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Meeting Extraction 2018
Symposium Part B-1: 7th International Symposium on Advances in Sulfide Smelting, sponsored by Hatch
Organizer(s) Dean Gregurek, RHI Magnesita
Joel Patrick Kapusta, BBA Inc.
Thomas P. Battle
Mark E. Schlesinger, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Gerardo Raul Alvear Flores, Rio Tinto
Scope The Pyrometallurgy technical theme is one of four technical themes for Extraction 2018 and consists of two symposia:

B-1: The 7th International Symposium on Advances in Sulfide Smelting
B-2: The Peter Hayes Symposium on Pyrometallurgical Processing

The 2018 International Advances in Sulfide Smelting Symposium, held within Extraction 2018, will provide a forum for papers that relate to advancements in all aspects of sulfide smelting technology, including the basic principles, technology, and current operating practice. To enhance growth through shared competencies and technological cross-fertilization between related fields, the organizers are soliciting papers from authors who are engaged in the analysis, development, and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the production of metals, metalloids, and alloys through sulfide smelting. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving impurity separation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, and/or energy efficiency are particularly welcome. Also of interest are papers that discuss the various technical, economic, and environmental issues.

Abstracts Due 11/30/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: At-meeting proceedings

20 Years of KIVCET™ Furnace Operation at Teck’s Trail Operations
A Scientific Roadmap for Refractory Corrosion Testwork
Advanced Thermochemical Fundamental and Applied Research to Improve Integrity of the Steel Water Jacketed Furnace at Port Pirie
An Approach to Managing Smelter Asset Management
Application of Digital Technology in Smelter Asset Management
Application of MPE model to Nickel Smelting
Application Study on the Technology of Reducing Cu in Discarded Slag
Arsenic Removal and Precipitation from Enargite with Sodium Carbonate Using Partial Oxidized Roasting
Case Study on the Application of Research to Operations – Calcium Ferrite Slags
Challenges and Opportunities of a Lead Smelting Process for Complex Feed Mixture
Challenges and Possibilities of Zinc Residue Treatment
Circular Cities and Materials – Mobility as a Case Study
Desulfurization of the Non-Ferrous Smelter Flue Gases Based on Scrubbing with a Carbonate Eutectic Melt and Natural Gas Regeneration
Development of a Recycling Concept for Jarosite with Special Emphasis on the Behaviour of Indium and Silver
Development of Continuous Radar Level Measurement for Improved Furnace Feed Control
Distribution Air Improvements for Flash Furnaces
Distribution of Copper, Gold and Silver during the Conversion of Copper Matte Considering Addition of Printed Circuit Boards Scrap for Copper Smelters in Chile
Effect of Slag Composition on Carbothermal Reduction of Lead-rich Slag
Energetic Impact of Smelting Primary and Secondary Materials
Enhancement Of Non-ferrous Pyrometallurgical Reactor Performance by Optimizing Slag/Refractory Chemistry
Exergy Modeling for the Effect of Oxygen Efficiency on Pierce-Smith Converting of Copper Matte
Formation Mechanism of Ferronickel Alloy due to the Reaction Between Iron and Nickeliferous Pyrrhotite at 850–900 C
Fundamental Process Equilibria of Base and Trace Elements in the DON Smelting of Various Nickel Concentrates
High Temperature Phase Formation at the Slag/Refractory Interphase at Ferronickel Production
Improved Copper Smelter and Converter Productivity through the Use of a Novel High-grade Feed
Influence of Arsenic on the Chemical Wear of Magnesia-chromite Refractories in Copper Smelting Furnaces
Investigation of Refractory Failure in a Nickel Smelting Furnace
ISASMELT™ - Flexibility in Furnace Design
ISASMELT™ Technology for Sulfide Smelting
Kinetics of Oxidation of Pyrrhotite
Kinetics of Roasting of a Sphalerite Concentrate
Mathematical Modeling of Waterless Matte Granulator for Debottlenecking of Conventional Sulfide Smelters
Mechanism Study of Si3N4 and SiC Reacting with the Melts in Copper Production
Modelling Metallurgical Furnaces - Making the Most of Modern Research and Development Techniques
Online Temperature Control of Metallurgical Processes through a Pyrometer Tuyere
Predominance and Roaster Diagrams for the Cu-As-S-O System
Progressing Towards Furnace Modernization by Utilizing Comparative Analysis of Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo (AU-E) Monitoring: Case Studies
Pyrometallurgical Processing of Desulphurization Slags
Recent Developments in the South African Platinum Smelting Industry
Redesign and Rebuild of the Pan Pacific Copper Flash Smelting Furnace
Reducing Refining Cycle Times to Extend Anode Furnace Campaign Life at Kennecott Copper
Refractory Design and the Role of Numerical Simulations
Research on Recovery of Valuable Metals in Waste Acid from Copper Smelting Flue Gas Acid-making and Reduction and Harmless Treatment of Solid Wastes
Review of Boliden Harjavalta Nickel Smelter
Semi-discrete Dynamics and Simulation of Peirce-Smith Converting
Smelting Mechanism in the Reaction Shaft of a Commercial Copper Flash Furnace
Sulfide Smelting Development in Japan during the Past Half Century
Sulphation Roasting of High Arsenic Copper Concentrates
Sustainable Development Considerations in Primary Copper Smelting
The Volatilization and Fixation of Arsenic
Theoretical Considerations in the Separation of Co and Ni from their Arsenic-bearing Sulfosalts: Ni-As-S-O and Co-As-S-O Systems
Thermodynamic Consideration of Copper Matte Smelting Conditions with Respect to Minor Element Removal and Slag Valorization Options
Top Submerged Lance Furnace Lining Cooling System Upgrade
Total Sulphur Capture in a Novel Pyrometallurgical Process to Produce Copper from White Metal
Trace Metal Distributions in Nickel Slag Cleaning Furnace
Two-step Copper Smelting Process at Dongying Fangyuan
Wear Phenomena in Non-ferrous Metal Furnaces

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