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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High Entropy Alloys VII
Sponsorship TMS: Alloy Phases Committee
TMS: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Xie Xie, FCA US LLC
Peter K. Liaw, University of Tennessee
Michael C. Gao, National Energy Technology Laboratory
E-Wen Huang, National Chiao Tung University
Gongyao Wang, Alcoa Technical Center
Srivatsan S. Tirumalai, The University of Akron
Scope This symposium will provide a new venue for presentation of research on the fundamental understanding and theoretical modeling of high-entropy alloy (HEA) processing, microstructures, and mechanical behavior.

In contrast to conventional alloys, which are based upon one principal element, HEAs have multiple principal elements, often five or more. The significantly high entropy of the solid solution stabilizes the solid-solution phases in face-centered-cubic (FCC), body-centered-cubic (BCC), and hexagonal close-packed (HCP) structures against intermetallic compounds. Moreover, carefully-designed HEAs possess tailorable properties that far-surpass their conventional alloys. Such properties in HEAs include high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fatigue and wear resistance. These properties will undoubtedly make HEAs of interest for use in biomedical, structural, mechanical, and energy applications. Given the novel and exciting nature of HEAs, they are poised for significant growth, not unlike the bulk metallic glass or nanostructured alloy scientific communities, and present a perfect opportunity for a new symposium.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:
(1) Material fabrication and processing, such as homogenization, nanomaterials, and grain-boundary engineering
(2) Advanced characterization, such as neutron scattering and three-dimensional (3D) atom probe
(3) Thermodynamics and diffusivity: measurements and modeling
(4) Mechanical behavior, such as fatigue, creep, and fracture
(5) Corrosion, physical, magnetic, electric, thermal, coating, and biomedical behavior
(6) Theoretical modeling and simulation using density functional theory, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, phase-field and finite-elements method, and CALPHAD modeling
(7) Industrial applications

Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

A Comparative High Pressure Study of MoNbTaVW and Polycrystalline Tungsten
A heterostructured Single-phase High-entropy Alloy with an Outstanding Combination of Strength and Ductility
A Novel Dual-phase Gradient Material of High-entropy Alloy Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering
Advanced Manufacturing of High Entropy Alloys
An Efficient Computational Method for Calculating Properties of Face-centered Cubic High Entropy Alloys
Atom Clusters Enhance Strength and Ductility in High-entropy Alloys
Balance of Strength-ductility in Ultrafine-grained (CoCrMnNi)50Fe50 Medium Entropy Alloy Having Fully Recrystallized Microstructure
Band Structure Theory of the BCC to HCP Burgers Distortion
BCC-FCC Interfacial Effects on Plasticity and Strengthening Mechanisms in High Entropy Alloys
CALPHAD Screening and Mechanical Behavior in the AlTiZrNbMo Alloy System
Combinatorial Exploration of High Entropy Alloys
Core Structure of <111> Screw Dislocation in Ternary BCC High Entropy Alloys: First-principles Calculations
Correlating He Bubble Segregation in APT Data to Radiation Tolerance for Single-phase Concentrated Solid-solution Alloys (SP-CSAs)
Creep Performance of Single Phase FCC High Entropy Alloys
Crystallographic Slip in a High-entropy Alloy
Crystallographically Degenerate B2 Precipitation in a Plastically Deformed Fcc-based High Entropy Alloy
Damage-tolerance in CrCoNi-based Medium/High-entropy Alloys
Deformation Behavior of High Entropy Ceramics
Deformation Modes and Strength-ductility Combination of FCC-structured High-entropy Alloys
Deformation of Single-phase Small-scale HEAs at Cryogenic Temperatures
Design of Advanced Light-weight High-entropy Alloys for High-temperature and Cost-effective Applications
Design of High-strength High-entropy Alloys
Determination of Transformation Pathways in High Entropy Alloys with B2/bcc Phase Combinations
Development of Oxidation Resistant Refractory High Entropy Alloys for High Temperature Structural Applications
Development of Oxide-dispersion Strengthening Medium Entropy Alloy
Diffusion in Fcc AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys
Direct Observation on the Influence of Secondary Phases on the Oxidation Resistance of AlxCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys Using an In-situ TEM Approach
Dislocation and Atomic-scale Investigation of Deformation Mechanisms in High-entropy Alloy CoCrFeMnNi at High Strain Rates
Dislocation Flow and the Nature of Obstacles in Equiatomic Alloys
Effect of Al and Si Additions on the Microstructure Evolution during Thermomechanical Treatments of the Equimolar CoCrFeMnNi Alloy
Effect of Annealing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Al-Nb-Hf-Sc-Ti-Zr High Entropy Alloy
Effect of Stacking Fault Energy on Formability of Cr-Mn-Fe-Co-Ni Alloys
Effects of Al Content on Air-oxidation Behavior of Ni2FeCoCrAlx High-entropy Superalloys
Effects of Electronic Energy Deposition in Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys
Efficient Exploration of the High Entropy Alloy Composition-phase Space
Elastic Dipoles of Point Defects in HEAs
Enhancing Strength and Strain Hardenability via Deformation Twinning in Fcc-based High Entropy Alloys Reinforced with Intermetallic Compounds
Entropy Contributions to Phase Stability in Concentrated Random Solid Solutions
Fcc/B2 Precipitation Hardenable AlXCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy Microstructures: Single Phase Fcc vs. Dual Phase Fcc-bcc
Fifteen Years of High Entropy Alloys – How Are We Doing?
