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About this Symposium
Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution
Sponsorship TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Phase Transformations Committee
Organizer(s) Gregory B. Thompson, University of Alabama
Mark Aindow, University of Connecticut
Sudarsanam S. Babu, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Rajarshi Banerjee, University of North Texas
Tushar M. Borkar, Cleveland State University
Hai Chen, Tsinghua University
Paul Gibbs, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Peeyush Nandwana, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ashwin Shahani, University of Michigan
Yufeng Zheng, University of Nevada, Reno
Scope Phase transformation is still one of the most effective and efficient means to produce desired microstructures in materials for various applications. This symposium is a continuation in a series of annual TMS symposia focusing on phase transformations and microstructural evolution in materials during processing and in service. It intends to bring together theoretical, experimental and computational experts to assess the current status of theories of phase transformations and microstructure evolution primarily in the solid states. In addition to fundamental understanding of the mechanisms underlying phase transformations and microstructure evolution; attention will also be given to the utilization of unique transformation pathways to develop novel microstructures for advanced structural and functional materials.
Abstracts Due 07/16/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

Abnormal Formation of the Sigma Phase in Sputter-deposited Austenitic Stainless Steel Coatings
Analysis of Misorientation Relationship between Austenite Parent and Twins
Application of a Generalized Interface Model for Calculation of Solid-liquid Interfacial Free Energy in Alloys
Austenite Carbon Measurement in Q&P Steels: Atom Probe Tomography vs. High Energy XRay Diffraction
B19’ Strain Glass Transition and Associated Phase Diagram in Deformed TiNi SMA with Unique Properties
Coherent DO22 Superlattice in an Aged Ni-Cr-W-Ti Superalloy with High Strength
Complexion-mediated Martensitic Phase Transformation in Titanium
Computational Design of Creep-resistant Ferritic Alloy Strengthened by Laves Phase
Control of β Phase Stability and Deformation Induced Martensitic Transformation in a Near-α titanium Alloy
Deformation-induced Phase Transformations during Biaxial or Strain Path Change: HR-DIC and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
Detailed Investigation of Alpha Phase Formation in Metastable Beta Ti Alloys Using Advanced Characterization Techniques
Dynamic Precipitation in a Mg-9wt.%Al Alloy during Low-temperature Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE)
Dynamic Transformation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy in theTwo-phase Region
Effect of Wire Diameter on Phase and Kirkendall Pore Evolution in Titanium Coated Nickel Wires
Effects of Grain Orientation during Spark Plasma Sintering Beta Phase Ti-Al-Nb Alloys
Effects of Low-cost Coherent L12-structured Nano-precipitates in Commercial Aluminum Alloys
Elastic Modulus and Structural Changes upon Age Hardening of a Palladium-based Alloy, Paliney 7
Evolution of Microstructure and Hardness in Ni-rich NiTi Shape Memory Alloy at Various Thermal Conditions
In-situ Analysis of Redistribution of Carbon and Nitrogen during Tempering of Supermartensitic Stainless Steel
In Situ Observation of Shear-driven Amorphization Process in Silicon Crystals
In Situ TEM Investigation of Microstructural Evolution in Gas Atomized Al-6061 Powder Particles
Influence of Sn on Martensitic Phase Transformation and Super-elasticity of Beta Ti Alloys
Interface Characteristics in Ti6246
Irradiation-induced Phase Reversal and Grain Boundary Formation in U-alloys
Isothermal Omega Phase Formation in Ti-Nb-Fe Alloys
Long-term Thermal Stability of Nickel-base Superalloys
Microstructural Evolution of Nickel during Multiple Annealing Stages from Three-dimensional X-ray Microscopy
Microstructure Characterization of Aged Heat Resistant Steels
Modeling the Effect of Stress State on Martensitic Phase Transformation in Austenitic Steel
Modifying the Microstructure in Polycrystalline Nickel Base Superalloys Using a Stepped Cooling Rate
