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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2018
Symposium Advances in Zinc-coated Sheet Steel Processing and Properties
Organizer(s) Frank E. Goodwin, ILZRO
Joseph R. McDermid, McMaster University
Scope The scope of this symposium includes recent advances in processing of sheet steel related to the application of zinc and zinc alloy coatings and also the processing of zinc or zinc alloy coated sheet steel during later fabrication steps, in particular hot press forming, together with the effect of processing on properties, including liquid metal assisted cracking (LMAC) phenomena related to fusion welding. Topics of special interest include the effects of these processes on the development of steel microstructures and consequent effects on properties, internal and external oxidation phenomena occuring during processing including effects on development of the zinc coating, advances in zinc coating control, galvannealing, and hot press forming processing. Properties of interest include formability, weldability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties under both static and dynamic tensile and shear conditions of zinc and zinc alloy coated sheet steels.
Abstracts Due 04/05/2018
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A Novel Approach to the Direct Quantification of Iron Dissolution from the Steel Strip into the 55Al-2Mg-1.6Si-Zn Coating Alloy Bath
A Study on Formation of Island Shaped Surface Oxide in AHSS Steels
Corrosion Resistance of Zinc Coatings Doped with Aluminum Obtained under Conditions of SHS
Effect of Shearing Quality on Forming Limit Diagram for Vinyl Coated Metal
Growth of Intermetallic Compounds (IMCs) in an Al-Zn-Si-Mg Alloy Coating Bath
Impact of Liquid Metal Embrittlement on Advanced High Strength Steel Spot Welds
Impact of Roughness Length Scale on Spectral Emissivity during Intercritical Annealing of Advanced High Strength Steels
Influence of Processing Heat Cycles on the Mechanical Properties and Zinc Adhesion of Advanced High Strength Steels
Interaction of Zinc Penetration and Propagation for Liquid Metal Embrittlement Cracks in Zinc-coated AHSS Resistance Spot Welds
Investigation of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sheet Steel after Obtaining Zinc Coatings under SHS Conditions
Liquid Metal Embrittlement in Laser Beam Welding of Zn-coated Advanced High Strength Steels
Microstructural Evolution in Al-Si Coating of Different Thickness of Hot Stamping Steels
TEM Characterisation of the Intermetallic Alloy Layer on 55%Al-Zn-2%Mg-1.5%Si Alloy Coated Steel
Weldability Evaluation of Zn and Al-Si Coated Hot Press Forming (HPF) Steels in Resistance Spot Welding

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