Finite Temperature Elastic Properties of CoCrFeNi from First Principles
First-principles Study of the Phase Stability in the Equiatomic CrMnFeCoNi Alloy
Hierarchical Microstructure and Strengthening Mechanisms of a CoCrFeNiMn High Entropy Alloy Additively Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
High-entropy Functional Materials: Current Status and Outlook
High-entropy Metal Diborides and Fluorite/Pervoskite Oxides
High-entropy Oxides: A Path to Novel Materials with Enhanced Functionality
High-throughput Materials Design Using CALPHAD-based Informatics Tools
High-throughput Methods For Predicting And Characterizing The Strength Of Single-phase High Entropy Alloys
High Entropy Alloy Foam: Open a New Era of Thermal Protection Utilizing Metals
High Entropy Alloy Phases Mined From Phase Diagrams
High Entropy Alloys with Hexagonal Close-packed Structure Derived from Thin Film Combinatorial Approach
High Entropy Transition Metal Carbides
High or Medium Entropy Alloys: Bridging the Compositional Complexity and Mechanical/Physical Properties
High Temperature Creep Behavior of Face-centered Cubic High Entropy Alloys
High Throughput Corrosion Screening of Al-CoCrFeNi Combinatorial High Entropy Alloys
High Throughput Solid Solution Strengthening Exploration of High Entropy Alloys
How High are the Entropies of High Entropy Alloys?
Hydrogen Embrittlement and Diffusion Behavior of High Entropy Alloy (Co0.2Cr0.2Fe0.2Mn0.2Ni0.2)
ICME Design of a Corrosion Resistant HEA for Harsh Environments
Identification of Single Phase, Multi-principal Element Alloys Using First-principles Calculations and High-throughput Experiments
Impact of Chemical Fluctuations and Interstitial Alloying on the Stacking Fault Energy of High Entropy Alloys from First Principles
In Situ Ion Irradiation on Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Ni High Entropy Alloys
Information Theoretical Approaches to Entropy
Integrated Experimental and Computational Investigation of Strengthening in MnFeCoNi-based Alloys
Investigate the Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical-properties Improvement of Two Refractory High-entropy Alloy Systems
Investigation of Interdiffusion in High Entropy Alloys
J-19: A Comparative Study of Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT) of CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeNiMn High Entropy Alloys
J-21: Calphad Modeling and Microstructure Stability of Novel Refractory High Entropy Alloys NbMoCrTiAl and TaMoCrTiAl
J-22: Combinatorial Screening Approach in Developing Non-equiatomic High Entropy Alloys
J-23: Computational Design of High Strength High-entropy Alloys
J-24: Deformation-induced Amorphization Generates a Novel Serrated Behavior in an FCC Structured High-entropy Alloy
J-25: Effect of Annealing Heat Treatment on Microstructural Evolution and Tensile Behavior of Al0.5CoCrFeMnNi High-entropy Alloy
J-26: Effect of Composition on Microstructure and Deformation Behavior of Thin Film AlCoCrFeNi-based High-entropy Alloys
J-27: Effect of Stress Triaxiality and Strain Rate on the Failure Behavior of Cr-Mn-Fe-Co-Ni Alloys
J-28: Effects of Ti and Al Additions on Irradiation Behavior of FeMnNiCr Based High Entropy Alloys
J-29: Extreme Stereochemically-driven Magnetic Disorder in Entropy-stabilized Oxides
J-30: Fabrication and Characterization of Non-equiatomic AlZnCuFeSi High Entropy Alloy by Mechanical Alloying
J-31: First-principles Methods of Investigating Elastic Properties and Stacking Fault Energies in Refractory BCC High-entropy Alloys
J-32: First-principles Prediction of AlCo and AlNi Phase Diagrams
J-33: High-throughput Experimental Design of High-entropy Alloys
J-36: Investigation of Interdiffusion in Fe-Ni-Co-Cr-Mn System
J-37: Mechanical Behavior and Phase Evolution in the MnFeCoNiCu High Entropy Alloy System