Morphological Development of Quasicrystals in Powder-processed Icosahedral-phase-strengthened Aluminum Alloys
N-14: Bainite Transformation in Medium Carbon Microalloyed Steel
N-15: Changes in Microstructures and Mechanical Properties in T92 during Long-term Aging Treatment
N-16: Effect of Precipitation on Creep Properties of Ferritic Steels
N-17: Effects of Additional Elements on the Phase Stability and Precipitation Behavior of C14 Laves Phase in High Cr Ferritic Alloys
N-18: Evolution of Microstructure in High Strength Bainitic Steel
N-19: Nucleation and Growth of Austenite in a Fe-12Mn-3Al-0.06C Medium-Mn Steel Annealed at 585°C
N-21: Physical Metallurgy of Segregation and Austenite Reversion in Medium Mn Steels
N-23: Deformation Twins Induced by High-density Pt2Mo-type Superlattice Mediated Portevin-Le Chatelier-like Effect in Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy
N-24: Effect of Film Thickness on Anisotropic Grain Growth in Electroplated (111) Nanotwinned Cu
N-25: Impact of D019 Ordering in Hf-Sc-Ti-Zr Based Hexagonal Solid Solutions upon Addition of Al and Nb
N-26: Influence of Deformation and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure Evolution in the Nickel Superalloy 625
N-27: Microstructural Evolution and Compositional Homogenization of As-cast Multicomponent Low Re-containing Ni-based Single Crystal Superalloy during Stepwise Solution and Aging Heat Treatments
N-29: Microstructural Evolution of Ti-Mo and Ti-Mo-Fe Alloys during Continuous Heating and Aging Heat Treatments
N-31: Study of Phase Transitions in Metastable β-Ti Alloy by Various In-situ Techniques
N-32: The Deformation-induced β-α Martensite Transformation in a Metastableb Zr-Ti Alloy
Nano-scale Instabilities in Beta Titanium Alloys
Nucleation and Growth of Crystalline Carbonates from Amorphous Precursors
On Dual-phase “Strain-transformable” Titanium Alloys for Enhanced Mechanical Properties: Design Principles, Microstructural Optimization and Deformation Mechanisms
On the Deformation Mechanisms of a New Metastable Beta Titanium Alloy with High Strength and High Strain Hardening Rate
Phase-field Approach Coupled with Crystal Plasticity for Three-dimensional Recrystallization in Ti-Al Alloys and Comparison with Experiment
Phase-field Modeling of Widmanstätten Growth
Phase Stability and Microstructure of the Zeta Phase in Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides
Phase Transformation Modeling of Technical Al Alloy during Solidification
Phase Transformations, Boron Segregation, and the Metatectic Reaction in Boron-containing Steels
Precipitation Kinetics and Strengthening: Beyond the Textbook Description
Precipitation of CFCC-TmC Carbides during Tempering at 450°C of a Medium Mn Steel: A Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study Followed by Atom Probe Tomography
Precipitation of Dispersoids in Multicomponent Al-Mg-Si-Mn-Fe Alloys
Quantitative Transmission Electron Microscopy of Microstructure Evolution in Al-Cu Alloys during Laser-induced Rapid Thermal Transients Characteristic of Additive Manufacturing
Role of Anisotropic Mobility and Grain Orientation on Microstructure Evolution during Sintering
Role of Initial Microstructure on the Stability of Pressure Induced ω-phase Zirconium
Role of Interaction between Particles on Particle Stability
Solid State Phase Transformation Mechanism in High Carbon Steel under Compressive Load and with Varying Cr Percent
Study on the Effect of V Microalloying on Earthquake Resisting High-strength Reinforcing Bar Steels
The Completeness of ω Phase Transformation in Metastable β Titanium Alloys Studied by X-ray Diffraction
The Effect of Deformation-induced Adiabatic Heating on Microstructure Evolution of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy during Open-die Screw Press Forging
The Evolution of Grain Structure of Pure Iron during Directional Recrystallization
The Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Behavior of Beta Titanium Alloys Based on Ti-13Cr(wt.%)
The X-phase of Precipitates
Thermo-mechanical Simulation of Solid-state Welding in Ti-17
Tuning Microstructure and Composition of (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98CrxFe1-xO3±δ with Using Thermodynamic Modelling
Tuning Phase Transformation in Compositionally Complex Alloys for Superior Mechanical Properties

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