downstream, it is important to efficiently identify optimal process parameters to maximize part quality while reducing manufacturing cost. Over the past three decades, numerical simulation has become an indispensable tool for structural analysis and forming process simulation. Presently, there is a strong need and an emerging trend toward adapting and automating numerical simulation to intelligently drive product design and process optimization starting from early concept design and feasibility phase to final process tryout.

The main objective of this mini-symposium is to discuss recent advances in linking numerical simulation and optimization methods for forming processes such as, stamping, casting, injection molding, forging, extrusion, welding, machining, and additive manufacturing.

Topics of interest include:

Design for manufacturability
Process parameters and constraints
Quality and cost functions
Process control
Optimization methods and applications

Visit the conference website, NUMIFORM 2019, for information about publication opportunities.
Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

Effects of a Counter-punch System for Cold Full-forward Extrusion
Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Tube Hydroforming of an Airfoil Component
Improving a Non-invasive Form Finding Approach to Forming Processes
New Manufacturing Approach for Face Gearings by Means of Material Pre-distribution – Simulation and Experimental Results
Numerical Investigation on a New Process of Combined Counter-trimming with Regard to Improvement of the Residual Formability of Burr-free Shear-cut Edges
Optimal Design of Clinching Process for Maximizing Joint Strength within Limited Formability of Sheet Metal
Practical Optimization in Metal Forming with Typical Applications
Reduction Sequence Dependence of Relative Sliding and Power Consumptions in Hot Rolling
Utilizing Topography and Topology Optimization with Manufacturability Considerations for Light-weighting of Stamped Parts and Associated Tooling

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