J-38: Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Quaternary AlCoCrNi High Entropy Alloy
J-39: Microstructural Evolution of a Transformation Induced Plasticity High Entropy Alloy upon Friction Stir Processing
J-41: On the Characterization of the Exceptional Fracture Toughness of CrMnFeCoNi High Entropy Alloy
J-42: On the Transformation-induced Plasticity in Non-equiatomic FeCoNiCr Medium-entropy Alloys
J-45: Production and Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide/FeNiCoCu High Entropy Alloy Nanocomposites
J-46: Role of Alloying Elements on the Phase Stability and Soft Magnetic Properties of AlFeCoCrMn High Entropy Alloys
J-47: Si-content-dependent Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of (AlCrTiZrNb)-Six-N High Entropy Films
J-48: Study of Serrated Plastic Deformation of Equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi at Cryogenic Temperatures
J-49: The Effects of Minor Alloying Elements on the He Bubble Formation Resistance of FeCoNiCr-based High-entropy Alloys
Laser Processing as a High-throughput Method to Investigate Microstructure-processing Relationships in a High Entropy Alloy
Lattice Distortion and Its Effect on Mechanical Behavior in Single-phase Nb-Ta-Ti-V-Zr Refractory High-entropy Alloy Systems
Lattice Strain in a High Entropy Alloy from Model Interatomic Potentials
Low-cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Multiphase High-entropy Alloy
Low Density High Entropy Alloys: A Review
Low Temperature Deformation of CrMnFeCoNi High-entropy Alloy
Martensitic Transformations and Shape Memory Characteristics of (TiZrHf)50Ni25Co10Cu15 High Entropy Shape Memory Alloy
Measurement of Lattice Distortion in High Entropy Alloys
Mechanically- or Thermally-induced Forward / Reverse Transformations in a Metastable Dual-phase High-entropy Alloy
Metastabilty Driven Hierarchical Microstructural Engineering: Overview of Strength-ductility Paradigms in Complex Concentrated Alloys
Microstructural Analysis of High Entropy Alloys in Extreme Environments
Microstructural Engineering in Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Nickel-base Superalloy Brazed Joints Using a HEA Filler
Microstructural Flexibility in Metastable High Entropy Alloys upon Friction Stir Processing
Microstructural Refinement and Deformation Twinning during Equal Channel Angular Extrusion of Equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi HEA at Elevated Temperatures
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-entropy Alloy Co20Cr26Fe20Mn20Ni14 Processed by High-pressure Torsion at 77 K and 300 K
Microstructure and Property Characterization of High Entropy Alloy Using Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy Techniques
Microstructures and Properties of As-Cast Al2CrFeMnV, Al2CrFeTiV, and Al2CrMnTiV High Entropy Alloys
Nanograin Formation in High-entropy Alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation
Nanomechanical Studies of High-entropy Alloys
Neutron Scattering Mapping to Investigate the Fatigue-crack Propagation in an Equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi High-entropy Alloy
Non-equiatomic Refractory High-entropy Alloys Lead to Enhanced High-temperature Properties
Nuclear and Magnetic Phase Stability of FCC-to-HCP Transformation-induced Plasticity High Entropy Alloy and Its Effect on Work-hardening Behavior
Observation of Hexagonal Dendrite Formation in CoCrCuMnxTi HEAs
On Exceptional Stability of Dislocations in HEAs from CoCrFeMnNi Family
On Microstructure Optimization and Deformation Mechanisms at Different Strain Rates in a Precipitation Strengthened Eutectic High Entropy Alloy
On the Fracture Behavior of TRIP, TWIP and Dual-phase High-entropy Alloys between RT and LN Temperatures
On the Nature of Plastic Flow in CoCrFeMnNi Alloy under High-velocity Shear Deformation
