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About this Symposium
Meeting Extraction 2018
Symposium Part C-3: Processing of Critical Metals
Organizer(s) Niels Verbaan, SGS Canada Inc
John Goode, J.R. Goode and Associates Metallurgical Consulting
Ian London, Avalon Advanced Materials and CREEN
Gisele Azimi, University of Toronto
Alex Forstner, SGS Minerals
Scope The Hydrometallurgy technical theme is one of four technical themes for Extraction 2018 and consists of three symposia:

C-1: Hydrometallurgy 2018 (the symposium)
C-2: The Gordon Ritcey Symposium: Advances in Hydrometallurgical Solution Purification Separations
C-3: Processing of Critical Materials

The Processing of Critical Materials symposium will primarily focus on the processing of Critical, Green and/or Strategic metals (conveniently grouped under “Critical Metals”). With a global push into new green and high tech technologies, it is important to gather information related to the metallurgical processing of metals required for such technologies. A secondary focus will be on end-user information.

This symposium will focus on (but not limited to) on the following groups of metals:
- Lithium
- Graphite
- Scandium
- Rare earth elements (REE)
- Cobalt
- Gallium/germanium/indium
- Vanadium
Abstracts Due 11/30/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: At-meeting proceedings

A Chlorine-free Protocol for the Processing of Germanium and Tin
A Comparison Between Batch and Continuous Processes in Impurity Removal from REE Water Leach Solution by Lime and Limestone Neutralization
A Process Flowsheet for the Extraction of Niobium, Titanium and Scandium from Niocorp’s Elk Creek Deposit
Alternatives to 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphonic Acid, Mono-2-Ethylhexyl Ester for the Separation of Rare Earths
Assessment of Some Lithium Pegmatite Ore Bodies to Determine their Amenability to Processing for the Extraction of Lithium
Challenges with the Use of Lime and Limestone for Impurity Removal in Rare Earth Elements Hydrometallurgical Treatment; A Fundamental Look
Critical Materials Traceability: More Important than Metallurgy
Critical Metals, The Foundation of Our Society’s Essential Technologies
Crystallization of Pure Scandium from SX Strip Liquors
Development of a Metallurgical Process for Eramet's Mabounié Nb-REE Project
Development of Scandium Recovering Process from Titanium Smelting Residue
Development of Sileach® Technology for the Extraction of Lithium from Silicate Minerals
Efficient Recovery of Neodymium from Neodymium-Iron-Boron Magnet
Efficient Recovery of Rare Earth Elements From Coal Based Resources
Electrochemical and Frequency Assisted Separation Methods for Lithium-7 Enrichment From Liquid Media
Extraction and Purification of Rare Earth Elements and Cobalt from NdFeB Magnet Wastes
Extraction of Cobalt and Nickel from a Pyrrhotite Rich Tailings Sample via Bioleaching
Extraction of Lithium from Brine - Old and New Chemistry
Extraction of Lithium from Salt Lake
Extraction of Scandium (Sc) using a Task-Specific Ionic Liquid Protonated Betaine bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide [Hbet][TF2N].
Flowsheet Development for Benefication of Lithium Minerals from Hard Rock Deposits
Fundamental Understanding of the Flotation Surface Chemistry of Rare Earth Minerals
High Pure Metal Salts from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries
Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Sources
Hydrometallurgical Processing of Metallurgical Wastes in Extraction of Rare Earth Metals
Hydrothermal Modification of Phosphogypsum to Improve Subsequent Recovery of Rare Earths
Hydrothermal Production of Lithium Metal Silicate Powders with Controlled Properties for Application to Li-Ion Batteries
Impurities Analysis of a Magnetic Waste before Leaching and Extraction of Neodymium and Praseodymium: Elaboration of Fe-Nd Alloys
Influence of Substrate Properties on the Selective Leaching Performance of Co from Cemented Carbides
Innovative and Sustainable Valorization Process to Recover Scandium from Canadian Bauxite Residue
Innovative Coupled Hydrometallurgical and Pyrochemical Processes for Rare Earth Recycling
Leaching Kinetics of Rare-Earth Elements from Complex Ores by Acidic Solutions
Lithium and Boron Extraction from the Rhyolite Ridge Ore, Nevada USA
Lithium Extraction and Utilization: A Historical Perspective
Material Criticality: Comparing China, the EU, Japan and the USA
Natural Graphite Purification through Chlorination in Fluidized Bed Reactor
Nico Project Update – Improvements in Cobalt Recovery and Updated Feasibility Study
Optimization of Water Leach Pulp Density of Rare Earth Elements (REE)
Oxidative Removal of Cerium from Rare Earth Elements Mixed Chloride Solution
Production of Purified Lithium Salts with a One-Stage Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System
Production of Separated Rare Earth Elements (REE) from a Quebec REE Deposit
Radionuclides Removal from Ore and REE-bearing Minerals by Leaching and Ion Exchange Separation
Rapid and Selective Leaching of Actinides and Rare Earth Elements from Rare Earth-Bearing Minerals and Ores
Rare-Earth Elements Recovery from Nd-Fe-B Hard Magnets by Hydrometallurgical Processes
Recovery of lithium from the Great Salt Lake Brine
Recovery of Phosphorous and Rare Earth Elements from an Apatite Concentrate
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from a Fern Biomass by Hydrometallurgy
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash and Recovery from PLS with IX
Recovery of REEs from End-of-Life Permanent Magnet Scrap Generated in WEEE Recycling Plants
Recovery of Tungsten from Spent V2O5-WO3/TiO2 Catalyst
Recycling of Li-Ion and Li-Solid State Batteries: The Role of Hydrometallurgy
Research on the Behavior of Germanium in the Leaching Process of Germanium Bearing Zinc Oxide by Sulfuric Acid
Revisiting the Phase Conversion and Extraction Process of Lithium from Spodumene Concentrate
Scandium: A review of Historic, Current, and Proposed Operations in Russia, China, and Other Parts of the World
Scrap Recycling of Tungsten-based Secondary Material for the Recovery of Tungsten Monocarbide (WC) and Other Valuable Constituents Using an Acid Leach Process
SCRREEN - A European Expert Network on Critical Raw Materials
Selective Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements Using Polymeric Adsorbents with Diglycolamic Acid Ligands
Selective Extraction and Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (REM) from NdFeB Magnet Grinding Sludge
Selective Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Rich Iron Ores
Selective Reduction and Separation of Europium from Mixed Rare-earth Oxides from Waste Fluorescent Lamp Phosphors
Separation and Purification of Rare-Earth Elements Based on Electrophoretic Migration (Part II)
Separation of Cerium from Mixed Rare Earths: A Review of Methods and Preliminary Economic Analyses
Solubility of Germanium Dioxide in Commonly Used Acids – Effect of Acid Strength, Temperature and Water Activity
Study of the Deportment of REEs in Ion Adsorption Clays towards the Development of an In-situ Leaching Strategy
Sulfuric Acid Baking of Monazite at 200 - 800°C
Technospheric Mining of Niobium and Titanium from Electric Arc Furnace Slag
Testwork, Commissioning and Operations of the Maracas Menchen Vanadium Project
The Simulation and Preliminary Studies on Bear Lodge Ore Flotation
Thermodynamics of Tungsten Ores Decomposition Process Options

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