Orientation and Carbon Content Dependence of Twinning in Single Crystalline FeMnCoCrNi High-entropy Alloys
Phase Formation and Magnetic Properties of FeMnCoCrAl Based High Entropy Alloy Thin Films
Phase Instability and Mechanical Properties of the CrMnFeCoNi High-entropy Alloy
Phase Separation and Segregation in Mechanically Alloyed and Long-term Annealed Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Phase Stability and Chemical Short-range Order in W-Ta-Cr-V-Ti High-entropy Alloys and Their Derivatives from First-principles Modelling Based on Cluster-expansion Method
Phase Stability and Solid Solution Strengthening in Fcc High-entropy Alloys Investigated by a Diffusion Couple Approach
Phase Transformations of HfNbTaTiZr High Entropy Alloy at Intermediate Temperature
Possibility of Microstructure Control by Thermo-mechanically Controlled Processes in High Entropy Alloys
Precipitation and Strengthening in AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys as Studied by Atom Probe Tomography
Predictive Multiphase Evolution in Al-containing High-entropy Alloys
Production of AlCoCrFeNiME Based High Entropy Alloys via Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
Quantitative Analysis of Local Lattice Distortion in Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Radiation Effects in Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys
Radiation Effects in High Entropy Alloys: Similarities and Differences with Conventional Alloys
Radiation Resistant High Entropy Alloys for Fast Reactor Cladding Applications
Recent Progresses in the Understanding of Metastable High-entropy Alloys
Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloys for High Temperature Applications: Challenges and Opportunities
Refractory High Entropy Alloys Containing Non-metallic Elements
Screening Ultra-high Temperature Refractory High Entropy Alloys
Self-diffusion in High-entropy Alloys
Simulations and Modelling of the Core Structure and Mobility of a/2[111] Dislocations in Ternary Multicomponent Alloys, TiZrNb, TiZr0.5Nb1.5 and TiZr1.5Nb0.5
Single-crystal Mechanical Properties of Equiatomic CrMnFeCoNi High-entropy Alloy and Its Derivative Equiatomic Quaternary and Ternary Medium-entropy Alloys
Size-affected Plasticity in Eutectic High Entropy Alloy Nanocomposite
Size Effect and Strain-rate Sensitivity of Fcc Alloys – From Single Elements to High Entropy
Small-scale Plastic Deformation of High Entropy Alloys
Solidification Processing and Microstructural Development in High-entropy Alloys
Strain-rate Effect on the Tensile Behavior of CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloys
Structure and Mechanical Property of Nanostructured Ta-Nb-V-W-Ti High Entropy Alloys Prepared by Powder Metallurgy
Superior Dynamic Behavior of CrCoNi-based High-entropy Alloys
Surface Degradation of High Entropy Alloys – Corrosion, Erosion, and Wear Behavior and Mechanisms
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Fe26.67Co26.67Ni26.67Al10Si10 Alloy Powders
Tailoring Local Chemical Order for Tunable Stacking Fault Energies in CrCoNi Medium-entropy Alloys
The Role of Short-range Order on the Dislocation Behavior in BCC and FCC Multicomponent Solid Solution Alloys Using Atomistic Simulations
Thermal Stability of Low Neutron Cross-section Nb-Ti-V-Zr High-entropy Alloys for Nuclear Applications
Thermomechanical Processing to Achieve High Strength in an FCC Based High Entropy Alloy via L12 Precipitation
Transformation Induced Softening and Plasticity in High Entropy Alloys
Ultra-high Strength and Anomalous Hardening in FCC Medium / High Entropy Alloys
Understanding Short-range Ordering in High-entropy Alloys
Unprecedented Strength–ductility Synergy in Ultrafine-grained Eutectic High-entropy Alloys by Inheriting the Lamellar Nature
Variable Chemical Order Opens a New “High Entropy” Playground

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